17 Best AI Apps for Business in 2023 (Free and Paid)

Best AI Apps for Business i

Best AI Apps for Business – Recently, people have been amazed by the convenience that is obtained from various AI applications, one of which is OpenAI Chat GPT. This AI Apps is commonly used to create various types of content writing. 

You can use this AI application to write articles, search for keywords, create newsletters, and captions on social media. Apart from the GPT Chat, there are lots of other free and paid AI Apps to support your business, you know. But before knowing about this, make sure you know what an AI application is!

Best AI Apps for Business

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, or it can be interpreted as artificial intelligence. This AI technology allows machines or computers to perform tasks that previously required human intelligence, such as writing, drawing, solving problems, and so on. 

The use of AI is to make human tasks easier, including helping your business. Here are some AI Apps that can be used to maximize your business!

1. MarketMuse

This AI application is able to optimize digital content and increase visibility on search engines like Google. MarketMuse is able to provide content recommendations to increase your ranking in search engines, help identify and improve content, adjust to the desired keywords and topics. 

2. Grammarly

Need to make a promotional campaign in English but worried about the grammar? Just use this AI Grammarly app! You can check grammar, spelling, word choice, in English. 

3.  ManyChat

This AI application can make you send messages automatically to subscribed users. You can also create bots to automate and schedule message sending on Facebook Messenger. Available free and paid which you can adjust to your needs.

4. Pattern89

Pattern89 is an AI application that is used to optimize the performance of digital advertising campaigns on various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. This AI application can provide recommendations on your ads, such as targeting strategies, levels of creativity, and ad budget settings. 

5. Writesonic.com

An AI platform used to help you write automated content in English. Just like MarketMuse uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to analyze data and create content according to what you want. 

This AI application can write various types of content such as articles, product descriptions, and taglines. You only need to enter a topic or title, you know!

6. Headline Studio

It turns out that the use of headlines in your writing determines whether people will read the writing or not! You can check the effectiveness of your headlines, and maximize SEO with this AI application.

7. WordTune.com

Need another AI application to help edit and improve English writing? Just use WordTune.com! Not only grammar, this AI Apps can improve language style!

8. Hemingway App

This AI application is able to improve writing so that it is easy to read, and the contents of the message are clearly conveyed to the reader. You can use it for Indonesian articles too. Interesting right?

9. PhotoRoom

Displaying product photos that require a transparent background can now be done automatically with this AI PhotoRoom application! Moreover, this one feature is free.

10. Uberduck

Now you don’t need talent for voice over your video, because there is an AI Uberduck application that will do it for you! However, the free version is only available for 5 audio clips. But don’t worry, there are paid ones with more facilities that you can use!

11. Dall.E2

Usually use OpenAI Chat GPT for writing? Now you can create realistic drawings or illustrations using Dall.E2! Dall.E2 is the latest version of an AI application created by OpenAI. You only need to enter text and let the rest be done by this AI Apps.

12. Luma Labs

An AI application that must be used by those of you in the financial industry! Luma Labs offers solutions from increasing operational efficiency to reducing credit risk, to analyzing the market. 

Luma Labs develops algorithms that can collect and analyze financial data quickly, with a high degree of accuracy. 

13. Uizard

Platform for developing websites and applications with AI technology. Uizard helps you save time and money in making website and application designs with beautiful and complex graphic designs in no time!

14. Let’s Enhance

An AI application that can enlarge your image without reducing its quality. Even Let’s Enhance can enhance the color and resolution of your image automatically. For those of you who often zoom out of catalog photos, you can really take advantage of this AI application!

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Paid AI Applications for Business Development

1. Brand24

Want to know how often your brand is dimensioned? Then how is the public sentiment towards your business? Just use this AI Brand24 app to find out! 

Brand24 is a platform that can be used to monitor and analyze activity on the internet. You can find out about social media activity, blogs, forums, to websites related to your brand through this application.

2. Influencity

Finding influencers for our brand is not easy. Therefore there are AI applications that can help find and collaborate with the right influencers to promote your business products or services. 

In this AI application, you can also get analytical data to find influencers that match your target audience, to measure the impact of marketing campaigns.

3. Synthesia

Synthesia is capable of making high-quality videos possible in a short time, without the need for special technical skills. This AI application uses AI technology and deep learning. 

This AI application is capable of producing videos using voice acting and body movement modeling to create a realistic experience. Users can create videos in multiple languages, with different characters, in minutes! No wonder there is a price to be paid for AI technology this great.

Why Using AI Tools Can Grow Your Business?

Speed ​​is the main thing why you should use this AI application. AI can cut expenses, increase effectiveness, so that your business can progress and develop.

Those are some free and paid AI applications that you can use to optimize your business. Are there any AI applications that you have used?

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