6 Best Instagram Spy Apps in 2024

Best (IG) Instagram Spy Apps in 2022

Best Instagram Spy Apps in 2024 – If you are interested in how to get into someone else’s Instagram on mobile, you are probably wondering, first of all, about the feasibility of hacking Instagram and secondly, if you have already done some research, which would be the best app or the best way to do this safely and effectively.

With that in mind, we conducted extensive research with methods that promise to show you how to enter someone else’s Instagram and view their conversations. Our conclusion here is quite simple: although several sites promise to fulfill the mission, the only real way to obtain such a result is with the use of the famous spy apps.

We will explain everything you need to know about them, from the most basic content to our conclusions, after carrying out very demanding tests that measure the performance, security, and other characteristics of each of the best spy apps on the market.

So we’ll talk about: So, let’s better understand what theseappsare.

What are Spy Apps?

In summary, spy applications are software developed for cell phones to capture information from a particular cell phone and make it available to someone else, in its interface. All this remotely and in real time.

In this way, once installed on the device to be monitored, the spy apps will send all the information – depending, of course, on the features of the app to spy on Instagram and the signature chosen by the user – including calls, text messages, social networks and much more.

As we said earlier, they are the only current method that works. And, if you’re wondering why there are so many methods on the Internet, if they don’t work, we also have the answer.

Why are there other Methods Advertised if They Don’t Work?

Unfortunately,the answer to that question isn’t very pretty.

It turns out that most of the tools and techniques offered to spy on a device and gain access to other people’s information are fraud or scams.

Generally, they look for one of two things. The first, and least bad, is to generate flow to a particular website or get downloads for an app or program. So often, when you click on one of these options, websites that you never imagined mysteriously open in your browser. Or, the site asks you to download an extension or program before accessing the promised information.

The second hypothesis is even worse. It seeks to capture user data for later use illegally. This data is commonly related to bank accounts and card passwords, which results in unauthorized withdrawals and other crimes, often with great financial losses on the user’s part.

So make no mistake! If you want to find out how to spy on someone’s Instagram direct, your only safe and effective option is to choose a spy app.And if you don’t know where to start, just read our list below and our conclusion for the best and most reliable information on the topic.

Analysis of The 6 Most Instagram Spy Apps in 2024

As we said, we performed several tests in our labs to analyze how the leading apps on the market performed when it comes to spying on someone else’s Instagram.

In our tests, we measured the most relevant aspects of an app in this niche, such as changes in device performance, changes in cell phone performance, features offered, customer support, updates, and cost-effectiveness.


SpyX is one of the most trendy Instagram spy apps on the market. It is a hidden phone monitoring software that has gained over 110K users worldwide.

Set up in less than two minutes, and this app provides you with the guide to walk you through every step of the purchase, setup, and monitoring procedure.For real-time monitoring without physical access, just simply connect the target device to your cloud account.

SpyX is available for both iPhone and Android, and it is also the only app on Android that doesn’t require installation. What’s more, it’s so invisible that you can rest assured that your monitoring behaviour will never be discovered.


Main Instagram functions offered by SpyX:

Read text messages →SpyX enables you to track the chats on target Instagram, including sent, receiverd and deleted messages.

Time stamp →SpyX allows you to view the exact data and time of each Instagram message.

View History→it is possible to view the Watch History from the target phone.

Spy on photos →it is also possible to have access to the photos posted by the monitored account on the platform.

Track notify→it is also possible to track the notifications, including Likes and Comments.

Download SpyX


The first application analyzed was the most famous on the market, mSpy. It is a software with more than ten years in the market, constantly updated and with the most varied range of functionalities available to its users.

mSpy is also known for the high level of user satisfaction, as can be seen in online stores. Much of this is due to its customer support, which, as we have seen, helps the user from the moment of installation to any eventual doubt, through various channels, quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, mSpy stands out for the security it provides to its users, since, as our tests have shown, the cell phone on which it is installed has its functioning unchanged, both in terms of performance and battery, which substantially contributes to that the app always remains invisible.

Main Instagram functions offered by mSpy:

Read text messages →mSpy allows all messages exchanged by Instagram – the DMs – by the monitored person to be accessed by you. Even if messages are eventually deleted, you will still have access to them.

View shared links →this function allows the user to know the websites followed by the monitored person, in real time.

Tracking people you interact with the most →mSpy allows you to find out who the contacts are and how to know who the person is talking to on Instagram, in addition, of course, what they are talking to.

Time stamp →it is also possible to know the exact date and time of each of the messages exchanged on Instagram.

