8 Best Video Bokeh Apps for Android in 2023

Best Video Bokeh Apps

Best Video Bokeh Apps – Are you looking for the best Android bokeh video application? If so, you can read this review to get the best recommendations.

Android cellphones may now be equipped with built-in bokeh camera features, but those are just a few. The fact is that currently the majority of Android cellphones still don’t support the bokeh video feature on their cameras.

So it’s no wonder that many Android phone users are looking for bokeh video applications. The goal is to make bokeh videos practically on cellphones. Bokeh videos themselves are very useful for content creators. With the bokeh feature, the video display will appear more dramatic and pleasing to the eye.

So for those of you who are currently looking for the best Android bokeh video application, don’t worry. This time I will recommend some of the best bokeh video applications especially for you.

Best Video Bokeh Apps

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is the first best bokeh video application that I recommend. You can not only use this application to edit bokeh videos via an Android cellphone.

You can also rely on the PowerDirector application to carry out other editing processes. For example adding audio/songs, fonts , text, etc. to videos.

Is the PowerDirector app free? Yep , you can use this application for free. But yeah, you will definitely be disturbed by advertisements that are running in the application. As usual, if you want ad-free, you can join the in-app subscription package.

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2. Square Video

Now I will invite you to get acquainted with the Square Video application. This application offers the ability to create videos with bokeh backgrounds. Apart from that, you can also use the Square Video application to make videos with square frames , you know .

But you know , even though Square Video presents a feature for making bokeh videos, it turns out that it’s not the main feature, you know . Actually this application has main features, namely real time video editing , setting bokeh video backgrounds ( you can choose your favorite color or image ), changing video size, video orientation, adding songs, making photo slideshows , and other interesting features.

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3. Bacon Camer

Next, we meet the Bacon Camera application. The superior feature of this application is to create a bokeh effect on videos. The only difference is that when you install this application, Bacon Camera will immediately give a bokeh effect to your HP camera application.

On the other hand, the Bacon Camera app also offers manual controls. Examples include Full Manual Focus, Full Manual White Balance, Full Manual Exposure, Semi Manual ISO Speed, etc. By relying on these manual features, you can edit bokeh videos like a professional videographer . And in my opinion, that’s the main point of this application.

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4. After Focus

The next application is After Focus. Just like the previous application, After Focus also allows you to edit bokeh videos from your cellphone. Apart from that, you can download your edited videos for free.

Even though the concept is the same as other bokeh video applications, there is one point that makes me smitten with the After Focus application. Namely, this application allows you to choose the background according to taste. For example, you can make a blurry video background in the style of a photo from a DSLR camera, etc. Apart from that, this application also offers various filters that make your videos more aesthetic .

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5. Mago Videos

Mago Video, maybe some of you are still unfamiliar with this one application. But believe me, you really have to consider this application when making bokeh videos.

The first advantage this application has is its colorful and eye-pleasing interface . But a good look is not enough. The most important feature is that it can help you make bokeh videos. Apart from that, you can also add other elements to videos such as stickers, images, audio/music, text, etc.

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6. InShot

The next application is InShot. For those who don’t know, InShot is one of the most popular bokeh video applications among Android smartphone users .

The reason is not tin cans. The problem is that InShot is designed to be one of the best video editing applications on Android. The editing features in this application are very complete, one of which is a feature for making bokeh effects.

If you feel that the bokeh effect isn’t enough, don’t worry. You can also use the video cut-to-cut feature , add various unique filters to videos, to add text and stickers to videos.

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7. Video Show Video Editor

Okay, now I will recommend the Video Show Video Editor application for you. So you can use this application not only to make bokeh videos.

The Video Show Video Editor application also offers other editing features that are no less cool. For example you can add a slow motion effect to a video. Apart from that, you can also insert various visual effects into the video to make it more interesting.

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Anyway, after you finish the editing process , you can later export the edits in HD quality. No need to worry about any part of the video being cut off. The extraction process will run quickly and smoothly, without cutting a single part of your video.

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8. InPics Shot

Finally we come to the last application, namely InPics Shot. What will this application offer you? So yeah, the main feature of this application is to make a bokeh effect into the video.

Besides that, you can also use this application for video editing . Interestingly, you can edit videos according to the platform you want. For example, the video formats that are suitable for YouTube and TikTok are clearly different. Now this application provides various video editing formats according to the platform . You can edit videos according to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social media formats.

Not only that Urban People. This application also allows you to add text and stickers to videos. Now that the editing process is complete, you can export the video in HD quality. That way, your video will look sharper and more pleasing to the eye.

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So, those are some of the best Android bokeh video applications for you. Now you can make bokeh videos easily, even though your default HP camera doesn’t support bokeh videos yet.

How about this , which application do you want to try first? Share your opinion in the comments column, OK?

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