6 Best Google Play Store Alternatives in 2023

Best Google Play Store Alternatives

6 Best Google Play Store Alternatives in 2023 – To download applications and games on Android you mainly use the Google Play Store, but what if we wanted alternatives? So as to also find apps not present on the official Android store…

In order to install these alternative stores you will need to enable the Unknown sourcesoption from settings/security which allows you to install APKs outside the store.

Let’s discover this list of alternative stores, analyzing them one by one…

6 Best Google Play Store Alternatives in 2023


It is not an application and not even a real alternative store, but in it we find all the official apk files of the applications. Very useful if you are unable to download a file from the Play Store or if you need to download an old version of an application.

Available at this address.


Perhaps the most famous alternative store of all.

In it we find both the apps that are present on the Play Store but also many other applications that cannot be found on the official Android store. It has a very well developed application and in it there are “submarkets” where each developer can add his own applications.

Another advantage of Aptoide is the presence of updates for applications in advance of the Play Store, so as to always have the latest available!

Available at this address


F-droid is an alternative, open source store, where you won’t find the most famous apps already on the store like Facebook or Whatsapp. But in it you will find thousands of unfamiliar apps, games, tools and much more.

All apps featured are free and open-source (FOSS) to ensure user safety. Downside is the inability to leave app reviews. The store is supported by donations and this keeps everything free.

It is an excellent alternative as it guarantees an excellent level of application security.

Available at this address

Apk Pure

ApkPure, personally, is the best store available on Android.

It has a clean and fluid graphical interface, it also allows you to make reviews of the applications and to comment them in “Facebook style”.

Inside them you will find all the most famous apps and many others not present on the official store.

Super positive side are the menus for discovering new applications with app and developer rankings

Available at this address

APK Updater

APKUpdater is an alternative store to the Play Store with the aim of keeping all your applications updated and to do it before the Play Store.

APKUpdater downloads APK files from various sources so you get the update as soon as possible.

Updates regarding all applications from the most famous ones such as Whatsapp to the less famous ones.

Available at this address

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Amazon AppStore

Amazon’s official apk store.

It is one of the best alternative stores as in it you can find many of the apps that are paid for free on the Play Store! That’s right, Amazon to compete with Google has decided to discount many apps day by day with discounts of up to 100%.

In the store there is a virtual currency called coins, which allows you to buy games or make in-app purchases. These coins can be purchased for less money than buying apps directly.

Store only with verified and safe apps, a must.

Available at this address

What do you think is the best alternative store to the Play Store?

APK Pure is certainly one of the most popular of the moment thanks to the possibility of discussing applications and helping each other, but the other stores also have positive points in favor…

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