12 Best Online Whiteboard for Collaboration in 2023

Best Online Whiteboard

Best Online Whiteboard for Collaboration – Collaborative tools are increasingly used by companies to organize remote work. Whiteboard tools are designed to animate any type of virtual meeting and promote remote collaborative work. 

What could be better than these tools to make your daily life easier! There are a multitude of them, but we have selected the best of the moment!

Best Online Whiteboard for Collaboration


About Miro | Meet the team | Our mission
Source: Miro

Miro ‘s virtual whiteboard , created in 2011, has grown considerably over the years. This platform, which has become essential for teleworking teams, provides access to workshops, ideation, brainstorming, design thinking and even planning.

The main advantages of Miro are:

  • Its clear and fun interface,
  • Its regular updates,
  • Its screen sharing function with the possibility of sharing a table while protecting it with a password,
  • Its videoconference function
  • Its chat function.

These assets make it a reference in terms of collaborative whiteboard tool. However, this does not prevent Mural from equipping itself with substantial assets to make references.


Lucidspark is one of the best whiteboard platforms. It helps bring out the best ideas by giving users the ability to:

  • prefabricated models,
  • Freehand drawings
  • Achievements of paintings
  • Communication options
  • Other intuitive features make it more efficient for organization.

With this tool, a very good working environment is established with employees who can also express their ideas.


Free Online Whiteboard for Team Collaboration | Mural
Source: MURAL

Also born in 2011, MURAL , Miro’s main competitor, has set itself the task of offering a dynamic and shared virtual space. This allows you to lead a workshop or a session of collective intelligence.

The particularity of MURAL lies in the large library it offers its users to visualize their ideas and describe processes. This library consists of multicolored notes, icons, animated gifs, shapes and connectors. In addition, there is also the possibility to share chats, to dialogue in a chat module or to initiate a voice call.

Like Miro, MURAL gives access to more than 200 templates for uses in the field of brainstorming, design, planning, agile practices…. The interface here is less provided, but this does not reduce the performance of the platform.


Limnu is a tool that looks a lot like a physical whiteboard. It is ideal if you are still reluctant to go digital for your brainstorming sessions. However, it remains realistic.

Limnu has collaboration features for inviting others to consult. It offers the possibility of limiting access to tables so that others can see it without modifying its content. The collaboration will then be done by chat.

Limnu is adequate for brainstorming and remains available online.


A visual and collaborative platform to work more efficiently | Klaxoon
Source: Klaxoon

Created in 2015, Klaxoon is a platform originally designed to energize physical meetings through quizzes, surveys and document sharing. Currently, its vocation is to equip the teams. Specifically, those who collaborate synchronously in meetings and asynchronously between meetings.

Klaxoon is equipped with a collaborative whiteboard, called Board Hybrid. This displays:

  • Files,
  • Drawings,
  • Images,
  • Links,
  • Videos…

All these tools are complemented by a videoconferencing interface that supports 50 to 250 participants. Besides that, the hybrid dashboard presents other tools, to make meetings much more productive. Klaxoon has therefore thought of everything for quality communication to facilitate work in hybrid mode.

Klaxoon finds himself in a neck and neck situation with Miro trailing him in the leaderboard. Today, it has become totally essential!

Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft whiteboard is what you need, if you need a virtual whiteboard for occasional uses. This virtual board tool is easy to use and is also available offline.

It has other tools basically required for a virtual whiteboard. These include freehand drawing, adding photos and texts, and the proofreading option.

Ability is made for users to share the board without using a connection. They can also control their access and save boards by uploading them as images.


Best Visual Thinking Strategies Free Template | Conceptboard
Source: ConceptBoard

Conceptboard is the perfect tool if you need a whiteboard to collaborate on storyboards. It is also suitable for a design agency for example.

It allows its users:

  • Add drawings, text, shapes,
  • Integrate video and audio content,
  • To converse by chat,
  • To leave comments on the painting,
  • Assign tasks in the app.

With Conceptboard, it is possible to create an unlimited number of sections on a whiteboard. They can be exported as an image or in PDF format. It is possible to save or share them outside the tool.


With this platform, the specificity is the real-time work on the same project. This work can be done with collaborators or individually and then shared at any time.

Milanote allows for fluid organization of ideas and projects into pre-modeled visual boards. It is easy to use and has a simple text editor and a task management tool. Brainstorming sessions are made easier thanks to its easy-to-use interface.


Based on the “post-it” system, Stormboard is an online reference whiteboard. Each of the digital notes in this table can have its own whiteboard. The possibilities for brainstorming and collaboration are greater.

User members can each create their board and add their ideas. We can proceed to a vote at the end to retain the best paintings by discussing via a chat. 

Stormboard also gives the possibility of directly assigning tasks and targets agile practices (Kanban, PI Planning), brainstorming, design thinking or strategic planning.

Invision Freehand

The Invision Freehandplatform provides a digital space where the whole team can brainstorm surprising ideas. Through its tools, for brainstorming, creativity is stimulated in the team and more focused collaboration. 

Tools necessary for business brainstorming like drawing, communication and many more are offered to you with Freehand.

The features offered by Freehand are very useful for lovers of digital space.


Zitboard is one of the best zoomable collaborative whiteboard platforms. It provides you with features for

  • The drawing ;
  • Explanations and lessons;
  • The meetings ;
  • The discussions ;
  • Online training…

It improves remote collaboration and promotes your work. With Zitboard, it is also possible to share ideas with collaborators and bring out a team result.


FigJam, is the latest collaboration whiteboard. It facilitates the virtual unfolding of reflection and innovation projects. A tool like FigJam allows a continuous organization of the team, an improvement of the reflections and a good concentration. It is a fairly robust brainstorming tool allowing:

  • To create diagrams;
  • Trace user paths;
  • Analyze the results;
  • Maintain a remote work environment and more.

FigJam is an optimal solution without common measure.

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