17 Best Lightweight Browsers For Windows In 2024

17 Best Lightest Browsers for Laptop/PCs 2022

Best Lightweight Browsers For Windowsupgrading your laptop/PC specs, or switching to a more RAM-efficient browser.

But what makes us confused is, many browsers claim that the browser is the Lightweight. But after installing it, it still makes it slow.

Don’t worry, don’t worry. No need to rush to change laptops or upgrade PCs. Here I will compare 17 browsers to go through a series of tests to find which browser consumes the least RAM.

To test it, I will open it in browsers. Each website is assumed to represent the needs of internet users in World.

And here are the results…

17 Best Lightest Browsers for Laptop/PCs 2022
The lightest browsers test results

It should be noted that the Lightweight browser is not the same as the best browsers . In fact, there are some browsers that can’t open one or two of the five experimental websites above.

Well, if you are confused about which one to choose, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages one by one. Please choose the most suitable for your needs.

Best Lightweight Browsers For Windows

Let’s start with the lightest browsers…


17 Best Lightest Browsers for Laptop/PCs 2022
Browser NameK-Meleon
DeveloperDorian, KKO, et al.
Browser EngineGoanna (Gecko-fork)
Built-in Search EngineDuckDuckGo

If you are looking for the lightest browsers, then K-Meleon is the answer.

K-Meleon is a super duper lightweight browser based on the Gecko engine developed by Mozilla.

Having the tagline “ The Browser You Control ”, K-Meleon really gives us the option to customize this browser. Starting from skins, button locations, toolbar locations, menus, proxies, cookies, javascript, and much more.

As the lightest browsers, K-Meleon certainly only consumes less RAM than other browsers. Another plus point is obtained because this browser can be opened quickly, responsively, and powerfully. The ecosystem is also well developed so this browser is very stable.

The drawback, this browser is officially only available for Windows users only. To use it on Mac OS, you need a Windows emulator which of course is not recommended because it makes it even more difficult.

The interface is also old-fashioned, which reminds me of what browsers looked like in the early 2000s. In addition, what is quite disturbing is that the scrolling is not smooth, it even tends to break.

One thing that is very unfortunate is, when I did a test with tabs open at once, K-Meleon couldn’t open Canva and YouTube. And possibly other multimedia services too.


  • lightest (absolutely!)
  • display can be customized
  • very stable software


  • ancient interface
  • only available for Windows
  • scrolling is a bit broken
  • Can’t open Canva & Youtube

K-Meleon is a browser suitable for old school PCs/laptops. Guaranteed not to lag.

Download K-Meleon Browser


17 Best Lightest Browsers for Laptop/PCs 2022
Browser NameMidori
DeveloperAstian Foundation
Browser EngineWebKit
Built-in Search EngineDuckDuckGo

Talking about lightweight browsers, it seems impossible not to include Midori in this list. This browser is very light, even Midori claims that the browser requires six times less RAM than Google Chrome.

This browser is perfect for use on old school laptops or PCs with low specs. The start up is also fairly fast even though it is opened on a laptop/PC with small RAM.

Besides being lightweight, the excellent feature of Midori is its availability on multi-platforms ranging from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, to Android. Not to forget, security features such as anonymous and do not track are also embedded in it. Plus it already has a built-in adblocker.

It looks modern and minimalist, smooth, and comes with three theme variants: auto, light, and dark. Well, this dark mode feature makes it superior to other browsers.

Some of the shortcomings of Midori are that some Midori users also report crashes when running this browser. But I’ve been using it for a week and so far haven’t found any crashes or bugs, instead I really like this browser.

In addition, Midori does not display a lock icon ( secure ) or a warning icon ( not secure ) on the left side of the address bar to inform that the website we are accessing is already using https or not.

However, Midori is one of the lightest on this list. So it never hurts to try.


  • save RAM consumption
  • has a built-in adblocker
  • available on many platforms


  • there is no http/https icon
  • some users reported crash
  • scrolling is a bit broken
  • Can’t open Canva & Youtube

Midori browser is suitable for those of you who want a lightweight browsers with a fantastic dark mode.

