9 Best Hologram Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Best Hologram Apps

Best Hologram Apps – Holograms are colorful images and 3D videos that look futuristic. Did you know that on your mobile you can create them either for fun or for work? There are many apps for this, and proof of this are the 9 Best Hologram Apps for Android and iOS that we recommend in this article and that you will love as much as we do.

1. Holapex

Holapex presents a fairly simple interface that allows you to convert any photo or video into a beautiful pyramid-shaped hologram in just minutes, without the need for coding knowledge or complex editing. The best thing is that it is completely free.

Download Holapex for Google Play

Download Holapex for App Store

2. Holo

Holo is the perfect app to have fun creating and viewing holograms of all kinds. It has a collection of holograms already created and whose main characters are famous characters, comedians, athletes, among others, but it is also possible to create your own of people and animals in real life. In addition, they can be saved and even make certain adjustments such as changing the size or the angle.

Download Holo for App Store

3. Hologram Cat Kitten 3D Simulator

This app for Android and iOS is completely free, ideal for sharing and laughing with your friends since it includes the option to create different types of holograms from your mobile using its camera to project them. Although it is not a tool for professional use, it is a great option to have a good time.

Download Hologram Cat Kitten 3D Simulator for App Store

4. Hologram Viewer video

This Android app has been created to view videos and images from the holographic pyramid. It includes the option to share so you can send your creations to your friends and it has a fairly simple and complete interface, which will allow you to create your own holograms in just a few steps.

Download Hologram Viewer video

Download Hopelax Hologram Viewer Video

5. Holograms 3D experiences

This is another one of the best hologram apps that you can find. It has an efficient pyramidal system that allows you to create the holograms you want from the comfort of your mobile in a short time. But more than that, you can have a petget to know the space, see fireworks and much more, all projected from the mobile camera so that you live each third-dimensional experience.

Download Holograms 3D Experiences on Google Play

6. HoloLens – 3D Hologram Dinosaur

It is a striking and fun game of dinosaur-shaped holograms that you can project as many times as you want, however, to unlock each one you must earn coins. You have the option to make certain changes, enlarge or minimize their size, as well as rotate them. The projection is very realistic, but to see it better you must be in dark spaces.

Download HoloLens – 3D Hologram Dinosaur on Google Play

Download HoloLens – 3D Hologram Dinosaur on the App Store

7. Hologram 3D Projections

Surprise your friends and anyone with the holograms that this app allows you to create. It is a good alternative since you do not need an internet connection to create the holograms, in addition, it simply shows you how to create your holographic pyramid that can include sounds.

Download Hologram 3D Projections on Google Play

8. Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

With just a transparent plastic sheet you can project any type of hologram you want thanks to this app that has efficient algorithms and the pyramid effect. It includes several pre-installed objects for you to project while you learn to use it, each of which can be rotated to view from any angle.

Download Vyomy 3D hologram projector

9. Hologram 3D

This is a fairly complete application with a variety of tools and options that allow you to create holograms of almost anything, be it animals, things, and people. If you want to do a quick test before creating yours, you can select any of the collection that it already includes. Keep in mind that for the holograms to project well it is necessary to use a transparent plastic or glass sheet.

Download Hologram 3D

If you liked one or more applications to see and create holograms, you just have to go to the Play Store or App Store and install it on your device.

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