How to Put Timestamps on YouTube Videos – Editing Tips | 2022

How to Put Timestamps on YouTube Videos - Editing Tips | 2022

Timestamps on YouTube Videos When you are making content for the YouTube platform, editing the video that is going to be uploaded to the channel is a very important step.

Since with the editions that are going to be given to the video, you will be giving it a better finish and a better presentation to the video.

With this we can make viewers of our videos feel more attracted to the channel. As for example, customizing the channel trailer is one of these points. 

But currently, an editing method is being used a lot so that we can see the themes of the video by sections.

This is called timestamps, with these marks we can show in the video from where one topic begins and ends, and where the other begins in case we are giving an explanation of a topic . 

To do it, we will be showing you here in the article how to do it.

How to Put Timestamps on YouTube Videos

  1.  How to put bookmarks on my YouTube videos?
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    3.  put in chapters
  2.  How do you put timestamps on the progress bar?
  3.  Can you put the seconds on YouTube?
  4.  Why am I not seeing timestamps on YouTube?

How to put bookmarks on my YouTube videos?

With the addition of timestamps on YouTube videos, it has become easier to find a part of the video faster with this feature. 

Put Timestamps on YouTube Videos

This function gives a more pleasant tone to the videos and in a way they can look more attractive. And somehow viewers of your videos like what’s different because this feature stands out from the competition.

How to put timestamps on my YouTube videos?

One of the easiest ways to put watermarks on videos is to put them from the comments or from the description of the video that we have uploaded. For them we must go to YouTube Studio, and go to the Videos tab to go to the Details icon.

Within this option, you will be able to see the box that has the description of the video, and at the bottom, there will be the part of the space for the timestamps. 

Put Timestamps on YouTube Videos

When you are going to proceed to enter the timestamps , the first one to be entered must start at minute zero, in this way the video will be divided into chapters and they should not be more than 10 seconds.

You can also place the minute of a specific section of the video so that when you click it is directed to that specific minute, this is where we can also disable YouTube video comments .


For what they are dedicated to making videos for the YouTube platform and are giving explanations of topics,

It is better that it be divided into sections so that the video is presented in a better way for viewers of it. 

Put Timestamps on YouTube Videos

With this, and the timestamps, you can show the beginning of one song and the beginning of the other , this will give the video a more dynamic tone.

put in chapters

Among the features of YouTube Studio are those of scheduling the video publication time , but the one that stands out the most is putting the videos by chapters . 

To do this, you have to enter YouTube Studio to be able to start editing the video, in the part of the menu that is shown on the left you will click on ‘Content’

Once we are in ‘Content’ you will choose the video you want to edit , after this you will have to go to the description part so that in this way you can add lists of timestamps with titles to the video you are editing, finally save .

How do you put timestamps on the progress bar?

In the same way that we can add labels to our videos , we can somehow put in the progress bar the watermarks that the video will have. 

These will be put automatically when the editions of the timestamps are being made to the video and the video is entered, the chapters or timestamps will be displayed.

Put Timestamps on YouTube Videos

Can you put the seconds on YouTube?

There is the possibility of putting the seconds to a YouTube video to enter it from a certain part of the video. 

It is simply a link that will be directing you to a specific moment of the video, and you can make this link public from another social network . 

For this, you must enter the video and pause it at a certain minute, and you will right click to copy the video URL and pay it where you want.

Why am I not seeing timestamps on YouTube?

At the moment that you are adding the timestamps to the video that we are editing to publish it on the YouTube platform, it usually happens that when we save, they do not appear in the video. 

This is due more than anything to the fact that the timestamps are being added badly, since they must be  increasingly being added so that they can be added to the video.

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