Best 100% Free Antivirus Software For Windows 10

Top 5 Best free antivirus for windows 10 download free

Best 100% Free Antivirus Software For Windows 10 – Every computer or laptop device definitely has the possibility to be infected by a dangerous virus that can have an impact on your computer or laptop. 

If a computer or laptop device is infected by a virus, the files on your computer or laptop storage can be lost at any time.

Therefore, a computer or laptop device needs to have at least 1 trusted antivirus.

Although a computer or laptop device that uses the Windows operating system, it is equipped with an antivirus feature called Windows Defender, that is certainly not enough.

What is Antivirus?

 Antivirus is software that is used to detect, secure, and remove viruses from the computer. Installing an antivirus application on a computer is certainly very important because considering the dangers of viruses to computer performance

Before installing an antivirus, of course, we must know how the antivirus application works, whether it has a good impact on the computer or even makes the computer slow.

so on this good occasion, we will review the 5 best antivirus applications and of course free, the five applications that we will review are the best applications for the techjustify version. Below is the best and free antivirus that we mean.

Currently, there are lots of antivirus applications for PCs that have sprung up, but not all PC antivirus applications can secure your computer or laptop properly.

The 8 applications below can also be a reference for those of you who want to use third-party antivirus applications on your computer or laptop device. Below are 8 of the best and most powerful antivirus applications for PCs that you can try.

1. AVG Free Antivirus

The first antivirus application is AVG, AVG antivirus is an antivirus program created by AVG Technologies. This application has several advantages compared to other antiviruses, one of which is the LINK-SCANNER. The link scanner feature works when you browse the browser then the link scanner will scan the link you are currently opening with this feature.

1. AVG Free Antivirus

With the link scanner feature, your computer will be safe from viruses and threats that come from the internet. based on the advantages offered, AVG Antivirus is the antivirus software that we recommend, you need to know that this application is available in two versions, namely a free version and a paid version.

If you are interested and want to try this antivirus please download it.

2. Avast Free

Antivirus The second best and free antivirus is Avast, Avast antivirus is a reliable antivirus for detecting, securing, and removing viruses that attack your computer. This application was developed by Alwil Software which was released in April 1988, of course by looking at the year of its release, Avast includes a very old antivirus and of course very reliable to protect your computer from virus attacks. This application is also available in two versions, namely a free version and a paid version.

2. Avast Free

whether you are interested in Avast Antivirus, please download the Free version.

3. Bitdefender Free Antivirus

This Bitdefender Free Antivirus application is one of the free antiviruses which is very lightweight. compared to other antiviruses, this antivirus includes new antivirus, but this application is always updating the system, so this antivirus is one of the third best antiviruses that we recommend after AVG and avast. Bitdefender is also available in two versions, a free version, and a paid version.

A PC antivirus application that is no less sophisticated than the previous antivirus application is an antivirus application called BitDefender Antivirus. The BitDefender Antivirus application is an antivirus with a complete and powerful virus scan feature.

In addition, you can also get this BitDefender Antivirus application for free and you can use it easily. In this application, you will also find features such as anti-phishing and anti-fraud that can protect your personal account and can monitor the sites you access.

 If you are interested in trying this antivirus, please download it.

3. Bitdefender Free Antivirus

4. Kaspersky Antivirus Free

The best and fourth free antivirus is Kaspersky, Kaspersky antivirus is the antivirus software developed by Kaspersky Lab. Initially, this antivirus was not available in a free version but taking into account the competition with competitors Kaspersky antivirus now has a free version.

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Kaspersky software has been tested for accuracy and reliability in overcoming viruses on your computer. This software also has a user-friendly interface. 

4. Kaspersky Antivirus Free

If you are interested in this antivirus software, please download it.

5. Panda Antivirus Free

The fifth antivirus is Panda antivirus, this antivirus is free antivirus software that is quite light, this software will protect your computer from virus attacks in real-time. This antivirus is an evolution of the first cloud antivirus. Panda antivirus software is a very easy-to-use antivirus.

5. Panda Antivirus Free

 If you want to try this antivirus on your computer, please download it.

6. Avira Antivirus

The last Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 10 is an antivirus application called Avira Antivirus which can secure your computer or laptop device at all times.

This Avira antivirus application has indeed become a favorite for computer or laptop users because it has many features that can protect your computer or laptop device and has a simple display that is easy for beginners to understand. This application is also fairly easy to use because of its simple appearance.

Download Avira Antivirus

7. Eset Antivirus Antimalware

Eset is the last best and most up-to-date antivirus application for PC because this application also has advanced features that you can rely on to protect your PC from viruses. This antivirus application is able to select your application or file and is very sensitive to virus threats that come from the internet or from other things.

In addition, Eset also has other advanced features that you can use to remove all viruses on your computer or laptop. As with previous antivirus applications for PCs, this application also has a relatively small size and lightweight so that it will not burden your computer or laptop system too much.

Download Eset

8. Norton Security

Norton Security is also of course not to be missed for those of you who want to protect your windows computer from various risks of virus attacks. This of course cannot be separated from the quality possessed by an antivirus like this one.

This quality can be seen from its ability to scan processes that are relatively fast but detailed. It has not been added to its responsiveness in identifying problems in order to immediately find a solution more quickly. This will certainly be very useful to be able to improve computer security against virus attacks.

Download the Norton Security App

Well, that’s the Best 100% Free Antivirus Software for Windows 10 Apart from Windows Defender and the most powerful for beginners that you can install on your computer or laptop device easily.

The 8 software above can be a reference for those of you who want to install a third-party antivirus application on your favorite computer or laptop device.

The 8 applications above can also protect your PC from harmful virus or malware attacks, so you can freely choose from the 8 antivirus applications above in addition to Windows Defender

The list above is the techjustify version of the software. If there is still a list of antiviruses that according to your experience are very reliable, please tell us your experience in the comments column. Thank you

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