How to Create a Good Blog Address

How to create a Good Blog Address

How to Create a Good Blog Address – In this review, you will understand how to make a good blog address so that it will benefit the personal blog activities that you manage. This discussion may be a little long.

However, of course the understanding you get about how to create a blog address and the importance of having a blog address will be clearer and more complete.

What is the definition of a blog address?

Before discussing how to make a blog address, do you actually already know what a blog address is? Like a home, a blog also has an address that will make it easier for someone to visit your blog.

And in some of the activities that you often do, of course when you search for a keyword in your browser, you will find an address to go to a site or blog.

Likewise, your blog address will work, namely as a site address that can be opened by readers. More simply, if you open a site with writing like or the like, this is what is known as the URL/address of a site.

Every site certainly has an address or URL, so when you create a blog, the first thing you do is create an address. Creating a blog address is done only once, namely at the beginning of creating a blog.

The blog address also cannot be changed, so you need to think carefully about the blog address you will use.

The Importance of Making a Good Blog Address

In doing how to create a blog address , you can’t make it haphazardly. There are several things that need to be considered for you to make a good blog address.

With a good address structure, it will provide many advantages for your blog activity. A good blog address is intended as a blog address that complies with SEO rules.

If you have been in this world for a long time, of course SEO is important to improve the quality of a personal blog. And some of the benefits that can be obtained by making a good blog address and according to SEO are as follows.

Search Result Ranking will Increase in Search Engines

If you do how to make a good blog address correctly according to SEO, then the first advantage you can get is to increase the ranking of search results on search engines.

This blog address or blog URL is an important factor to increase the ranking of search results. By making addresses that are similar to the keywords from the contents of the blog, the greater the chance that your blog will be in the top rankings.

Search engines will identify the relationship between the contents of the blog with the keywords that are searched for. That way, the chances for your blog to be read will also be even greater.

Blogs Will Be More Easily Indexed by Web Crawlers

The second advantage that can be taken if you make a good blog address is that your blog will be indexed more easily by web crawlers.

Related to this, a web crawler is a search bot and indexer on the world wide web. This web crawler is later responsible for understanding keywords in searches and displaying some content with the same keywords.

The way this web crawler works is finding URLs, reviewing and then classifying URLs. When a keyword is searched, the search engine will search all the most relevant indexes to display.

Thus, it is important to make a good blog address according to the keywords from the contents of the blog content that you manage.

Increase Blog Traffic

How to make a good blog address will also be able to increase blog traffic. You also need to know that a simple and short URL or blog address will actually increase blog traffic.

Who would have thought that the short length of the URL that you created would have an effect on the continuity of blog traffic. So, it is very important to consider how the structure of the blog address fits the blog that you manage.

So what exactly are the characteristics of a good blog addresss and improve SEO? To find out the answer, see until the end of this interesting review.

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Characteristics of a Blog Address that Can Improve SEO

A good blog address is an address that can improve SEO. And here are the characteristics of how to make a blog address that can improve make a blog address.

  1. Address Conforms to Standard URL Structure

Actually there is no definite benchmark regarding the standard for making URLs or blog addresses. However, you should know how bloggers generally make blog addresses to improve SEO.

Some examples of structures used by bloggers are usually simple and easy to remember addresses. With an easy address, your blog will be easy to find.

  1. Address Corresponds to the Contents of the Content

How to make a blog address that can characterize a good address is an address that matches the content of the blog being managed.

You can create an address or URL with the same structure as the title or keywords of the content that you display on your blog. This will certainly improve SEO and affect the blog activity that you manage.

  1. Short and Simple

The next characteristic of a good URL or address is short and simple. The shorter the address of a site or blog, the better.

Users will find it easily so your content will be at the top level. For this reason, it is very important to make a blog address simple and short to improve SEO.

  1. Using Hyphens for Separator

The next feature of how to make a blog address correctly is an address that uses hyphens as separators.

Of course an address or URL that is made of more than one word. This is why URLs must use hyphens to separate words. Without a hyphen, the word in the address will be difficult to read and identify.

So make sure when creating a blog address to use hyphens as separators between words.

  1. Using Main Keywords

The main keyword or main keyword is one thing that must be in your blog address to improve SEO. This is very easy to do, just by including keywords in the blog URL that you have.

Also make sure that your content is about the keywords that are most frequently searched for in browsers. This will also make it possible to increase the SEO on the blog that you manage. If you are still a beginner, you need to learn more about this.

How to Create a good blog address

The following is how to make a good blog address or URL.

  1. Make a blog address that will be very easy to remember
  2. The blog address must be made with sentences or words that have meaning and are not abstract
  3. Make an address that matches the title and contents of the blog
  4. For word separators, create them using hyphens

Owning and managing a blog is an activity that can be said to be easy, but it also cannot be done haphazardly. This also relates to how to create a blog address to improve SEO on the blog that you manage.

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