WhatsApp Gold Apk Download Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold (WA Gold) Latest Apk 2023 comes with a variety of interesting features that are different from the official WA. You can download this application through the official or you can also get the link in the following article.

In this day and age, social media applications are needed so that it is easy to communicate with many people. There are also many categories of applications that can help you communicate.

And WhatsApp is definitely one of the number one communication applications that you can easily use on your device. Even the WhatsApp application has been used by all people from various countries.

By trying WhatsApp Gold you can communicate without limits on smartphone devices. You can communicate with people remotely be it friends, girlfriends, and others.

WhatsApp Gold or commonly known as WA Gold can also make you see people who are at a distance from you. Reportedly, this WA Mod has also added a video call feature in it.

Because many are dissatisfied with the official version of WhatsApp, so now many people are looking for the download link for WhatsApp Gold, which we explain.

On the techjustify.com website , we will explain in detail about the WhatsApp Gold application, which is currently in high demand. If you are curious, please pay attention to the following information.

What is WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold is a messaging application that has been developed by Altornedo7 or commonly known as Nasser. WhatsApp Gold is also fully covered with additional features.

Every Gold WA user will definitely feel happy because they can enjoy rare additional features. Because the features in this application will not be available in the official version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Gold is also trusted by everyone to use and get complete features in the messaging application. Everyone can reach more features when they have tried the application.

This application is also available for you to download through several sites or online websites. You can operate WhatsApp Gold on different devices such as Android, iOs and Windows.

The number of WA Gold users is increasing day by day, so it’s no wonder that this modified messaging application is increasingly popular in the industrial world.

The features in WhatsApp Gold are extraordinary and sophisticated, where you can change the main appearance of WA with a variety of different themes or concepts.

There are lots of advantages that you can get when using this gold WA. Therefore, don’t go anywhere, keep monitoring the article that we are explaining.

The difference between WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Official

WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Official

You know, the difference between WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp original is very easy for us to find. Even when viewed from the developer alone, it is different and quite the opposite.

Surely you will find a lot of differences in these two WhatsApp versions. Usually, apart from being a developer, you will also get differences from some of the features in it.

Some say that the gold WA feature is more sophisticated and complete, some say that the features on the original WhatsApp are also complete.

Indeed, all the features in the WhatsApp application are quite complete and helpful. We only admit that the features in modified WA such as WhatsApp Gold are superior to the original WA.

In addition, there are also differences in how to get the application. We get many interpretations that WA gold can only be obtained on online sites and is not available in the Play Store and App Store.

As for the official WhatsApp, you can easily get it directly through the Play Store and App Store. Actually, this difference does not have a big effect on usage.

Because if someone already likes one application then any differences will not be a barrier. In order to get to know WhatsApp Gold better, you can see the full review.

Features and Strengths of the Latest WhatsApp Gold 2023

It doesn’t stop there, you also have to get to know some additional features so you can know more about this WhatsApp Gold application. Usually, this feature is the main attraction for some people.

Many people have been tempted to try the application after knowing and understanding the features in it. How, are you also curious to know this?

If yes, then you don’t need to worry about that. Because on the balittechnologykaret.co.id site we will explain it. So, please pay attention to some of the information below.

  • There is a Complete Language

The first feature that you can find when using WhatsApp Gold is the many languages ​​in the application. So, you won’t only find Indonesian when using this application.

Reportedly, there are several languages ​​that have been embedded such as Hindi, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and others. You can change all of that in the gold WA of this modification application.

With so many languages ​​in an application, of course you can learn many more foreign languages. And of course, we won’t be able to find or find this feature in the original version of the WhatsApp application.

  • Hide Punctuation

Then, you can hide punctuation marks when using the Latest Version of WhatsApp Gold 2023. Of course, every incoming message you can read and view.

Only, when the message has been read there is usually a blue tick notification either for the sender or for you. Well, that will only happen when you are still using the official version of WhatsApp.

Because in WhatsApp Gold, even though the message has been read, there is no notification about it. So that many people think whether the message has been read or vice versa.

  • Typing Messages Without Knowing

When typing a message, a notification will appear on your chat friend. Well, you can get rid of the typing status by using WhatsApp Gold.

With the WhatsApp gold application you can do this easily. Because in this application there is a feature of typing messages without being noticed. So you can type and reply to messages at any time.

In addition, your chat partner will feel confused why no notification appears while typing even though you are replying to a message.

  • Message Scheduling

Then you can very easily schedule messages in the WhatsApp Gold application. Because this application also provides a message scheduling feature so that users can send chats on time.

Usually, this feature is often used for important and certain events. For example, you can schedule a message when a relative or boyfriend is having a birthday.

So, with the help of the WhatsApp Gold application and its features, you won’t miss congratulating your friend or girlfriend. What is certain is that this feature is not available in the official version of WA.

  • Automatically Reply Messages

Besides being able to schedule messages, WhatsApp Gold can also reply to messages automatically. Reportedly, with this feature many gold WA users find it helpful.

Because everyone must be busy and don’t just have to be online in the WhatsApp application. With this feature you can be seen online in WA even though you are offline and busy.

