Top 15 Audacity Alternatives You Can Use in 2023

Audacity Alternatives

Top 15 Audacity Alternatives You Can Use in 2023 – Whether you want to edit any type of audio, make a podcast or any other project that includes the use of tracks, music or voice , there is a program called Audacity , which brings together a series of functionalities and tools that will help you a lot to achieve goals.

However, Audacity is not your only option for creating or editing any sound, as there are both free and paid programs and applications that you can use to complete your projects; It is for this reason that we present below the 15 Best Alternatives to Audacity .

Best Audacity Alternatives For Recording Podcast

Adobe Audition

The next best option that we present on this list is Adobe Audition, a more professional program than Audacity that provides a set of tools with which you can create and edit music and audio projects in general in a neat way .

It has a free trial of two weeks, and when that time is over, you will have to cancel a monthly subscription of 20,99 US dollars . Its interface design is similar to that of Adobe Photoshop and in general, it is an excellent software.

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With Ardour you will be able to record audios, edit them, mix them or import them to the computer with completely professional results, for this reason, It is one of the favorite software of musicians . One aspect to consider before using this program is that it is best to have a basic knowledge of audio editing.

This program is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux and we love that it has complex options for video editing, allowing you to use external peripherals to add sound effects , among others.

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Visually, this free alternative seems outdated , but don’t be fooled, because with AudioDope you will be able to do everything related to audio editing in a compact way, such as audio files cut, paste, insert, delete.

 In addition, you will have the opportunity to resort to various tools such as converting text to speech, generating generations , among others; but one of its disadvantages is that it is only available for Windows.

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AVS Audio Editor

As its name suggests, this software is designed for audio editing only and not for recording. However, if what you want is to make recordings (even with more than one microphone), you have its sister program “AV Audio and Sound Recorder”.

This is a great alternative to Audacity because you will be able to rely on advanced options and tools, for example it acts as an audio extractor for videos;   and at the same time, it is super simple to use. One of the disadvantages is that it is only available for Windows.

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Musicians use this alternative to Audacity because it is free and has many audio editing and recording tools, as well as the possibility of mixing many effects, virtual instruments and being able to mix all types . However, one of the disadvantages of this program is available for Windows computers only . Don’t worry if you are not an expert in the field, because even beginners can use this tool in no time.

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Free Audio Editor

It is a good alternative that allows you to work with more than 25 different audio formats and perform many actions, for example, record through a microphone, edit all types of audio, as well as use various filters available in the program.

Another advantage is that, as its name indicates, this program is completely free and in addition, its interface is very easy to use and friendly, showing your projects on the screen in the form of hertzian waves.

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Linux Multimedia Studio

Also known as LMMS, this is a fairly comprehensive program where you will be able to access its tools to edit all types of multimedia content , from the simplest to the most complex; not only with Linux, but also with Windows and Mac.

One of the most significant features of this software , is that it works perfectly with MIDI devices , so you can easily connect external equipment to make your projects more professional.

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Logic Pro X

It is one of the best alternatives to Audacity and also one of the most expensive, being an exclusive software for Mac and having many professional audio editing and recording tools makes it so flashy . On the other hand, its interface is really eye-catching and working with the program is a real pleasure.

There is a large library of sounds from which you can download what you like or need for editing work, from music creation to podcasts. In addition, it allows the integration of MIDI devices, among others. You have a free trial of 90 days , but when you are finished you will have to pay 199 dollars to continue using it.

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It is a very friendly audio editing program available for Windows, Mac and Linux devices, with which you will be able to make and edit small audio jobs and projects ; so if your idea is to work on a macro project, this will not be possible for you.

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One of the advantages of Ocenaudio is that it is completely light and easy to use, so your computer will not need big requirements to download and install it . It also has countless basic effects to edit and you have the opportunity to edit different audios at the same time.

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It is an alternative to Audacity and the only difference is that it is paid and has many more tools for audio editing and recording. With this software you will be able to comfortably work on your large music, voice and vocal projects and make improvements to it by adding sound effects and more than 200 pre-designed tracks.

As we mentioned before, Reaper is a paid program, however, you can enjoy a free Version for 60 days to decide if this is the program you want, but then you will have to pay a monthly payment that goes from 60 dollars on.

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Forge Sound Studio

We love this alternative because its interface is friendly, intuitive and easy to use, along with the fact that it has several tutorials so that those who have little experience in the subject of audio editing and results will become successful get great with the use of this program.

Sound Forge Audio Studio offers you six channels on the screen so that you can work on your music projects or include a project with your voice , be able to integrate many sound effects and access many professional tools another. There is a one-time cost of 60 US dollars for your license.

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It is a program specially designed for musicians , who can interact with each other and collaborate with each other online to complete musical projects. Also, it is important to point out that you have the opportunity to record and edit the sound, using the multiple tools that this program has, like being able to use virtual tools to play songs that will then be stored in the cloud.

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This alternative is suitable for those who have difficulty downloading software or do not want to do it for storage or other reasons, since with this program you will be able to line all the audio editing you need , however , to use it freely, you need to pay 5 US dollars per month. Also, it is important to know that this website offers specific versions for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

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With WavePad you will not only be able to do audio editing work from your computer, but its applications for portable iOS and Android devices are also available; however, it is one of the disadvantages of many of the advanced tools that are blocked because they are the exclusive functions of the paid versions .

In general, this program is presented as an improved version of Audacity and if you intend to use it for commercial purposes, you need to shell out between 60 and 99 US dollars . It is not available for Linux, but it is available for Windows and Mac.

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This Software is the lightest audio editing on this list, only 1,3 Mb on your hard drive and despite this, there are some points in favor of the best choice of Audacity, for example, the power. do several activities or projects at the same time from one tab .

In addition, you will be able to access various advanced tools, among which the removal of silence, batch processing and ASIO drivers , however, this program is only available for Windows devices.

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