Download mSpy


eyeZy is primarily designed to help families stay safe in a rapidly changing technological world. The app allows you to track the activities of your family members’ phones no matter what type of device or apps they use.

The app’s user-friendly installer provides easy-to-follow instructions. After the installation is complete, you have nothing else to worry about. Simply log in to the user panel and then watch as eyeZy does its work.

eyeZy’s AI algorithm allows you to access all the information you need from a phone remotely, and spy on Instagram, while your target remains completely oblivious to what is happening.

Download EYEZY


iKEYMONITOR is a well-known alternative. Among its good number of functions, there is also the basic monitoring of Instagram, from a keylogger system, that is, recording the keys that are pressed in a certain order.

The test results were satisfactory. However, the app is inferior to the others mentioned above when we talk about customer support and, in particular, the battery performance of the cell phone on which it is installed. For more attentive and suspicious people, this can be a problem.

Main Instagram functions offered by WSPYPRO:

Reading text messages →from the keylogger, WSPYPRO makes it possible to access text messages exchanged on the platform.

Time stamp → it is also possible to know the exact date and time of each of the messages exchanged on Instagram.

Screenshot → it is possible to take screenshots, that is, to take pictures of the screen of the social network where the person is at a given moment.



SPYMASTER PRO is another old acquaintance of people who use spy apps. However, despite having been in the market for years, there are some points where the application did not present the best results in our tests.

It was possible to notice changes in the battery life and even in the performance of the cell phone, which presented slight crashes when most demanded.

In terms of features, SPYMASTER PRO offers a reasonable range of features, enough to meet most of the demand, but that may not be enough if you are looking for something deeper.

Main Instagram functions offered by SPYMASTER PRO:

Spy on photos →the application gives the user the possibility to have access to the photos posted by the monitored account on the platform.

Time stamp →it is also possible to know the exact date and time of each of the messages exchanged on Instagram.



XNSPY is another highly renowned app in the market and has well as been available for many years. It has a very diverse range of functions and allows the user to have access to practically all the activities of the monitored cell phone.

However, the cost-effectiveness and customer support of the software are still far behind the market leaders, which is a barrier for anyone who does a little research on the subject before making a purchase decision.

Still, when we focus on spying on Instagram, the features are fairly basic and might not meet the demand of people with greater needs.

Main features on Instagram offered by XNSPY:

Spy on photos →the application gives the user the possibility to have access to the photos posted by the monitored account on the platform.

Time stamp →it is also possible to know the exact date and time of each of the messages exchanged on Instagram.

Usually, many people who read us, when they get to this point, are curious about these apps, but still have doubts, even about the reasons that make someone buy one of these services or even about their specific usefulness. So we’ll cover some of that below.

Download XNSPY

Reasons To Use a Spy App

Of course, depending on each person, the reasons for using a spyapp vary and make the list virtually endless. Therefore, we do not intend here to create an exhaustive list, but rather to point out the most common reasons and purposes for these applications.

  • FAMILY PROTECTION →normally, children and young people are big fans of social networks. However, it is also common that they still often do not know how to discern scenarios that may represent danger. This is the gamble of many criminals.

Spy apps allow parents to anticipate criminals in dangerous scenarios, avoiding situations of bullying, harassment, and other harmful practices.

  • RELATIONSHIP PROTECTION →another common scenario nowadays, unfortunately, is the betrayal of trust between spouses, especially with the communication facilities that the internet has brought.

The spy apps work so that spouses can be sure that their respective partners are faithful and that the relationship they are dedicated to is real.

  • BUSINESS AFFAIRS →we know that the most valuable information of corporations is in some kind of digital environment, which can be accessed, of course, by some employees to fulfill certain tasks.

Spy apps allow these employees to be monitored and companies to be able to identify and prevent their most sensitive data from being leaked or sold to third parties.

Now that you already have a pretty consistent idea of ​​what it is, what it is for, and which are the most powerful apps to spy on Instagram at the moment, it’s time to finish with our conclusion.


Keeping in mind that you should always avoid other methods and tools that promise to spy on Instagram with simple clicks, using the spy app can bring you a certain difficulty at the time of choice.

Especially, for this reason, we invest so much in our tests to ensure that the information we bring to our readers is the most accurate and capable of leading them to the best decisions about the subjects we address, independently.

So, for those of you who want to spy on Instagram permanently and securely, there is currently no better choice than SpyX.Security and productivity are characteristics that have already been associated with the brand name in the spy business.

Our tests have proven that the performance, value for money, customer support, and, of course, the inexhaustible range of functions it offers are more than enough to put it far ahead of the rest, even when we compare it to the second best.

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