How to Start Coding in 2023: Learn Programming for Beginners

How to Start Coding: Learn Programming for Beginners

How to Start Coding in 2023: Learn Programming for BeginnersProgramming is that discipline of computing that allows you to produce applications or software (in a simple way that’s what I can give as a definition). Did you know that you can learn programming on your own ?

Or produce software of very good quality and competitive on the market even when we learned alone?

This article is particularly aimed at people who would like to train their innovative minds in computer development… But who are generally unable to pay for a tutor or training in software development.

Before telling you how I trained myself in coding (at the beginning) because this article is based on my personal experience.

First of all, first know that the answer to the question asked above is YES (it was not yet answered).

You can learn to code on your own without the help of a physical person. However, you will have to work a little harder.

However, to be completely a programming pro … I assure you, you will have to find someone in the real world to help you. Because it is true that you can learn programming alone but as I said above there will come a time when you will need to see someone who started practicing in the field before you.

This article is relatively long and it is simply because I give the secrets that allowed me to better understand the world of software development .

I hope that it will also be of great use to you.

Programming vs Coding

By definition, a (computer) program is a series of instructions that a computer ‘s processor executes (generally because even smartphones and tablets have processors and they also execute programs) with the aim of solving a given real-life problem.

Programming is this art, this profession or this technique allowing you to write lines of code that will be interpreted by the processor of your device.

So how does programming differ from computer coding?

As for coding, it is the action of coding , which means: “transforming a given message by following the standard of a code”. “  A code  ” which is also defined as being an organization of a system of signs capable of transmitting information .

Understand then that programming allows you to encode data in such a way that the latter is understandable by the processor of your device after several treatments (I will not go into too much detail).

It was just to help you understand that there is a slight difference between “programming” and “coding” because you can code without programming and vice versa.

Why learn to program alone?

Learning programming alone can be beneficial because it has several interests, but why do it alone  ? Several advantages can be linked to self-training in coding:

  • We don’t need someone to do what we want to do;
  • We program the learning time alone, we are not supposed to respect an appointment with a person because we are our own tutor;
  • Programming is best learned on your own (imagine the joy you will feel once you have a bug and find the solution on your own);
  • One is independent of a third person;
  • And several other reasons;

The best techniques for learning programming on your own

For all learning, methods and techniques are needed to start well with programming:

Learn algorithms

To start programming , you must first prepare your head by forging yourself in programming logic . It is she who will allow you to fully understand the operation and the programming mechanism.

With the programming logic you will have clear ideas on:

  • Buckles ;
  • Matrices ;
  • Vectors;
  • Chainings;
  • Stacks and queues;
  • Etc.

Thus, with a good knowledge of algorithms, you will already have the right basis for the development of computer applications .

Choose a domain

Programming although being part of multiple fields of computer science… There are also several sub-fields of programming that are taken up

Web Programming

This technique is among the most widespread development methods in the world… Here you will have to learn HTML and CSS.

Then, choose a programming language like PHP, Python, or ASP.NET for the development of dynamic websites.

You will also need a mastery of JavaScript and its variations… A bit of AJAX, JSON without forgetting database management languages ​​such as SQL .

Computer software development

Learn programming on your own to create software that can be used on computers regardless of operating systems.

For this area, you will need to learn an object-oriented or procedural programming language :

  • VS# ;
  • Java;
  • C++;
  • VS;
  • Python;
  • And others.

Mobile Development

Understand that there you must develop applications that must be functional for mobile operating systems such as Android or iOS.

Languages ​​like Java , Python , C# , C++ , Swift , etc. are languages ​​that will allow you to program applications for smartphones (Android, iPhone) and tablets (iPad or Android).

Not to mention tools like Flutter, Appyet, Keusu, etc.

Management application development

Management applications are overused but also in demand in companies. With this option, you must have mastered areas relating to the management of databases and computer tools for decision support ( OLAP and OLTP ).

You must have advanced database knowledge (Relational and Object Oriented). So learn the SQL language which is a good base for DBMS manipulation. Without forgetting a related programming language among those mentioned above.

How to learn programming alone then?

The question has not yet been answered, you already know the area in which you want to advance.

But so far no line has shown you the best procedure for learning programming on your own in an autonomous way.

So, without further ado, we give the solution to this little problem:

  • First be a friend of the internet because most of what you will know is where you will find it.
  • Find sites offering programming courses such as: OpenClassrom , Coursera , and and already start taking registrations on web , desktop or mobile developer forums.
  • Still speaking of the internet, some YouTube channels will be of great use to you because several channels exist and you will find good tutorials there to learn programming on your own  and in any language.

Start practicing to better learn programming on your own

Don’t waste time go straight to learning and practice more. because all the great programmers you know were once a beginner like you and it is by practicing day by day that you will become a professional in the field.

Tools for self-training in programming

First of all you will need some physical tools (Hard) and Software (Soft) you will need among other things:

  • A computer is not a necessary condition because currently it is possible to produce code without the help of a computer, for example with a smartphone and you can test. But for a better working condition, personally I recommend the use of a computer because it has several advantages.
  • A smartphone  : with a computer it’s better but when you also have a smart phone you will have several advantages. Especially if you want to evolve in mobile development. Note that it is also possible to test its mobile applications with a computer using Android or iOS emulators and simulators.
  • Several development software, you will have to use several applications to be a complete developer , I prefer to make an entire section devoted to software to help you see more clearly .

Software to use for learning programming

If you are expecting a list of software that will allow you to learn programming on your own, well change the idea because I will rather give you a list of essential tools for the development of computer programs.

And without delay here is a list of essential software for coding:

A text editor

I give it to you first because it will be of great importance to you for your codes, especially for web programming .

You can choose between notepad++ , Visual Studio Code , Commodo , Sublime Text , JEdit and many others. Note that there are hundreds and each person makes a choice according to their tastes and preferences, personally I prefer Visual Studio Code .

an IDE

”  Integrated Development Environment  ” in English, which literally means “Integrated Development Environment” is an essential tool.

An IDE can be either a compiler or an interpreter … This software allows in addition to the edition of code, to test the programs which one carries out.

Most of the time this software depends on the language that we use.

For example :

  • You will use Visual Studio for dotNet development (C#, VB, Visual C++, ASP.NET, etc.).
  • You will naturally go to NetBeans and/or Eclipse for JAVA development.
  • Or CodeBlocks for C and C++.
  • And so on.

As with text editors, there is also a range of compiler and/or interpreter software that can help you achieve your goals.

An emulator

You will need an emulator or a simulator for testing your applications and program developed especially for the world of mobile application development.

And for the development of software for other environments for example when you develop software usable under Linux while your operating system is Windows.

You need a DBMS to learn programming on your own

A database management system is software that, as the name suggests, will allow you to manage your databases.

Thus, a DBMS allows you to create, modify, delete, in short, update the information stored in your database.

The most popular are DBMS using the SQL language are:

  • MySQL ;
  • Oracle ;
  • or the Microsoft SQL Server


The end of the article finally arrives and it was a question of showing you how to train yourself in computer programming more specifically in the field of software development because there are several computer-type programming.

Personally, I work in web programming (ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript and everything that goes with it) .

And for Desktop programming, I do object-oriented ( C# and Java ).

In this article, I hope I have given enough suggestions in this content for you to tackle/ learn programming on your own .

However, if it happens that you do not yet fully understand everything… Or if you still have gray areas…

Well, you can always chime in on that in the comm

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