6 Best AI Tools for Designers in 2024

Best AI Tools for Designers

Best AI Tools for Designers – Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in recent years have opened up many new possibilities in various fields, including the field of graphic design. In the world of graphic design, AI has proven to be very useful in helping graphic designers to speed up the process and improve the quality of their graphic designs.

In recent years, there have been several AI platforms developed to help graphic designers create more efficient and effective work. So, here are the best AI-based graphic design platforms that can help graphic designers in their work. Come on, see the discussion!

Best AI Tools for Designers

From-E 2

Dall-E 2 is an AI-based graphic design platform developed by OpenAI. This platform, which was released in 2021, has superior features that are capable of producing high quality images just by describing a sentence or text.

By using Dall-E 2, graphic designers can speed up the image creation process by providing short and detailed descriptions of the desired image. Dall-E 2 will generate images according to that description and graphic designers can choose the most suitable image for their design project.

Another advantage that Dall-E 2 has is its ability to produce images that are unique and different from images on the internet. This gives graphic designers the advantage of creating work that is more original and different from others.

Dall-E 2 can also be used to produce images in various formats such as vector, raster, and 3D.

Galileo AI

This AI-based platform was founded by three AI scientists named Vikram Chatterji, Atindriyo Sanyal, and Yash Sheth. The three of them are former leaders in the field of AI development at Google, Apple and Uber AI companies.

The platform they built focuses on User Interface (UI) design ideas or which means interface design. GalileoAI works only by describing a sentence or word. Galileo AI uses Natural Language Processing.

(NLP) technology and machine learning to produce UI designs that precisely match the description provided by the graphic designer. Galileo AI can generate different UI designs, so graphic designers can choose the most suitable design for their project.

Another advantage that Galileo AI has is its ability to estimate the most effective use of color for UI design. Galileo AI can also help graphic designers create UI designs that are more user-friendly and easy for users to use.

Microsoft Designer

Next there is the AI ​​platform developed by the software giant, Microsoft. Just like other AI-based graphic design platforms, Microsoft Designer also has the main feature of text-to-art, which means you can create an image just by describing a sentence.

So that the results match the needs of graphic designers, this platform utilizes machine learning technology and neural networks to produce graphic designs.

Microsoft Designer is equipped with features that can help graphic designers speed up the design process, such as the ability to create automatic layouts, place design elements easily, and choose the right color combinations for their designs.

Apart from that, Microsoft Designer can also help graphic designers create responsive designs, meaning the designs can adapt to different screen sizes or devices. This is very important in web or mobile application design.


SlidesAI is an AI-based platform that focuses on creating presentations. This platform can help graphic designers or other users create attractive and effective presentations quickly and easily.

SlidesAI uses machine learning technology to produce presentation slides that match the content provided by the user. This platform can identify important elements in content such as images, tables, or graphs, and insert them into the presentation slides created.

Another advantage that SlidesAI has is its ability to produce presentation slides with an attractive and professional appearance. This platform can also help its users in choosing the right colors and fonts for their presentations.

Apart from that, SlidesAI is also equipped with features such as improving presentation slide layouts, adding animations, and creating graphics quickly and easily.


Looka focuses on helping users create logos, business cards and other designs easily and quickly. By using machine learning technology , Looka can recommend designs that suit user preferences and needs.

Looka provides thousands of design templates that can be easily customized, including a choice of fonts, icons, colors, and layouts. The platform also allows users to upload their own images to incorporate into the design.

Once completed, users can easily download the design files in various formats such as PNG, JPG, SVG, or PDF.


Lastly, there is Illustroke as the best AI-based platform for graphic design. This platform focuses on creating illustrations which allows users to create illustrations quickly and easily, even for users who do not have a graphic design background.

Just like other AI-based platforms, Illustroke uses machine learning technology to produce images that match keywords or descriptions provided by users.

The platform provides thousands of images and graphic elements that can be used to create illustrations, and users can adjust the size, color and layout of the images according to their needs. Another advantage that Illustroke has is its ability to create illustrations in different styles, including sketch styles, cartoons, and realistic illustrations.

In recent years, there have been many AI-based graphic design platforms developed to help graphic designers in their work. Although there are still doubts and challenges in adopting this technology, many people believe that AI technology can become a tool that can facilitate human affairs in various fields in the future.

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