11 Best Avatar Maker Apps For Android in 2023

Best Avatar Maker Apps

Best Avatar Maker Apps – Avatar is one of the important elements in creating accounts on all social media. But some people sometimes don’t have a decent profile photo to be used as a profile avatar. One solution that can be used is to use an avatar App.

Avatar apps can change your profile photo for the better or create cartoon shapes from the photos you have. There are many applications that can be used to create avatars on the internet. Here is a list of 11 applications for creating suitable avatars on Android.

Best Avatar Maker Apps for Android

1. Anime Face Maker GO

The first application that you can use is the Anime Face Maker GO application. This application can make facial avatar images into anime shapes. There are 2 types of versions in this application, namely the free and paid versions.

For free series, you have limitations in using items as well as colors contained in the Face Maker GO application. The paid version can use more than 1000 items with 50 different colors enhancing the images you create.

You can get the Anime Face Maker Go application through the Google Play Store and can purchase the paid version through a subscription to the Anime Face Maker Go application. You can also unsubscribe if you no longer need this application.

2. Avatar Sport

The development of esport in Indonesia has now increased, giving rise to the trend of using avatars for your gaming team’s esport. With the Avatar Esport application, you can create an avatar for your gaming team.

The images produced in this application are classified as relaxed to aggressive. With a good mix of animations and colors, Avatar Esport can give the impression of an avatar that is suitable for representing your gaming team.

Most Esport brands use this application to form their Esport avatar. With this application, you don’t have to worry about creating an avatar using other, more complicated applications.

3. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

The third recommended application that can be used is Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor. This application is quite different from other applications because the avatar created through this application has a good animation effect.

Apart from that, there are lots of animations that you can use that you cannot find in other applications. You can download the Cartoon Pictures application through the Google Play Store and have received a 4.5 rating for more than 50 thousand Android users.

4. Androidify

The fourth application that you can use is the Androidify application. As the name implies, the avatar concept carried by this application is an Android theme. So you will find the avatar shaped like the Android logo.

The Androidify application doesn’t create avatars like other avatar maker Apps, but this application allows you to access various Android characters so you can change the Android logo of your cellphone.

The aim of the app is to unlock all the Android characters that you can use for your own bug version of Android. You can customize the color, shape, size, and accessories used on your Android avatar.

5. Bitmoji

One recommendation for an avatar maker application for the Android operating system that you can try is Bitmoji. This application is one of the avatar creator Apps with a high rating in the Google Play Store review.

The feature offered is the creation of an expressive cartoon avatar by showing the emoji in the photo. Let’s say you want to create an avatar with a sad expression, then Bitmoji will cartoonize your photo.

The Bitmoji application can be downloaded through the Google Play Store without purchasing the application first. This app is free and add new emoji by adding or downloading existing emoji.

6. FaceQ

The next avatar maker application that you can try is the FaceQ application. This application has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can align all existing functions in a straightforward way.

You can draw cartoons or similar even if you don’t have the ability to draw. The app can automatically create expressive cartoons so you just have to attach a few items to your liking.

You can download the FaceQ application through the Google Play Store or Apple Store. This application can be used for free without making a purchase first. However you will have to make purchases for some of the effects you want.

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7. SuperMii

The seventh application that you can use to create an avatar is SuperMii. You can use this application to create an avatar with a fun and easy-to-understand interface so you don’t get confused.

You can also create an avatar using fictional characters from several famous anime such as Goku, Naruto, and others. You can download the SuperMii app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store for iOS users.

8. Mirror Avatar Maker

The eighth application that can be used to create avatars is Mirror Avatar Maker. This application can turn your face into a cartoon so that your photos become cooler.

To create an avatar photo using this application, you can use the selfie feature or upload your profile photo. Once successful, you can customize it by adding more than 1500 elements contained in this application.

You can also make your avatar half cartoon face and half real face. You can simply change your profile photo and change half of it. So that your photo shows the difference between the original photo and the cartoon avatar that was created.

9. Boo – Avatar 3D

The next avatar maker application that you can try is Boo – Avatar 3D. This application can turn your photo into an attractive 3D avatar. The created 3D avatar can be customized according to the shape of the face, hairstyle and clothes.

You won’t run out of materials to make your avatar look cooler. Apart from that, this application also gives you the flexibility to decorate your avatar’s house so that it looks more fitting.

10. Mojipop

The tenth application for avatar creators that you can try is MojiPop. The app is basically a keyboard app that has lots of cute stickers and emojis. This application can be used to capture your selfie photos.

Captured selfies can be turned into cute stickers or emojis. You can also add text to the emojis or stickers you have created using your photos.

11. Cartoon Maker PicFix Art Studio

The last app you should try is Cartoon Maker from PicFix Art Studio. The application is an application with a high rating in the Google Play Store. Cartoon Maker has been used by many users.

You can create an avatar by combining several elements in the application such as facial expressions, clothes, hair, and many others. You won’t be bored changing your avatar using Cartoon Maker.

After you know the avatar application above, are you interested in using one of them? Download and try one of them to get your best avatar creation experience. That’s all, thank you and hopefully useful!

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