5 Best Free Archery Games for iOS and Android in 2023

Best Free Archery Games for iOS and Android in 2022

Best Offline Free Archery Games for iOS and AndroidArchery has been an Olympic sport since the second Olympic Games (Paris 1900), and it debuts at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. With this traditional sport in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best archery games for mobile. Check out the top 5:

5 Best Archery Games for iOS and Android

1. Drawmaster

Best Offline Archery Games for iOS and Android: Drawmaster
Best Offline Archery Games for iOS and Android: Drawmaster

Playgendary’s Drawmaster game takes the top spot on this list. In portrait mode, the game features a very fun and easy gameplay, where the main objective is to defeat all the opponents of each stage.

To play it’s simple, you have to drag and make the trajectory of the weapon you want. For that, forget about physics. The bullet or arrow from the weapon will follow your finger after you complete the move. You can still use map objects such as explosive barrels and crates to kill enemies.

On top of that, collecting additional coins that are scattered around the map gives you credits to buy items in the store, such as costumes, weapons and even pets that help you on the maps.

Did you like Drawmaster? You can install it through Play Store or App Store.

2. Bowmasters

With over 40 unlockable characters and weapons, Bowmasters has a variety of missions to complete. You can choose from a land shark to the iconic character Heisenberg from Breaking Bad to play with, each with their own special weapon. Kind of random, isn’t it? But, that’s the style of the game.

In Bowmasters you must hit the other character with an arrow, spear and even bottles to defeat him. Miniclip’s game has some interesting modes, such as 1v1 duels, hitting the apple on another doll’s head, hitting the ducks and multiplayer matches.

Download Bowmasters on your Android or iOS.

3. Great Archery

That’s right, that’s the name of the game. Large Archery is a very simple game, where the main objective is to hit the targets of the different maps. There you have several types of modes, including the battle mode, where you share your cell phone with another person, playing alternately to see who gets the most points

In Stage mode, you must complete levels on maps. In Time Race mode, you can complete challenges to hit different targets, such as dolls, animals, barrels, tanks and even fruits.

Click here to download Big Archery on your Android device or here to install it on your iOS device.

4. Archery Shooting: Sniper Hunter

Best Offline Archery Games for iOS and Android: Archery Shooting: Sniper Hunter
Best Offline Archery Games for iOS and Android: Archery Shooting: Sniper Hunter

With the same gameplay as the game above, the game developed by Gunfire has a very similar look to Counter Strike. As in the classic style games, in Sniper Hunter, you need to hit the targets located on the map, which depending on the level, can be objects such as fruits and bottles.

According to your level, you can unlock different types of bows and darts to use. Especially for the curious, you can also hit the character that appears on the screen, but that doesn’t give you points (I tested it).

Sniper Hunter is available for free on Android and iOS.

5. Stickman Archer

The Stickfight Archer (or Stickman Master Archer) provides various powers in addition to the traditional bow and arrow to aid in battles. In the game, you need to complete missions and you can play through 5 maps in campaign mode.

In addition to this level mode, Skygo’s game also has survival modes and versus mode, to play with another person in all 5 scenarios through the same device. Despite being stick figures, in survival mode, some enemies have armor to hinder your progress.

Install Stickfight Archer from Play Store or App Store.

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