Download Midori Browser

Chromium Browser

17 Best Lightest Browsers for Laptop/PCs 2022
Browser NameChromium
DeveloperThe Chromium Project
Browser EngineBlink
Built-in Search EngineGoogle

Chromium will be suitable for those of you who are used to using Google Chrome and want to move to lighter browsers. With a display that is exactly the same as Google Chrome, of course you won’t feel awkward the first time you use it.

Chromium is of course equipped with a lot of features that you might not need.

This browser is equipped with a sandboxing feature, meaning that each tab and plugin that is run does not affect the browsers performance because it is processed separately. BUT, this feature makes Chromium eat more RAM.

As a browser that takes the source code from Google Chrome, here you can also install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Some of the disadvantages of Chromium include:

There is no auto-update feature like Google Chrome.

Some Chromium users say that they find it difficult to uninstall Chromium from the root.

Because it is open-source, anyone can modify this browser, including inserting viruses or malware into it. Therefore, you need to be careful when downloading Chromium. Make sure to download it directly from the official website.


  • have a good level of security
  • lighter than Google Chrome
  • look identical to Google Chrome
  • has a sandboxing feature


  • prone to malware insertion if you download carelessly
  • no auto-update feature
  • hard to uninstall to the root

Chromium is suitable for those of you who want a browser that is lighter than Google Chrome but with a similar experience.

Download Chromium Browser

Slimjet Browser

17 Best Lightest Browsers for Laptop/PCs 2022
Browser NameSlimjet
DeveloperFlashPeak Inc.
Browser EngineBlink
Built-in Search EngineGoogle

Slimjet is a Chromium-based browser which is quite popular among other light browsers.

This browser is equipped with many features, including: form filler, built-in adblock, can record screens directly from the browser, can change themes, can add plugins, and can edit photos before uploading.

For those of you who like to download, you will like this browser because it has embedded the Turbocharged Download Manager feature.

It doesn’t stop there, Slimjet browser also has a YouTube/HTML5/flash downloader feature which you can use to download MP3s directly from YouTube without the need for a converter. Interesting right? Just download it below.

There’s more, so even though it looks old-fashioned, SlimJet is equipped with screenshots and screen recording features up to 1080p you know.


  • has a built-in download manager
  • has a built-in MP3 conversion
  • Can screenshot & screen record up to 1080p


  • the display still feels old school

Slimjet browser is for those of you who like to download.

Download Slimjet Browser


Browser NameMaxthon
DeveloperMaxthon International Ltd
Browser EngineWebKit, Trident
Built-in Search EngineGoogle


  • available on multiplatform
  • lots of skins and extensions
  • cloud sync


  • no auto-update
  • no malware/trojan warning

Maxthon is a browser whose logo looks like Xiaomi.

Download Maxthon Browser


Browser NameFalcon
DeveloperKDE Projects
Browser EngineBlink
Built-in Search EngineDuckDuckGo

Falkon browser was previously known as QupZilla since 2010, then changed its name to Falkon after being under the auspices of the KDE Project.

From the start, Falkon’s goal was to be a lightweight browser available on all platforms. And until now, Falkon has become one of the lightest browsers available.

The appearance is not grandiose, the features are also standard. But when it comes to memory consumption, this browser can run smoothly with 1GB of RAM, you know.

The question of stability does not need to be asked again. With more than 10 years of age, it certainly makes Falkon a very stable browser.

Website rendering and other graphic elements can also be smoothed over. Several other features of Falkon are history, tabs, bookmarks, and are equipped with built-in adblock.

Actually, I found some complaints on the internet from Falkon users saying that sometimes Falkon can’t play videos. But so far, I still haven’t found the complaint. Curious? Download via the link below.


  • can run with small RAM
  • has a built-in adblock feature
  • very stable software
  • can customize themes/skins


  • there is a complaint about the video not playing
  • bookmark management is not simple
  • not many people use it yet

Falkon browser is suitable for those of you who want a lightweight, simple, and stable browser.

Download Falkon Browser

Yandex Browser

Browser NameYandex Browser
Browser EngineBlink
Built-in Search EngineYahoo!

Many think that Yandex is a virus. It’s not though. Yandex is a powerful Russian search engine company.

Like Google, Yandex has many services, including email, image search, video search, translation, maps, including a browser.

