10 Best Ear Training Apps in 2024

Best Ear Training Apps

Best Ear Training Apps – Having a developed ear is ideal for creating good music, and  ear training apps  are the alliance you need to work on your listening skills. Both musicians and other professionals in this artistic field use them to consolidate the abilities of their ears.

There is an extensive list of apps of this type, however, selecting one at random is not always the right option. For this reason, we have compiled only the best ones so that you can choose the most suitable one. Discover them here!

10 Best Ear Training Apps

Ear training apps have   been crafted with a series of exercises to hone your hearing powers. With an endless number of functions, you will be able to select an app that adjusts to the need and musical preference.

Perfect ear

To top the list we present an excellent tool to train your ears just using your mobile. Said  app  offers the resolution of simple exercises, so Perfect Ear allows you to sharpen said sense after several sessions.

There you will have your own profile available where each completed session is stored, as well as those that are still pending. The  app  is developed through scales, chords and other skills that are worked on in various courses.

Among other things, it also has a dictionary of scales and some other tests to sing notes into the microphone, although you must first understand the scores. You can have this and much more on your mobile. Just download from the  Play Store  and  App Store stores .


Without a doubt iReal Pro belongs to the great ear training applications, allowing you to wear a band on your mobile. There is no excuse anymore, you can practice for hours and hours without getting bored. This tool is ideal for any musician and level because you choose the complexity yourself.

Here you can customize your topics and exercises. Enjoy these downloadable features on the  Play Store  and  App Store stores .

Piano Companion PRO: Chords

Now it’s time to talk about a magnificent dictionary of piano scales and chords, the ideal alliance for beginners and experienced musicians. And it is that it reveals notes, degrees, fingering, among other faculties.

Piano Companion PRO’s interface is simple, friendly and compatible with almost any device, be it  Android  or  iOS . Try it now!

chord! (Guitar Chord Finder)

chord! It is another option to learn scales, chords and other instruments such as bass, guitar and even jarana. Download it and don’t miss out on this wide variety of features:

  • Dictionary of scales and chords.
  • Harmonization and reharmonization.
  • Fingering of 3 and 4 fingers.
  • Ease of use for lefties.

These and other functions allow you to know everything about the chordophone that you like the most. Available in the  Play Store  and  App Store stores .

Music Sight Reading II

Music Sight Reading,  the perfect app  to develop musical, listening and sheet music reading skills. An essential key to work musical notes such as fa, sol and do. Master Italian notes and measure how far you’ve progressed.

The only downside for now is that it is only available for  Android devices . However, we hope for a touch of luck so that it will soon be in the Apple store.


MuseScore, the perfect instrument for ear training for any musician and composer. Through the mobile you can write your own scores and save your creations. The working method is represented with figures, bars, claves, dots, silences…

Have you seen the MuseScore interface? It is perfect and is made up of palettes and panels that bring together various symbols. Apart from that, it offers different shortcuts to simplify musical compositions. Do you dare to carry this application in your pocket? You just have to download it on your  Android  or  iOS .

Complete Ear Trainer

Your musical and listening skills can now be improved with this  app . Here you will have hundreds of exercises to learn effectively. Basically, it is presented as the alternative in the form of video games where you have to earn as many stars as possible to move on to the next levels.

It offers banks where you will find real sounds saved with you in mind. It includes various instruments like harp, pianos, electric guitar and much more. Enjoy this app on your  Android  and  iOS device .

Saxophone Transposition

Another tool that doesn’t fail is Saxophone Transpose. In this case, we are dealing with a  useful app  to write, verify and understand the performance of the instrumentalists in front of the real notes and those of a transpositor.

A not very favorable detail for users is that it is only available for  Android devices .


Another of the best ear training applications is EarMaster, a tool dedicated to high-level musical professionals. So, if you are looking for an application that contains fun and a lot of learning, this is the one.

Its free option allows you to identify intervals and chords through customizable exercises. Likewise, it favors learning to sing at first sight, obtaining   immediate feedback . Up your rhythmic levels using your  Android  and  iOS .

Functional Ear Trainer

To finish this top we have Functional Ear Trainer, another useful and functional  app  to train and improve listening skills. It’s easy to use; for this you must:

  • Access the platform, once there you can review the theoretical content on intervals, keys, concepts, scale, among other definitions.
  • In the same way, you will be able to access the training section, develop and overcome levels that go from the basics to the most advanced link.
  • By opting for the exercises in the  app , you receive a set of notes that you will have to identify and reproduce.

A notable factor is that it allows you to go from the easiest and increase the level until you get to work on more complex chords. Download and install for free on your  Android  or  iOS device .

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