How to Watch Pornhub Private with a VPN

How to Watch Pornhub Private with a VPN

How to Watch Pornhub Private with a VPN – it’s news from a few days ago : Pornhub has decided to donate all March proceeds from the Modelhub platform to Italy to help us during this emergency. Furthermore, for the entire month of March, it will be possible to register for the Premium service for free and without leaving one’s credit card . But how to watch Pornhub Premium in private ?

We really like the initiative, and it joins the hundreds of digital solidarity initiatives present on the platform created ad hoc by the Government For obvious reasons Pornhub does not appear in this list but, they too have chosen to help us in some way and to make free time in quarantine go by a little faster .

Why watch Pornhub in private?

We decided to create this article because, although the initiative is commendable, we want to tell you to be a little careful when using Pornhub .

First things first : Pornhub uses Google Analytics to collect usage statistics (although there are much more privacy-friendly professional alternatives, such as Matomo ). We have already talked about fingerprinting and how easy it is for a company to know exactly who you are, even in anonymous mode (if you want to learn more, read our article Being anonymous online ?). The use of Google Analytics already makes us turn up our noses a bit, therefore, feeding Google even our sexual tastes seems too much.

The second thing that stands out is that Pornhub is part of the Mindgeek company . Mindgeek owns pretty much every popular porn site online . His are Youporn , Tube8 , XTube , Redtube , Brazzers and so on. According to Wikipedia in 2013 it owned 80% of online porn. In short, as you know we don’t like monopolies . If they can also triangulate with Google Analytics and with sexual tastes through all the various porn sites they own, we’re sorry but it’s starting to get a little more disturbing.

If this already scares you or makes you angry enough, our suggestion is also to read our article on alternatives to Pornhub !

Short on time? Here is a quick guide for unblocking Porn Sites from anywhere:

  1. Porn sites are blocked in many countries so it is better to be anonymous online
  2. To Access it & be anonymous Get a Good VPN like NordVPN
  3. Download and Install the VPN
  4. Now connect to any servers in the Netherlands (where laws are not strict)
  5. Visit Site & Enjoy your time

How to watch Pornhub privately with VPN?

Ok so digital solidarity is great Pornhub Premium for the whole month of March but let’s have protected sex, even online . So we suggest you some methods to join and we will also see how to watch Pornhub Premium in private .

Pornhub Premium Membership

Since no credit card is required for this period you may wish to use a temporary email . There are many sites that offer it such as , or you could even use a more complete service such as . In this way you can subscribe without giving the email you use everywhere (and which may be name.surname).

How to watch Pornhub Premium in private with a VPN

You can choose different methods, we offer them to you from the simplest and least invasive to the most complex.

Our advice is to always use a VPN anyway ( what is a VPN for? ), it takes a second to activate it and there are some free ones (like ProtonVPN which has recently become open source everywhere ) that are really excellent and fast. Meanwhile, the VPN will allow you to hide your IP address and hide what you do from your provider . It already seems like a good start.


Brave Browser

We put Brave first because of its simplicity. In fact, with Brave, without having to touch any setting , you will already have the advertising and tracking block . In fact, going to Pornhub you will see 8 blocked trackings . In addition to Analytics, there are also various advertisements that could then follow you and analyze your web traffic even outside of Pornhub . You can find it on the website .


Firefox is the best choice . In fact, it will only block Google Analytics . We install some extensions like: uBlock Origin , Privacy Badger and something that will delete youcookiesThey are tiny text files that contain valuable information. There are first-party ones: generally harmless and used to navigate the site correctly. Then there are those of third parties: it means that a domain other than the one you have visited will see what you are doing. Not only that, they will then follow you for all the sites you visit from then on. This is the case with statistics and advertising.automatically as Cookie AutoDelete (or you could use Temporary Containers , which we like so much) to be a little more anonymous. Instead, you download Firefox from .

On Android or iOS , however, the simplest method is probably the DuckDuckGo browser . With a quick click, in fact, you will delete all the history, data and cookies of your navigation. In addition you will be protected thanks to their blocking of tracking systems.

How to watch Pornhub Premium privately

So to recap .

Before you start , open NordVPN and connect to a server , even free . Open Firefox with the right settings or simply Brave as it is installed. It’s all very simple and fast (the settings, we won’t pronounce ourselves on the rest !) but it will help you to have online sex a little more protected . Let’s not judge those who want to put on a webcam cover . If you use little or no front camera (or laptop webcam) it can also make sense , it’s cheap andit doesn’t bother .


If you really want to go overboard and don’t feel safe, you might want to use Tor . Using a VPN is generally not recommended in this case. Simply download the Tor browser for one of your devices (there’s for everyone , for iOS there’s the Onion Browser ). It is important not to touch any settings and not be behind VPN .
Open Tor as you find it, go to Pornhub Premium and then close everything. Except that the tor network is very slow, it is the quickest and safest solution . There is also our Tor guide, if you are interested. By the way, don’t pretend you don’t know it since it’s very used


We hope we have convinced you. If you want, you can also participate in an (Italian) initiative on data tracking of large companies such as Pornhub for example . In this case you will consciously decide to send anonymous data to study the algorithms of Pornhub : . A “call to arms” is made (the first can be found here ) where they analyze the data received. The next test will be done on March 30 , if you want to mark it on your calendar and participate it is very useful to learn more about BigData. The same analyzes are also made for Facebook and Youtube .

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