The advantage of Yandex is in speed, because this browser is equipped with the Turbo Speed ​​feature which will optimize internet speed on weak connections.

Even cooler, Yandex also has features that are very useful for laptop users who often move from place to place.

First, there is a video compression feature which is very useful for saving quota when you are using tethering. Second, it has a save power feature that will save battery usage when your laptop is low on bat.

The security features are also fairly complete; Yandex can ensure that the files you download are safe, support anti-phishing protection, and Yandex by default will encrypt your data when you use public Wi-Fi.


  • has a Turbo Speed ​​feature
  • friendly to quota
  • has a power save feature
  • the security features are pretty good


  • track user activity
  • extension is still minimal
  • not the lightest browser

Yandex browser is suitable for those of you who use a laptop or have a slow connection.

Download Yandex Browser

Brave Browser Excess

  • loading is claimed to be 3-6x faster
  • complete privacy & security features (including adblock)
  • can earn & share money


  • too many features outside of browsing
  • wasteful of battery consumption

Brave browser is a browser that is suitable for those of you who like innovation.

Download Brave Browser

Microsoft Edge

Browser NameMicrosoft Edge
Browser EngineBlink
Built-in Search EngineBing


  • already installed in Windows
  • has a reader feature that will block ads
  • power saving
  • compatible with Chrome extension


  • weak sync between devices
  • collect user data (weak privacy)

Microsoft’s default browser which is much more powerful than its predecessor.

Download Edge Browser

Opera Browser

Browser NameOpera
DeveloperOpera Software
Browser EngineBlink
Built-in Search EngineGoogle

Opera was one of my favorite browsers of its time. Opera’s appearance is now much fresher than when I last used it (2008).

It’s not just a ‘facelift’, but it also has a lot of features. Here are the Opera features I like:

  • Sidebar (can be turned off)
  • Dark mode
  • Block ads
  • Block trackers
  • Free VPN
  • Can screenshot
  • There is a battery saver

Regarding speed, Opera can access websites faster than K-Meleon, although K-Meleon is certainly lighter. In the tests I did, Opera was in 10th position with 442 MB of RAM consumption.


  • there is a dark mode
  • there is an adblock feature
  • there is a built-in screenshot feature
  • free VPN


  • a bit difficult to access the add- on
  • the developer is not focused on developing Opera

Opera is suitable for those of you who need a free VPN. Download directly below.

Download Opera Browser

Seamonkey Browser

Browser NameSeaMonkey
DeveloperSeaMonkey Council
Browser EngineGecko
Built-in Search EngineDuckDuckGo

Seamonkey is a super lightweight Firefox based browser that also comes with Thunderbird based email integration. Actually, the features are also fairly standard, but it is more than enough to accommodate internet needs such as browsing, multimedia, and also online learning.

Some additional features that might be useful are a password manager, mouse gestures, custom toolbars, restore sessions, multiple accounts, and are equipped with a lightweight theme as well.

Although not the best on this list, it never hurts to try. Click the link below to download.


  • have mouse gesture feature
  • display can be customized
  • has email and chat features


  • old school interface
  • startup is slow
  • consuming CPU resources

Seamonkey browser is suitable for those of you who want a lightweight browsers but still can be customized.

Download Seamonkey Browser

Pale Moon Browser

Browser NamePale Moon
DeveloperMoonchild Productions
BaseFirefox ESR 38
Browser EngineGoanna
Built-in Search EngineDuckDuckGo

Pale Moon is one of my favorite browsers. Besides being lightweight, Pale Moon also has an easy-to-use interface. It looks pretty old school in appearance, but it still looks clean and user-friendly.

Not only in terms of appearance, but the rendering engine used by Pale Moon is also outdated. This browser uses the Goanna rendering engine which is a fork of Mozilla’s Gecko.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal, because Pale Moon basically focuses on usability, not on abundant but unimportant features.

Another advantage of Pale Moon is a matter of privacy. You can enjoy this browser in peace because this browser is ad-free, spyware-free, and free from data theft activities.

Interested in trying?


  • focus on function, not much gimmick
  • protect user privacy
  • have their own add-on ecosystem
  • can customize the theme


  • old school interface
  • some Mac OS users reported crash
  • still using the old school rendering engine

Pale Moon browser is suitable for those of you who want flexibility but still prioritize a lightweight browser.

