15 Best Crypto Exchanges 2023 (Updated List)

15 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2022 (Updated List)

Best Crypto Exchanges Platforms 2023 (Updated List)Discovering reliable cryptocurrency exchanges is as important as investing in BTC or altcoins at the right time for cryptocurrency investors. 

Because the wrong steps that can be taken can cause serious financial losses. In this article, we have prepared an article called the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges for you.

15 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Platforms

The world’s most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges with huge volumes are cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken, etc. 

While each of them offers different advantages for its members, they allow trading and clearing transactions with BTC. In this article, we have compiled for you the preferred cryptocurrency exchanges in 2022 according to their reliable trading volume, liquidity, and reliability.


Binance has the largest volume among cryptocurrency exchanges. While the Binance cryptocurrency exchange allows BTC trading and clearing, it also allows investing with hundreds of different coin units at the same time. 

The cryptocurrency exchange, which includes a large number of altcoins from its trading lists, offers its members the opportunity to store BTCs online with its virtual wallet.

The reliable crypto money exchange, whose number of visitors exceeds 28 million on a daily basis, provides the advantage of reaching crypto money buy-sell orders via smart phones with the mobile application it offers. 

It is possible to open a crypto money exchange account in a short time from the “register” tab offered on the home page of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Binance offers advantages such as not frequently maintenance, offering bonuses to members with raffles in crypto money investment, money transfer to virtual wallet with credit card, language support, low commission, short order identification, futures trading. 

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is the preferred platform for BTC trading, which is based in the USA and is among the most prestigious cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase, which has close to 5 million members worldwide, is a cryptocurrency exchange with a daily transaction volume of over $2 billion.

Especially with the clear and simple design offered in the interface of the platform, it allows its investors to place their buy-sell orders more easily. Compared to its competitors, it is ahead of its competitors by incurring low costs in trading with BTC and other cryptocurrencies. 

Thanks to its mobile application, it can be downloaded to a smartphone and with language support, it makes it possible to buy crypto money within the application.

Coinbase Pro provides the advantages of depositing money to the cryptocurrency exchange account from a credit card, fast execution of buy-sell orders, benefiting from language support, and exchanging BTC with other cryptocurrencies.


Founded in Antigua and Barbuda and headquartered in Bahama, FTX provides fast cryptocurrency transactions for over 1 million users. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that serves its users residing in the USA with FTX US. 


Kraken , which was established in 2011 and ranks first in the markets with its trading volume , is a US-based crypto money exchange. It enables trading between fiat money and cryptocurrencies. USD, EUR, GBP etc. can be processed with 


KuCoin , a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, has achieved a good start with the slogan “People’s Exchange”. The stock market, which lists many crypto assets and provides trading opportunities in a short time, has taken its place among the largest in the world. 

Huobi Global 

Huobi Global , a China-based cryptocurrency exchange, had to leave the country after China’s decision in 2017. According to CoinMarketCap 2022 data, it is among the top 10 largest exchanges in the world by transaction volume. 


With its low transaction fees, transparent pricing and powerful trading engine, Bybit has managed to become one of the best exchanges in the market. It is home to more than 2 million registered users. It has achieved a good ranking with its transaction volume and value against its competitors at the global level. 


Although headquartered in Hong Kong, Bitfinex , registered in the British Virgin Islands , has a negative outlook in the markets despite achieving a good ranking. Theft of users’ money in several different incidents has tarnished its image. Recently, it has recovered this bad image with its transaction volume.


It is a crypto exchange founded in 2013 based in China. It achieved a strong appearance with the innovations it made in 2017. Gate.io , which allows trading on more than 180 crypto currency pairs, also draws attention with its trading volume. 

Crypto.com Exchange

Crypto.com is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. It has a strong position in the market with 10 million users and more than 3 thousand employees. It allows traders to trade with many cryptocurrencies. 


Gemini, which allows buying, selling and storing digital assets, has an important place among crypto currency exchanges. With its secure infrastructure, it also ensures the storage of these assets. It is home to many crypto assets. 


bitFlyer is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges based in Tokyo and with 2.5 million users. The company also develops technologies related to cryptocurrencies. It has been improving its position since 2014 with its market value and transaction volume. 


Bitstamp is a Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange. Enable trading between fiat currency, BTC and many other digital assets. It provides the opportunity to trade on trading pairs such as USD, EUR, GBP. It improves its ranking among its competitors day by day. 


Japan-based Coincheck was founded by Koichiro Wada and Yuseke Otsuka. It also offers a Japanese Bitcoin wallet service. It also allows exchange between BTC, ETH and fiat currencies. 


Bithumb is a powerful cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea. Founded in 2014, Bithumb is home to 8 million registered users. It is one of the largest exchanges with a current cumulative trading volume of over $1 trillion. 

As a result

To date, hundreds of Bitcoin exchanges have been opened in the history of cryptocurrency exchange, which began with the buying and selling of Bitcoin. Within these exchanges, users should choose the exchange that best suits their needs . 

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In addition, one of the most important rules when choosing an exchange is to choose exchanges with high trading volume and more users.

In this article , we have listed the most reliable crypto money exchanges known for you . Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Kraken and KuCoin were the most notable among the world’s top 5 exchanges in 2023. It is possible for investors to prefer these exchanges according to the trading volume and reliability.

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