15+ Best AI Marketing Tools to Improve Your Business in 2023

15+ Best AI Marketing Tools to Improve Your Business in 2023

Best AI Marketing Tools – AI or Artificial Intelligence is the biggest breakthrough discovery in the field of technology. AI is a tool that can help with all jobs, such as AI tools for business and marketing.

Marketing is a promotional activity as well as the introduction of a product (goods/services) to the general public. AI can help lighten this work, especially nowadays marketing is more inclined through the internet and social media.

In this article, we will discuss how AI applications can help a business and the application of Artificial Intelligence in the business world. Listen to the explanation until the end so that the information obtained is complete.

Get to know AI Tools

ai tools for marketing

In fact, the beginning of the creation of both traditional and modern technology-based tools was to lighten the human workload so that activities work more effectively.

What is AI used for? Artificial Intelligence or AI also includes tools (modern technological tools) that are programmed in such a way as to help ease work, especially in the business sector. 

AI works as a computer machine and performs tasks, such as writing, drawing, solving problems, and so on. 

AI tools for business are useful for facilitating human tasks when doing business, so that performance is maximized and optimal.

Types of AI Tools

Before entering into a discussion regarding recommendations for 15+ AI tools for marketing businesses to improve business and business, it’s good to know that there are types of AI tools that are currently developing.

1. Theory of Mind

The first type is the AI ​​Theory of Mind tool , which as the name suggests is programmed to be able to process and recognize emotions, then collected as data that is useful for interaction with humans.

What are some examples of the Theory of Mind type of AI ? An example of the Theory of Mind type AI is a robot created by Hanson Robotics from Hong Kong named Sophia, which was activated in 2015.

2. Self Aware

The next type of AI tools is Self Aware , which has a high level of artificial intelligence . This is because AI with the Self Aware type is equipped with a high awareness of himself and his own feelings. 

Both are processed and collected as data by the program. AI Self Aware is programmed to be able to conclude what to do next after collecting data around it. Then the most appropriate decision is taken.

3. Limited Memory

Limited Memory is an AI tool used in Elon Musk’s Tesla vehicle products. The AI ​​Limited Memory that is installed on Tesla products is called the Self Driving system , which is an excellent feature.

The Self Driving feature allows AI on Tesla vehicles to take over the wheel. So, passengers only need to monitor AI work through the screen. 

4. Reactive Machine

The type of AI Reactive Machine is the most basic type of artificial intelligence . In simple terms, it means that AI Reactive Machine is able to identify and respond to certain situations automatically.

The easiest examples of AI Reactive Machines to find are the player bot and autoplay features , whose features are widely used by many game programs and applications .

AI Reactive Machine is able to determine the next move easily and save data from the movements of its opponents.

5. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

AGI is an AI system capable of carrying out human-like behavior and mindset. This type of AI AGI is often used in Humanoid robot types, for example like Elon Musk’s creation called Tesla Bot.

AGI is expected to be able to have intelligence like humans so that it will simplify our work processes. 

The Tesla Bot made by Elon Musk was taught to act as a personal assistant that helps remind and even helps people do their jobs every day. 

6. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Apart from AGI, there is also something called ANI. This type of AI ANI is useful for gadget features , such as voice recognition , chatbots , and also face ID .

ANI is trained for only one program, so that each artificial intelligence and competency is very specific. ANI also has a different way of working than other types of AI tools .

7. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Finally, there is also a type of AI tool called ASI, with a more perfect version compared to previous types of AI tools . The most striking difference is that ASI has a larger memory capacity.

Is AI dangerous? On the other hand, ASI also has the potential to threaten human life. 

Experts also argue that AI that is trained hard so that its intelligence can exceed human intelligence, is considered to have the potential to have a negative impact.

The initial goal of creating AI will also be deviated, from what was originally to help humans instead it becomes a new threat to human life.

Best AI Marketing Tools to Improve Your Business

Does Artificial Intelligence have an impact on business? In order for marketing activities in your business to be more effective and save time, here are 15+ more recommended examples of AI in business that can be tried and applied to business performance.


chatgpt Ai tool

The first AI Tools for Business is ChatGPT , which is currently booming and has become a hot topic for people in the technology field.

GPT Chat is a chat bot created by Elon Musk that is able to provide answers to various questions asked. Mainly, GPT Chat is intended as an assistant that makes it easier for you to do brainstorming and copywriting .

You can take advantage of existing features to find business marketing concept ideas as well as make copywriting that is right on target.

2. Tableau – Business Intelligence

Next, there is an AI tool for marketing called Tableau, which is an application that can help you create and develop business and campaign strategies . 