Download Pale Moon Browser

Vivaldi Browser

Browser NameVivaldi
DeveloperVivaldi Technologies
Browser EngineBlink, Webkit for iOS
Built-in Search EngineBing

Vivaldi is a browser that carries a layout that is almost similar to Opera. Both have a built-in sidebar and screen capture options. In fact, Vivaldi was also created by the founders of the Opera browser himself.

However, Vivaldi has some cool additional features. Among them are easier tab management, notes that are directly stored in the browser, page tilting (a kind of split screen), ad blockers, and the take a break feature that will pause all browsing activities for a moment.

The drawback of the Vivaldi browser is that it uses a lot of RAM and is not yet available for iOS devices. The rest is fine.


  • very good tab management feature
  • page tilting feature to open 2 tabs at once
  • built -in take a break feature
  • available on Android


  • not yet available for iOS
  • RAM usage is quite large

Vivaldi is a powerful browser for work and multitasking.

Download Vivaldi Browser

Epic Browser

Browser NameEpic Privacy Browser
DeveloperHidden Reflex
Browser EngineBlink
Built-in Search EngineYahoo!

In short, Epic Browser is a browser development from Chromium, but has been optimized in terms of resource consumption so that it is lighter.

As open-source software, there are many other browsers developed from Chromium, one of which is Epic Browser. But unlike Chromium, Epic Browser focuses on speed, privacy, and security of its users.

Epic Browser protects the privacy of its users from data misuse, tracking, spying, cryptomining, and others. Not to forget, the adblocker feature is also embedded in it.

Plus, Epic Browser has an Instant Proxy feature that will redirect your traffic to Epic’s New Jersey proxy server. With this feature, the websites you visit cannot track your IP.

Because it is based on Chromium, Epic Browser has the same powerful performance as Chromium.


  • has a very good level of security
  • has a built-in adblocker
  • focus on privacy and speed
  • has the Instant Proxy feature


  • does not record browsing history
  • don’t have many add-ons
  • not suitable for accessing sites that require privacy

If you are very concerned about privacy & security, Epic Browser is the right choice.

Download Epic Browser

Google Chrome Browser

Browser NameChrome
Engine LayoutBlink
Built-in Search EngineGoogle


  • regular updates and maintenance
  • easy to use
  • abundant extension
  • seamless on all platforms


  • consumes a lot of RAM
  • not suitable for those of you who prioritize privacy

The best browsers for all your browsing needs.

Download Google Chrome

Comodo IceDragon Browser

Browser NameComodo IceDragon
DeveloperComodo IceDragon
Browser EngineGecko
Built-in Search EngineYahoo!


  • fast browsing speed
  • can use Firefox add-ons
  • complete security features


  • some users crash when opening multiple tabs
  • it takes a long time to open the program

Comodo IceDragon is a fast, secure and feature-packed Firefox-based browser.

Download Comodo Ice Dragon

Firefox Browser

Browser NameMozilla Firefox
DeveloperMozilla Foundation
BaseNetscape>Mozilla Suite
Browser EngineGecko, Webkit for iOS
Built-in Search EngineGoogle


  • complete security features
  • display can be customized
  • has a dark mode feature
  • has a picture-in-picture (PiP) feature


  • need to create an account to access advanced settings
  • a few tools for developers

Firefox is the right browser for multitasking and multimedia.

Download Mozilla Firefox


Choosing a lightweight browser must also be adjusted to the needs. Generally, the more features a browser has, the heavier its performance will be. The number of extensions/addons installed is also very influential.

Beyond that, the optimization of laptop/PC performance also has a big impact, you know. So before that make sure the performance of your laptop / PC is well optimized.

In our opinion, the lightest browser overall is Midori, then Slimjet and Pale Moon. If your device has low specs and you only need it for browsing, use one of the three. Surely your laptop or PC RAM will be saved.

Meanwhile, if you want a browser with more features but still light enough for low-spec devices, you can use Vivaldi or Chromium.

Personally, as a Chrome user, I’ve been quite satisfied with using Vivaldi because it has many features that are not available in Chrome. Which one are you?

Hopefully, you are like these 17 Lightest Browsers for Laptops/PCs with Low Specs We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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