You do this by activating the automatic message reply feature. Which every user will reply to incoming messages even if you are out and off from the WhatsApp application.

  • Anti Delete Messages

When using the WhatsApp application, sometimes we send or type messages incorrectly. So that we can delete the message either for ourselves or for everyone.

Usually people often delete it for everyone so that messages can no longer be read by you. Well, with WhatsApp Gold you can prevent deleting messages for everyone from other people.

This means that even if the other person has deleted the message, you can still see and read it. Because, in WhatsApp Gold, the anti-delete message feature is already available.

  • Apply Privacy on WhatsApp Gold

Furthermore, you can apply complete privacy in this WhatsApp Gold application. Reportedly, this modified messaging application has added useful privacy features.

Where each user will maintain a safer and more secure privacy. You don’t need to be afraid that your data or all your chat messages will be seen by other people.

Because by activating this feature the WhatsApp Gold application will automatically provide a safe application lock. That way, you don’t need to worry about being vulnerable to data leaks in the WA application.

  • Sending Larger Attachments

Of course, you often send attachments such as photos, videos or files in the WhatsApp application. However, this activity is fairly limited and has file limits.

Which you can only send photo attachments of up to 30 images. You can even send video attachments with a maximum file size of 15 MB.

Meanwhile, when using WhatsApp Gold you can send as many as 90 images and videos and 30 MB of videos. That way, sending attachments on WhatsApp Gold can be said to be unlimited.

  • Changing Views Easily

Then, you definitely won’t feel bored when using the Latest Version of WhatsApp Gold 2023. Because in the gold WhatsApp application you can easily change the appearance of your WA at will.

There are lots of color choices that you can try in WhatsApp Gold. You can even choose and apply the color of the theme you like as much as you like. With this, the appearance of WA will be more different.

Where previously monotonous can certainly be more colorful and elegant. Guaranteed, you won’t feel bored with the appearance of WA when using WhatsApp Gold.

  • More Status Text

Finally, you can make more status texts in the WhatsApp Gold application. You need to know, we often do text status to pour out our hearts and so on.

But unfortunately, the status text has a limit of 130 characters. Of course it’s only there if you’re still using the official version of WhatsApp.

Because in WhatsApp Gold you can make more status text, which is up to 255 characters. So, there are no more restrictions when you want to create a status text in the WhatsApp Gold application.

Those are the features that we have explained and are already in WhatsApp Gold. Hopefully you feel satisfied thanks to the help of the features in the application.

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WhatsApp Gold Download Link (WA Gold) Latest Version 2023

Interesting is not the offer of features or advantages in this gold WhatsApp application. So, do you want to feel and be interested in the features offered in the application.

If you are interested and want to try it, please download it directly and look for the download link for the application manually. Because WA Gold is not available on the official platform.

You can get WhatsApp Gold at a free price, there are no more payments in the application. For more details about the application, please refer to the table below.

Application NameWhatsApp Gold
Recommended OSAndroid 5.0+
Application Versionv25.00
Application Size60MB
Download linksHERE

If you feel that this application supports your smartphone, then download the Latest Version of WhatsApp Gold 2023 directly via the link that we have embedded above.

WhatsApp Gold Apk Installation Process (WhatsApp Gold)

The link above is one of the application files from WhatsApp Gold, you can use it on your mobile device. Only, getting the link above must be interspersed with the installation.

So, the installation is certainly not automatic like in the Play Store and App Store. Means you have to do it manually, namely the results of your own processed hands.

Don’t worry, if you can’t do this installation, please follow the tutorial steps that we have prepared below.

  • First, check the download link that you got through the file above
  • Check in the download folder and look for the WhatsApp Gold  file
  • If it has been saved, then immediately press Install on the application file
  • Well, here you will definitely be directed to the Settings menu first
  • Then you will also be redirected to Privacy & Security , and must activate Unknown Sources
  • Then, you switch to the application file that was installed earlier
  • Continue the installation and wait for it to work
  • Finally, the application is ready for you to use

How to Update WhatsApp Gold Easily

To avoid some of the problems that exist on WhatsApp Gold, of course you have to regularly update the application. How to update is fairly easy and simple.

Anyone can definitely follow and do it. Well, maybe in this way you can overcome the problems on WhatsApp Gold a little.

So, do you already know about how to update on WhatsApp Gold? If not, please take a look and see the detailed guide below.

  1. Check for updates and login to the WhatsApp Gold application
  2. Then go to Application Settings and find the Update menu
  3. Check whether there is an update or not
  4. If there is, immediately press Update in the application
  5. Or you can also get the new version of the application on an online site like us
  6. So, if the update process takes place, please wait until it’s finished
  7. good luck

Is WhatsApp Gold Legal and Safe?

Even though it is updated frequently, the WhatsApp Gold application is still illegal and not safe. Not only from one factor, but also several other factors.

For example, this application is made by a developer whose official status is not clear. Or this application is also vulnerable to malware viruses which are quite dangerous for the device.

Therefore, you don’t try to use WhatsApp Gold. We recommend that you look for a safe way to use the messaging application, namely by trying the original version of WhatsApp.

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