7 Best Music Making Software for Beginners in 2023

7 Best Music Maker Apps on PC

Best Music Making Software for Beginners – You can try some maker Software on this PC to be creative with yourself. This application is used by professionals as well as beginners.

Do you have aspirations to start doing your own music production? If so, then now there are several PC Maker Software that you can’t hurt to try.

Of course, in the past, you only knew a producer who was capable of creating music, but you can start learning it in your own style.

You can start learning about the music you like jazz, rock, pop, and other genres through this app. The most important thing, even if you are a beginner, you can access it because there are features that really make it easy for you.

You can add instruments, or create a new melody after knowing the features in it.

Best Music Making Software for Beginners

There are actually tons of apps that you might find easily online, but many of them are actually damaging to your PC and don’t have the great features you’re looking for.

Therefore, here are some recommended apps that you can use to create your own music:

1. Image-Line FL Studio 2

At first glance, the names shared by these two Softwares are almost the same. However, their built in uses have some differences. This type of Image-Line is more suitable for those of you who like EDM music or Electronic Dance Music, which of course are currently popular.

7 Best Music Maker Apps on PC 1. Image-Line FL Studio 2

Lots of electronic effects that will make your music more colorful.

The features in some of the buttons are not too different, but you can still see the tutorial on the website or youtube so you can explore further. Make sure that you who are beginners can master this application quickly.


2. FL Studio Mobile

Some international musicians, such as Alan Walker, are said to have used FL Studio Mobile when they first started practicing making music.

This PC music maker software is indeed very easy to use by beginners, with very user friendly features. Not surprisingly, this application is finally widely used by novice musicians to mix music.

Advanced or beginner features are usually equipped with beats, kicks, and hats that will make the musical innovations you create even more fun and develop. You can also use the editing and mixing features of music in an easy way using this one application.


3. Steinberg Cubase 10

If the previous application was given more for beginners, it is different from this one. This application is more often used for semi-professionals and professionals who make music not only for EDM effects.

You can produce many genres of music according to your market needs.

You can set every signature key in this application. Unlike other apps which sometimes still have templates, you can easily manage your own music or MIDI.

Of course, the skills you need will have to improve a bit, because things are often done manually.


4. Ableton Live 10

Mixing or this application is still popular to use. Even not only for editing songs, but you will probably often see this application used to create stable sound or audio.

Its features are so simple, and make it easy for you to operate it.

The interesting thing about this application is that you can edit not only one audio, but more than two videos.

You can split up to cut audio according to your needs. No wonder some people use this to create opening and closing music in a piece of content.


5. GarageBand

Are you a Macbook lover from Apple? So you definitely know this one application. This music maker application is free for you to access, and is an application for beginners with extraordinary tools or features.

One of the interesting types of effects is the virtual drummer which brings your music to life. So just download the best free PC music maker application below.


6. Music Maker JAM

If you use Android, then this music maker can be the best choice. There are a lot of effects ranging from beats to thousands of loops provided.

Uniquely, this music maker software can also easily share the music that you have created on social media. You don’t have to worry about making your music known to the public.


7. Presonus Studio One 4

Furthermore, the software or application that you can use to make music on your PC is Presonus, which is actually also suitable for beginners and professionals by offering a wide variety of interesting effects.

This application is also still relatively free to access.

However, the thing you need to know is that this software has quite a lot of tools, and it makes you have to be diligent in exploring the various tools in it.


Make sure you can produce your music to its full potential with the app you choose.

While making music, of course, it will be more comfortable to listen to songs. Make sure to use the best music player app to keep the sound quality good. 

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