15 Best AI Tools For Content Creation

Best AI Tools For Content Creation

Best AI Tools For Content Creation – Artificial intelligence tools can contribute a lot in the area of ​​content production. With technological advances, more and more devices are emerging to assist in planning, creating, reviewing and measuring results. 

In 2022, OpenAI’s ChatGPT won the front pages of marketing sites, being pointed out by many of them as a new milestone in the digital age. 

However, this universe is wide. There are many other technological opportunities that help industry professionals in the execution of their tasks. 

If you want to know them, continue reading. In this article, see a list of artificial intelligence tools that support the production of content for multiple channels and in different processes. 

Best AI Tools For Content Creation

There are many AI tools that help with content production. Of course, the most popular are those that actually produce texts, images or videos, for example. 

Despite this, there are many other features, ranging from accelerating processes to transcribing sounds. And, being a fast-moving industry, new opportunities often arise in the market. 

Next, learn about some of the most popular artificial intelligence tools to help with content production. 

1. ChatGPT-3

The most popular tool on this list is ChatGPT-3 . It does not have the function of producing content, but it can perfectly be applied to do so. 

It is a resource that can create original texts, suggest guidelines for editorial planning, serve as a source for research, translation and spell check. 

In fact, its limits are still unknown, so it is necessary to explore it to assess its potential. 

2. Jasper Ai

Jasper , in turn, was developed precisely to assist in the creation of content Its artificial intelligence allows the creation of the most varied marketing pieces, such as social posts, blog posts , ad copies, email messages, among others. 

The tool also has an extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to use it in real time while performing tasks on other platforms. 

3. SEO.ai

SEO.ai promises to create texts optimized for search engines (or help with their optimization) in a quick, practical way and in accordance with the guidelines of the major search engines  .

During writing (manual or automatic), a panel shows keywords and related terms that should be included in the article. 

By meeting the parameters defined by the platform, a score indicator — called the SEO Score — demonstrates whether the page is prepared for good performance in search engines. 

The tool also helps to find keywords, suggests new content and adapts to the user’s writing pattern, making it capable of emulating the author’s texts after a while. 

4. Copy.ai

With a proposal very similar to Jasper, Copy.ai aims to speed up content writing processes. 

However, it has a greater focus on texts aimed at conversion, such as landing pages, ads and product descriptions. 

5. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is a tool for creating stories. The idea is to help with long texts, such as novels and soap operas, but it is also applied to marketing to create texts with storytelling. 

The magic happens while writing. The author only needs to start the texts to receive ideas of suggestions for continuity that lead to the most different paths. 

6. Article Forge

Article Forge guarantees the creation of content in less than 60 seconds. According to the transformer website, all the user needs to do is select a keyword and text size to have it ready in a minute. 

The content is 100% original, verified by CopyScape, which eliminates the possibility of being identified as plagiarism. 

7. Dall-e 2

Produced by the same developer as the GPT-3, the Dall-e 2 focuses on creating original and realistic images.

With each request, an image is generated by artificial intelligence. All the user needs to do is write a prompt, which can be drilled down to create even more accurate images.   

8. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a generative artificial intelligence for creating images that has a web version and another that can be installed on the computer. 

In practice, it follows a mechanic similar to Dall-e 2, in which the creator inserts text and results in an image. 

9. Olli Ai

Olli ‘s function is to create graphic pieces to facilitate the visualization of data. Through its artificial intelligence system, the user only needs to describe what he wants to create reports. 

It can be a powerful ally when creating presentations, ebooks or market research. 

10. DeepL

DeepL is a translator that relies on machine learning to feed back the system , producing increasingly accurate results. 

With it, it is possible to translate entire files, such as PDFs, DOCs and slideshows, which can be a hand in the wheel both for research and for bringing content to international sites. 

11. Excelformulabot

The idea of ​​Excelformulabot is to create instant spreadsheets, without the need for advanced knowledge. 

Through a natural language, the user makes a request and the tool brings both complete spreadsheets and automatic formulas. 

12. Paraphraser

Paraphraser aims to rewrite or restructure sentences, paragraphs or entire texts It is also possible to ask the tool to use a different tone of voice or make a summary. 

13. Grammarly

Grammarly , on the other hand, helps with content review. Through the software, a spelling correction is performed in real time. 

But does not stop there. The tool also suggests new approaches to the text, synonyms, suggestions to improve the clarity, cohesion and coherence of textual pieces. 

14. Runway

Runway is an artificial intelligence tool for creating videos In it, several functionalities are compiled, with which the user uses the text to request the automatic creation of the audiovisual content. 

This includes image creation, cropping, repositioning, filters, backgrounds, among many other features. 

15. Play.ht

The idea of ​​Play.ht is to turn text into voice. Through artificial intelligence, it aims to create natural narrations, but using synthetic voices. 

This tool can help reuse content in other formats, making it more accessible to the user. 

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