Tableau is a data visualization software for a company that is able to predict how the company will develop. Tableau is also able to form business strategies and marketing promotions that are in line with business plans and are right on target.

3. Copy.ai

copy ai tool

AI tools for business and marketing are Copy.ai which is an artificial intelligence application used to help write quickly. Marketing promotions also require eye-catching and persuasive writing and words .

Copy.ai can help you create material for social media, websites , advertisements, letters, and so on. The features available in the Copy.ai application can help you from the writer’s block problems that are often experienced when you want to focus on writing material.

4. Dall-E 2

Next, there is an AI tool for marketing called Dall-E 2. This AI is able to create realistic pictures/art just by including a description of words. Plus, Dall-E 2 is free all the time!

You can use Dall-E 2 as inspiration to create images that are suitable for your business marketing activities.

5. Lumen5 – Video Creator

Marketing with video currently has the highest engagement compared to other marketing promotion media. If you don’t have video editor skills , let alone a creator , you can take advantage of the following AI application called Lumen5.

Lumen5 is even capable of making videos in just a matter of minutes. Of course this is an advantage that really helps save your work time. 

This online video creation platform will make you videos in just a few steps.

6. Gong.io – Sales 

An AI tool for marketing called Gong.io was created specifically to help sales workers analyze interactions with customers. Apart from that, Gong.io is also able to predict future transactions.

This is done by Gong.io by visualizing the sales flow from database storage so that it is easy to read customer behavior. AI tools for this business also provide transparency of transactions, turnover values, and customer characteristics.

7. Insta AI Content Generator

Insta AI Content Generator is an AI tool in the form of a WordPress plugin feature on the Insta Web Platform which is integrated with ChatGPT . Can help quickly create articles, with several commands that you can try, such as: recommending titles, subtopics, and making paragraphs very easily.

8. Zia by Zoho – Business Intelligence

The next Business Intelligence for marketing is an AI application called Zia by Zoho. 

AI tools for this business can help your work in scheduling with clients, improve product sales patterns, and help increase productivity.

Zia by Zoho is equipped with analytical features, creating invoices , and so on related to the field of marketing business.

9. MarketMuse

So that your business promotional digital content has optimal performance, you can use a business Artificial Intelligence application called MarketMuse.

MarketMuse AI tools for business are able to increase user visibility on the Google search engine so that your digital content will be massively recommended. 

MarketMuse will match the keywords and topics you want to rank on Google search.

10. Pattern89

The next Artificial Intelligence in business is the Pattern89 application. The application of AI tools for business is used to improve the performance of promotional advertising campaigns digitally on various platforms.

Meanwhile, Pattern89 can optimize marketing activities on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Pattern89 can also target and manage advertising budgets on the Google search engine.

11. Headline Studio

Headlines are one of the most important elements of content marketing. Because it is from the headline that it is determined whether the reader will continue to observe the marketing content or not. That’s why good headlines are needed and of course interesting.

You can take advantage of the following business Artificial Intelligence called Headline Studio. AI tools for this business will help you maximize SEO on headlines , as well as help check the effectiveness of the headlines you make.

12. PhotoRoom

Need a good background for your digital marketing content? Use the AI ​​PhotoRoom application which will help find a suitable background for your content. And interestingly, this application is free, you know!

13. Luma Labs

To make your budget and analysis of marketing needs more accurate, use AI tools for Luma Labs businesses that can reduce credit risk efficiently. 

Luma Labs will collect, analyze, and develop algorithms related to financial data quickly and accurately.

14. Uizard

Marketing requires landing pages and websites for digital promotional media. Uizard has a business Artificial Intelligence technology that can create and design websites in no time!

15. Brand24

Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, are the most effective marketing media today. Brand24 is an AI tool for businesses that is able to monitor and analyze activities that involve your social media, such as social media, blogs, to online forums .

16. Influencity

Influencer services are very closely related to marketing activities. So that you are right in choosing potential influencers to promote your product, use an Artificial Intelligence application in a special data analytics business called Influencity.

AI influencity tools for business will help you find and select influencers that match your consumer’s interests. In addition, it can also measure the impact of the marketing campaigns carried out.

17. Sales Einstein

Sales Einstein is an implementation of data science and AI for business that is able to sort data and patterns of your customers’ habits.

The application of AI tools for this business will help your work in providing information about consumers from your business.


Until here, the discussion about how AI applications can help a business and the application of Artificial Intelligence in the business world. Please try the recommended AI tools for business to optimize your marketing activities. Hope it is useful!

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