How to Become an Android Developer (Step-By-Step Guide)

How to Become an Android Developer

How to Become an Android Developer (Step-By-Step Guide) – Android Developer Is: Definition, Duties, and Career – Along with the increase in smartphone users, of course, many new types of workspaces are open. One type of work is an android developer. For those of you who really like the world of IT, this profession is one of your dreams.

For further information about this profession, duties, responsibilities, and career, see the complete information below.

Want to be an Android Developer? Let’s look at the definition of an Android developer & what applications are suitable

What is Android Developer?

This profession can also be called a software developer and specializes in designing applications for the Android marketplace.

The simplicity of this job is to make applications whether it’s games or other applications that can be used on smartphones or tablets.

A developer can work in-house in large companies or in app development agencies. To get into this profession, at least you must have extensive experience and understanding in programming languages.

Development carried out by a developer not only designs applications but also must be prepared to fix bugs to test reliability. Actually there are many jobs related to developers such as games or websites.

Benefits of Becoming an Android Developer

This profession currently has many advantages and some of the advantages are as follows.

  • Wider career opportunities because this profession is not only needed in Indonesia but also abroad. As you know, many Android developers are needed, especially abroad, many of which offer quite a large fee.
  • Android developer salaries are relatively large because skills and income are directly proportional. Even abroad, the salary for this profession reaches USD 89,000.
  • There are many choices of professions in the world of Android.
  • Android is experiencing steady growth.
  • Career in Android fairly mature.
  • Working hours are classified as free because some companies even free their employees so they don’t work strictly. In fact, it is not uncommon for companies to allow their employees to work remotely.
  • The advantage of working remotely is that it can be done at any time so that working time can be more flexible.

Responsibilities of an Android Developer

The main tasks of an Android developer that must be done below are some of them.

  • Design and build applications for Android smartphones

This task can be said to be one of the tasks which require the dedication of almost all the energy and time of a developer.

When designing, several programming languages ​​are used, such as JavaScript, C / C ++ or other tools that are mastered by the developer.

When carrying out tasks, developers will be required to be thorough and have more attention to detail. When there is a slight error, the application will not be able to run and must start again from the beginning.

  • Collaborate with other teams

When carrying out their duties, a developer does not work individually but in the form of a team.

For example, the developer will work closely with the User Experience and Product Developer teams to design, define and design the features that the user wants.

Seeing this, of course, a developer will be asked to be able to work together in a team and have good communication skills. It is certain that if your communication skills are not good, there will often be miss communication during the program.

  • Works with external data sources as well as APIs

To obtain data before carrying out an application design, the developer is required to be careful and analyze the data obtained.

At this point, of course, developers will be asked to have critical thinking skills in order to implement data into a project that has been given.

So points of accuracy and analytical skills are two things that should not be missed. When you are unable to analyze and implement it, the project does not go according to its original purpose.

  • Fixed bugs in the app

When an application that has been designed by a developer is released to the market, work does not automatically stop but will continue.

During the execution process there are problems or bugs reported by the user. Of course, Android developers must be ready to repair and test before returning it to the public.

  • Search, evaluate and implement new technology

As a developer, of course you are always required to be up-to-date on many smartphone application trends. This is because the times continue to change and so do applications that change to meet the needs of its users.

Later you are required to evaluate new tools in order to implement them to the public. In this case, developers are required to have skills in adapting to their changing environment.

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Android Developer Mandatory Skills

  • JAVA

JAVA is an existing programming language like Ruby and JavaScript. JAVA it is generally object oriented but also more strict on how to handle data types.

The programming language is very important because it ensures that there is no error in the things that are tried in each application component.

  • Understands XML

Surely you are familiar with the names square brackets, </closing>, and <opening> tags. The XML was created using a standard that encodes data in Internet-based applications.

XML is a structured markup language and shares many features similar to HTML. In the Android world, a developer uses XML to create a layout that functions as a basic UI definition in an Android application.

  • Android SDK

The SDK (Software Development Kit) is a JAVA code model and gives developers access to mobile device functionality in the accelerometer and camera. One of the key components of Android SKD is Libraries or Gradle.

  • Android Studio

The choice of IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for a developer is Android Studio. Many capabilities are available and expected through a full-featured IDE.

  • Experience using SQL

Almost all Android applications need to store data in some form either the application itself or user data.

Therefore an application needs to be integrated with the database so that the developer can manage the data.

This is why many companies need an experienced SQL android developer. Have mastery of database management systems and can increase chances of being hired.

  • Understand material design guidelines

Each application must comply with these guidelines which cover all the important elements in the application (element placement, transitions, patterns, colors, etc.).

  • Skill backend programming

There are many backend programming languages ​​which are entirely different such as .Net, Node.js, Python and others.

Android Developer Career

In this industry there are many teams needed to make the system run well. So you can say android developer is a broad field of industry and the positions offered are.

  • Mobile Architect
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile Lead Software Engineer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Android Mobile Developer
  • Mobile Embedded Software Engineer
  • Flutter Developer.

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