What is PowToon? How to Use PowToon Video Editor

What is PowToon? How to Use PowToon Video Editor

What is PowToon? This is a video editor commonly used by users working in the media field. Let’s find out information related to PowToon through the following article!

What is PowToon?

Powtoon is a web application that uses an internet connection launched by Ilya Spitalnik and Daniel Zaturansky in 2011. According to the founder, Powtoon has the full name Powerpoint and Cartoon. This is a tool used to create short video content for presentations, advertising, and communications. Powtoon is very suitable if you work in Marketing or education majors.

Features of Powtoon

  • Create unique animated videos in HD quality with free or paid tools in just a few steps.
  • Output video in high quality format.
  • Powtoon provides a huge resource library of templates, scenes, characters, props, and millions of videos, music, texts, etc. for you to choose from.
  • Upload video file formats, GIFs, images, captions…
  • Platform support integrations include: Twitter, Wistia, Hubspot, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager..etc

Benefits of Powtoon

1. Friendly interface, easy to use

Powtoon provides users with an intuitive display interface that makes the user experience easier. The video editor layout is easy to use even for novices. Reasonably arranged support tools help us quickly find the necessary tools.

Powtoon Easy to use

2. Huge resource library

Powtoon contains a resource library of diverse animations. Images in the gallery are free to use, however some images will also require a paid subscription to be available.

3. Unlimited access applications

Powtoon is an application that will not limit video creation visits. You can freely create videos as you like without worrying about video exports or decreasing quality restrictions.

4. Powtoon has a large user community

Powtoon attracts a community of users spread across the world. The community using Powtoon spans from all fields, so sharing your knowledge or questions will become much simpler. Besides, you can refer to great ideas from other users to develop your own content.

Instructions for using Powtoon

1. Template

Templates are pre-designed resources, which are considered the operating foundation of the Powtoon application. In Powtoon, there are three types of Templates: Work, Education and Personal with diverse aspect ratios, and are always updated periodically, this will contribute to inspiring users.

Powtoon Template

2. Media

You can insert Media into templates. When you click on Insert, you will see a number of options with functions such as: Swap, Flip, Crop, Edit and Settings. If you want to insert more images, you just need to double-click on the image display menu. Here, we can upload the desired media files to use according to our personal needs. 

In addition, Powtoon is capable of supporting most popular image formats today such as: JPEG, PNG and GIF. 

3. Text

Text editing for Powtoon is similar to other popular creative applications and is quite simple. If you don’t have a textbox available, you can create your own textbox using the text tool from the menu bar on the right. You can also customize your text with text boxes, shapes and animations with just one click.

Powtoon Text

We can still customize and change the font style, font size, bold/italics/underline and other special display styles… In addition, you can also create animations in the textbox with beautiful effects using the tool. Enter/Exit Effects.

4. Audio

Access from the audio menu on the right side to be able to use Powtoon’s voiceover and background music features. With the Voiceover function, we can directly record the current slide or a single slide with the current slide option.

Powtoon provides a solution that supports inserting background music into presentations from the application’s built-in music library. You just need to click on use to add content to your presentation. 

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In addition, Powtoon also supports you to upload personal audio tracks with popular audio formats such as MP3, AAC or OGG…

5. Scenes/Timelines

Quick Edit and Full Studio modes are available to paid members. With Quick Edit, the gray control bar will be removed from the right side of the window. Full Studio will appear as a gray bar icon.

When you design a video in Powtoon, you can edit each scene. Worked objects will only exist in one slide, making it more convenient for us in design. When combining the scenes together, we will have a complete video. Let’s add transition effects to the scenes from Basic, Executive to Stylized to make the video content more harmonious.

Besides the Timeline bar interface, this function allows it to act as a drag and drop bar for all objects in a scene. You can see the Timeline function right below the design window.

6. Export

In the Export section, users will be provided with 2 choices

  • Upload videos directly to social networking platforms such as YouTube, Slideshare, Vimeo, Wistia, HubSpot, Facebook Ads Manager quickly.
  • Download content as powerpoint (PPT) or PDF file for free accounts and export as MP4 video format for paid accounts.


So let’s answer the question ” What is PowToon ?”. Hopefully through the content of the above article, readers can learn more about an effective video editor loved by many people. From there, apply it to improve your personal productivity.

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