12 Best Apps for Learning Korean in 2024

Best Apps for Learning Korean

Best Apps for Learning Korean – The best free Korean learning apps chosen by many learners are now available on iOS and Android. The quality learning applications shared below will help you learn Korean from the most basic to advanced to improve your foreign language proficiency.

Best Apps for Learning Korean

Korean Communication – Grammar

This free Korean learning app helps you access and get acquainted with Korean by combining diverse content lessons with many interesting topics. The application also helps you increase your language reflexes through simple tests and question-and-answer games.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 1
Korean Communication App – Grammar

You can easily use the application to learn Korean anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. The application provides more than 4,000 basic Korean communication sentences, more than 1,000 rich grammar samples, suitable for new learners or those preparing to travel, work, or settle in Korea. The App also supports recording function, supporting better listening and speaking practice.

Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun

Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun has a simple to use interface, providing quality lessons and effective language learning support features. You can develop your Korean proficiency in a short time. The system of lessons has a variety of topics, helping you learn Korean culture in parallel with learning the language, thereby helping you remember and absorb knowledge more easily.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 2
Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun

In particular, the application also has a chat feature with Lanny to practice your language skills. A variety of grammar and vocabulary lessons are also offered. Also included is a standard pronunciation system based on the clear accent and pronunciation of native speakers, helping to practice accurate pronunciation.

Learn Korean Phrases & Words

For those who are just starting to learn Korean, you definitely cannot miss this free Korean learning app Learn Korean Phrases & Words. The application is used to support learning and communication when traveling and working in this land of kimchi. The App provides users with basic communication sentence patterns, comes with standard pronunciation instructions, and more than 800 simple Korean phrases and vocabulary, serving many fields.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 3
Learn Korean Phrases & Words

Mango Languages

Mango Languages ​​is a simple free Korean learning app on smartphones with a cute user interface. The application focuses on teaching Korean vocabulary phrases commonly used in daily life. You can easily practice by listening to the pronunciation of words and phrases, recording your voice and comparing it with the audio in the app to see if you read it correctly.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 4
Mango Languages ​​application


The Duolingo language learning application is extremely useful as it offers diverse foreign language learning capabilities with over 20 different languages, including Korean. The Duolingo application focuses mainly on using fun games to help learners practice their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Korean fluently.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 5
Duolingo language learning application

HelloTalk Language Exchange

The Korean language learning app HelloTalk Language Exchange is a great learning tool for users to connect directly with other learners who have mastered the language. At the same time, you can also support others who want to learn the language you are already fluent in.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 6
HelloTalk Language Exchange Korean learning application

KORLINK by Talk to Me in Korean

The free Korean learning app KORLINK by Talk to Me in Korean helps create a bridge and brings convenience when accessing the Talk to me in Korean website to study grammar or watch videos on Youtube. If you want to both learn Korean and improve your language through interesting English explanations, this will be a very suitable choice.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 7
KORLINK by Talk to Me in Korean application


If you are interested in the Topik Korean exam program, you definitely cannot miss this TOPIK One application. TOPIK One will provide a series of Korean practice tests that are similar to the real test and are divided into test levels appropriate to the user’s level such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 8
TOPIK One application


The free and effective Korean learning app Mondly is introduced to users. Mondly application helps you learn Korean quickly and effectively in just a short time. You will easily remember vocabulary, sentence patterns, know how to express Korean phrases or participate in conversations to practice your communication skills.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 9
Mondly application helps you learn Korean quickly

Mondly also provides Korean lessons that are both entertaining and help improve vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The application is suitable for elementary, intermediate, advanced students, busy travelers or working people.

Lingo Deer

One of the best free Korean learning apps currently popular and widely used is LingoDeer. The application was created by a group of reputable app developers, committed to providing users with quality Korean lessons with a variety of topics. You can experience various convenient features to monitor whether your personal learning process is effective or not.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 10
LingoDeer application

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Awabe Korean learning application every day with lessons divided into 4 levels from basic to intermediate. Learners can easily access and learn a new language without spending too much time getting used to it or expensive costs to register for courses.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 11
Awabe Korean learning application every day

TenguGo Hangul

The free Korean learning app TenguGo Hangul is not only a simple language learning tool but also gives learners knowledge about the history of Korean writing, providing memorization tips and quick learning methods. Quickly move through quizzes, flashcards and many other helpful tools.

App hoc tieng han mien phi 12
TenguGo Hangul application

The application also focuses on teaching users how to read and pronounce Korean correctly like a native speaker through standard and quality voice recordings.

Hopefully the best free Korean learning apps shared above will help you easily choose a suitable and effective learning support tool. Hope you soon master this interesting language!

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