10 Best Google Photos Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

Best Google Photos Alternatives

10 Best Google Photos Alternatives You Should Use in 2023 – Please note that now several photo storage service accounts on Google Photos have made changes to the use of unlimited unlimited storage space accounts, so you cannot store photos for free on Google Photos. In fact, the policy took effect on June 1, 2021.

Currently, users are still allowed to enjoy this photo and video storage service for free with a limited capacity of 15GB, so it is no longer unlimited. To make users feel more satisfied with the additional capacity provided, the price rate starts from $1.99 / per month per 100GB capacity.

This is of course bad news for users who like to enjoy free photo and video storage services. No need to worry, there are a number of alternative photo and video storage services that you can still use for free besides Google Photos, but they are not unlimited.

10 Best Google Photos Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

Find out about some alternative photo storage services other than Google Photos that are recommended for you to choose from, along with an explanation.

Amazon Photos

An alternative photo storage service that can store unlimited cloud for free, namely Amazon Photos, which already provides a special 5GB capacity for photos and videos. Of course, this capacity is relatively small, requiring users to pay for the remaining storage capacity.

Well, the Amazon platform offers 100GB of storage at a cost of 1.99 US dollars per month. Amazon is also equipped with other photo storage services such as Google Photos and Flickr.

The affordable price makes it easy for us to store photos and videos with a large capacity, without fear of lack of storage space.


Furthermore, Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that can be used as an alternative to Google Photos. Please note, each Dropbox account can be used by multiple users, so it is often used to store important documents that are used for a long time.

Like Google Photos, Dropbox can also sync every photo on a smartphone. However, the free version of Dropbox only provides 2GB of storage, requiring users who need more capacity to use Dropbox Plus.

Dropbox plus can be used by only one user whose monthly fee is 9.99 US dollars per month. There is also Dropbox Family for 6 users for USD 16.9 which costs per month with 2TB encrypted cloud storage capacity.


A professional alternative photo storage service for business people with quite expensive prices, namely Flickr, which costs US $19.9 per month with an encrypted “cloud” storage capacity of 3TB.

The feature that Flickr has is that it offers a better fee plan. If, the price is too high then you can go for the free version of this platform which offers 1TB of cloud storage, however currently the number is limited to 1000 photos.

4. iCloud

For Apple users, of course, they are familiar with the term iCloud. As the name implies, this storage service can be used to store various files ranging from photos and videos to online storage media.

So, Apple users can have a free iCloud account with a capacity of 5GB, don’t worry, this capacity can be expanded up to 2TB.

You can also expand storage with extra storage services from iCloud which includes 50GB per 1 US dollar per month, 200GB for US$3 per month), and 2TB for US$10 per month.

5. OneDrive

OneDrive is known as a cloud storage service from Microsoft that can be used to store photos and videos. Previously, this platform was known for storing various personal office documents. However, now the OneDrive platform can also be used to back up various photos and videos online.

Not much different from other platforms, users who want to use it for free can enjoy storage media up to 5GB capacity.

6. Tresorit

An alternative photo storage platform can also be done at Tresorit, which has the safest cloud storage. This is because this platform already has a military grade encryption system and cryptographic keys that cannot be accessed by other people.

In addition, tresorit also implements a unique mechanism for each link that leads to its server, equipped with a secret key to access it.

This is indeed quite complicated, but it will be more comfortable to use than the Google Drive platform. Suitable for business users as it can store large files.

7. pCloud

Unlike Tresorit which is focused on business needs, the pCloud platform can be the perfect alternative for individual users because it is easy to use with an encryption system as strong as Tresorit.

Apart from being seen from its unbeatable security, it turns out that pCloud is also very concerned about privacy as evidenced by the zero knowledge-protection policy, so that user files will be encrypted automatically after the user leaves the device.

8. Box

The Box platform can be used as an alternative to Google Drive which is no less cool because it offers secure cloud-based storage, so that users can choose where to store files easily.

Not only that, Box is also equipped with supporting application integrations such as Adobe Sign, Office 365, and Salesforce.

In addition, the use of machine learning also makes this one platform seem more attractive with AI-based features, so that it can provide workflow and assignment so that the files owned will look tidier.

9. Mega

The Mega platform is one of the best choices that can provide free cloud storage with a lot of storage capacity, which is around 50GB to its users for free.

The interesting thing is that users can also invite friends to use it for free, don’t worry, the data stored on the Mega Platform is also guaranteed to be secure because it is accompanied by an encryption system that is difficult to break, because it is equipped with special tools.

10. Sync.com

The Sync.com platform is an alternative photo storage service from a combination that is as complete as the Dropbox platform, which has super secure encryption with a large storage capacity.

This platform has a special folder for the user’s device with every file placed automatically stored on the server.

In addition, Sync.com also has an end-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption policy so that it can make files more secure, like most cloud storage, where each file that can be shared can be assigned a password for extra security.

Such is the review of the Google Photos alternative photo storage service, which has a large capacity for free or for a fee, all platforms have their own advantages, so that users can choose according to what is needed.

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