5 Apps to Improve Your Eyesight

Apps to Improve Your Eyesight

5 Apps to Improve Your Eyesight – Best applications to improve eyesight or recover near vision, without glasses.

Are there applications to improve eyesight?

With age, sight is one of the organs that suffers the most. Above all, in this age of technology, television, the Internet, mobile phones, etc.

Now everything is done, searched, studied, worked, through screens, which according to the doctors themselves contributes to an effort and an accelerated wear of vision. (Nothing new).

Are there solutions or methods to improve vision?

Well, it seems that yes, it is possible to prolong good vision for a longer time, in addition to a good diet, physical exercise and specific exercises for the eyes, or sight.

But let’s talk about the applications that can help to recover vision to a large extent. First of the most recognized due to its scientific backing and years of testing .

5 Apps to Improve Your Eyesight


What is GlassesOff?

GlassesOff is a mobile application developed to improve or restore vision, specifically near vision. It is available for iOS and Android.

The app’s scientifically proven program exercises the brain’s visual cortex to process visual information more quickly and thus help improve visual acuity.

The app is completely unique and helps the brain to process images faster instead of messing with the eyes . What most other solutions do.

The other very popular solutions work like magnifying glasses, they improve near reading ability, but they will get worse over time, and in the end you end up being totally dependent on them, because your natural vision no longer recovers.

In summary, GlassesOff is a mobile application to train and improve near vision . Scientifically tested and created by world-renowned neuroscientists and vision experts.

How does GlassesOff work?

GlassesOff consists of 3 stages:

  • The first is that the application makes an evaluation of your visual capacity , to see at what level your vision capacity is and also so that you can have a reference of your improvements as you carry out the exercises.
  • In the second stage is when you start doing the exercises, they recommend a minimum of 3 days a week, the most you can do is one per day. (I’ve tried it and it works).
  • And the third is to follow a maintenance program, performing the exercises periodically.

The company that developed this application, Eyekon ERD is a visual neuroscience technology company that uses proprietary technology to develop and commercialize software applications to improve visual acuity and performance through exercise.

The effectiveness of the GlassesOff app was examined in a study conducted at the University of California at Berkeley and published in Nature’s Scientific Reports. This study clearly demonstrated the significant benefit of GlassesOff training.

How much does GlassesOff cost?

It can be downloaded for free, includes the first vision evaluation and a 1-week session .

After that time is up, you require a subscription to continue your personalized program. You can choose between a 1 month subscription for $9.99 or 3 months for $24.99.

Then if you want to continue the program to keep the upgrades you get, you can select a 1-month subscription for $9.99 or a 1-year subscription for $59.99.

After trying this application, I can attest that it improves near vision, enough to not live tied to glasses.

Download GlassesOff:  iOS  /  Android

Applications to Improve Your Eyesight Free.

As Gabor Patches , one of the methods used by GlassesOff, have been scientifically proven to work, more apps have come out trying to emulate its results, and some are free. (For those who prefer to lose sight than money)

The book “Improve your eyesight in 3 minutes” has even just been published , by a Japanese Ophthalmologist (Rui Hiramatsu) that is based on and confirms the effectiveness of Gabor Patches.

In the book The Japanese Ophthalmologist, Rui Hiramatsu argues that these exercises seek to restore visual acuity through brain stimulation, and literally says: “the only method in the world whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.”

We can not only perform these exercises with the book. Explains the author, but both on the Internet and in applications, we can find “Gabor Patches” if we want to sharpen our eyesight.


This is an application to improve eyesight, it is a simple game, intended to continuously see the images of Patches of Gabor without getting bored. One of the applications to improve eyesight, Free.

Simply identify and tap on the Gabor Patches images that have the same pattern, until they disappear and a new screen will appear when they are all cleared.  Price Free, Languages ​​English

Free Download GaborPatchGam‪e: iOS  /  Android

Eye Recovery Training

This app uses the Gabor Patches to train your eyesight and improve it. It is recommended for nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia.

This is a game where you have to find the same Gabor patch image among many other Gabor patch images. Check how many times you can find the same image in 3 minutes.

Recommend that the effect on eyesight is achieved by continuing 3 minutes once a day for 1 month. Although scientists recommend a minimum of 15 minutes, every 3 days or even daily. But no more than that time because it can cause visual fatigue.

This app can measure your vision level, so you can check whether your eyesight has improved a month later.

Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases.  PRO version: $3.99

Download Recovery Training :  iOS   

Other Applications to improve vision

These other applications are based on eye exercises, alternating movements and distances. Some based on the Bates Method, which after more than 100 years has many followers who affirm and demonstrate that they have recovered their sight thanks to it.

Eye Exerciser Free – Eye Training

This app is an eye training program designed to improve eyesight . When you exercise your eyes, you move your eye muscles to create circular, side-to-side, or up-and-down movements.

It also works the muscles that control the forward and backward movement of the lens, to help adjust vision at different distances without glasses.

When using computer screens, or mobile devices, you tend to look at a fixed place for a long time. This causes the eye muscles to stiffen and vision gradually diminishes.

The goal of the Eye Exerciser is to stimulate the eye muscles and improve your vision (your visual acuity). One advantage is that another of the applications to improve eyesight, Free.

Características Eye Exerciser Free – Eye Trainin‪g:

  • Core exercises: For the eye muscles, these help to strengthen and stretch the eye muscles.
  • Saccadic exercise: A saccadic movement is a rapid movement of one eye.
  • Infinite oscillation exercises: Infinite oscillation exercises use the entirety of the eye muscles by rotating them.
  • Spiral Exercises: Spiral exercises use all the eye muscles by rotating them.

Price: Free / Language: English

Descargar Eye Exerciser Free – Eye Trainin‪g:  iOS

Eye exercises and Vision test

The main goal of this exercise program is to give you the chance to maintain or improve your vision .

It includes groups of specific exercises and recommendations to improve eyesight, even for people with vision problems. Advice and recommendations on carrying out exercises; that can be adjusted to your training plan.

The download and use of the application is Free, with ads. Premium account provides new exercises. settings notification settings and remove ads. Monthly subscription is $9.99, yearly subscription is $29.99

Price: Free.   Offers in-app purchases.
Premium:   Monthly $9.99 / Annual: $29.99

Descargar Eye exercises & Vision therap‪y‬:  iOS

There are more applications and systems to improve vision, and all offer proven benefits to a greater or lesser degree. The GlassesOff program is based on studies on the neuroplasticity of the brain. 

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change both its physical structure and its functional organization, in response to a series of experiences, stimuli, and cognitive training, which favor new neural interconnections, and which reinforce existing connections.

The Bates Method , which is over 100 years old, is also very useful . To find out if something works, the simplest way is to try it personally. Never blindly believe anyone’s claims, try it for yourself if you want to know if it works or not.

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