10 Bad Habits Gamers Should Avoid in 2023

10 Bad Habits Gamers Should Avoid in 2022

10 Bad Habits Gamers to Avoid – In this increasingly advanced era, playing games is not only favored by children, but also by teenagers and adults, both men and women. 

This can happen because of the many versions of interesting games that can be entertaining and also game facilities that can be easily accessed either through laptops or mobile phones.

But for them, game lovers, the hobby of playing games is not just for entertainment but has even become an addiction every day.

Of course this can lead to bad habits that are less useful. And here are some bad habits gamers should avoid:

10 Bad Habits Gamers Should Avoid

1. Gamers usually like to stay up late

Of course, this is no stranger to gamers, especially online games, they find it difficult to regulate sleep. 

Staying up late is more often done every night and has become a habit so that getting up in the morning is a bit late, some even still tissueer as revenge for staying up late.

Gamers usually like to stay up late

Of course this kind of thing can interfere with the health condition of the body, this bad habit should indeed be corrected. You can also read articles related to this point 

2. Smoking Became A Loyal Friend When Playing Games

The habit of smoking has indeed been done by many people, the reasons why someone smokes are very many and different. 

But in this case, enjoying the night by playing games while smoking is indeed very beautiful for gamers. 

Yes, this of course has become a habit that many gamers do and should be avoided because there are indeed many bad effects of smoking, read more on. 

3. Coffee Addiction

Coffee Addiction for Gamers

If smoking has become a habit, then of course a cup of coffee also accompanies you, especially when you stay up late. 

Yes, indeed on the other hand, consuming coffee provides several benefits for the body, but coffee addiction can be a problem for your body, especially for those of you who often get ulcers.

4. Sometimes it’s so fun that you forget to eat

Have you ever forgotten to eat because of something? for gamers maybe it’s normal. In fact, when playing games, they always concentrate and enjoy very much, of course the hunger will disappear. However, this continues, of course it will interfere with health and cause several diseases.

5. Sometimes Too Lazy to Take a Bath

You may laugh when you read this point, but this is actually done by some gamers. Yes, lazy bathing can happen because of the fun of playing games, even though bathing is an important need to clean the body and this habit should be avoided. 

Sometimes Gamer Too Lazy to Take a Bath

6. It’s fun to play games, so lazy to move

Not only lazy to take a bath, but lazy to do other activities besides playing games. Yes, this is also a bad habit that must be abandoned. If you are also a gamer, of course you also feel the same way. 

Yes, spending time facing the LCD screen every day, will certainly make gamers feel that the most interesting entertainment in life is playing games. So, the bad impact of this habit is lazy to move and do activities, other than playing games.

7. It’s Not Easy To Socialize With The Community

The next bad impact of the habit of playing games is spending days in the room and not socializing with the village community. 

Supposedly, gamers can put the right time, there is time to play games, there is time to socialize, and there is time to do other important activities.

8. Ignorant With People Around

Have you ever heard of someone breaking up with their boyfriend because of the game? or “If I continue the game, my boyfriend can break up with me”?. 

In fact, it’s not only indifferent to your girlfriend, even your parents’ orders and friend’s invitations are ignored because of the concentration of the game. This is a bad social etiquette, and should be avoided.

9. Willing to spend a lot of money 

I also really like playing games, but the game that I like right now is Dota 2. If I see buyers of Dota 2 items on facebook groups, I start to think that gamers are also wasteful just to buy items for collection in the inventory.

Of course to look stylish if you play with the appearance of attractive clothes and weapons. However, this is not only the case with Dota 2 games, but also for other games.

10. Disgusting and Swearing

You shouldn’t be surprised if someone plays a game while uttering obscenities. It had become a habit for them, especially because of losing to the enemy, getting hit, or other annoying things.

The main problem is that issuing these dirty words can become a habit in everyday speech. If this is the case, without realizing it, ethics and morals in speaking are ignored, the habit of issuing dirty words like this must be eliminated, of course.


Hopefully, you are like these 10 Bad Habits Gamers Should Avoid in 2022 and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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