10 Best Polaroid Frame Apps in 2024

Best Polaroid Frame Apps For Android and iOS

Best Polaroid Frame Apps – The development of digital cameras , does not make Polaroid or instant cameras lose their existence. This instant camera photo effect is still loved by many people. Unfortunately, to get an instant camera, you need to spend a lot of money .

But you don’t need to worry, because technology is now advanced, so you don’t need to buy this instant camera to be able to get Polaroid-style photos. 

Best Polaroid Frame Apps

Now there are quite a number of polaroid Frame photo app that can be installed on gadgets and used to take or edit photos with Polaroid effects.

For those of you who want to know what Polaroid photo editing application can make you get aesthetic Polaroid-style photos, keep following the article below, OK?


With the VNTG application, you can take photos or import photos in the gallery to be converted into photos like those taken by a Polaroid camera. You can choose the type of frame according to your needs, as well as change the color of the frame .

In addition, elements such as text and effects can also be added. There are simple photo editing options that you can use in the application.

You can print the results yourself directly to hang as room decorations, place them in a photo album, and of course you can also share them on social media. To print photos around 0.99 US Dollars. The Polaroid VNTG photo editing application can be enjoyed by downloading it via Google Play or the App Store .

Polaroid Originals

Polaroid Originals offers a feature to change the results of photos taken from your mobile digital camera into Polaroid-like photos. 

Interestingly, this application offers features to create photo collages , even with up to 9 frames . Apart from editing, with this application you can also take photos in the style of an instant camera which is also equipped with an auto focus function.

This application was made specifically to be connected with Polaroid Lab and OneStep + cameras to make it easier to scan, share and edit. However, it can still function properly for taking and editing photos with Polaroid-style frames. If interested, Polaroid Originals can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play .


This InstaMini application will offer you the experience of using various types of instant cameras in your gadget . 

In addition to offering a fairly wide range of camera filter effects, there are also a wide variety of interesting frame options here . Then, there is also an up close viewfinder feature which will make it easier to adjust which object the camera will capture.

Now, after taking a photo, you will be asked to shake the cellphone like a real Polaroid camera, so that the photo appears.

Unfortunately there are some limitations in this application, where the effects that can be used for free are only InstaMini. But other effects still offer trial versions, so you can still use them even if they are limited.

Another limitation is that in a day the number of films that can be enjoyed is only 10. To be able to enjoy it in full you are required to subscribe to the premium version. For those of you who like the captures of these instant cameras, all you have to do is install this application via Google Play and the App Store .


Nichi is a similar app to StoryLab in that they include ready made layouts for Stories. One of the available layouts also includes a Polaroid photo frame. To add an old-fashioned impression to photos, this application also provides Polaroid-style filters and other retro filters.

What’s even more interesting, they have a wide range of toolkits for customizing text, stickers, and backgrounds. The backgrounds that can be selected are not only limited to choosing the color, you can also change the texture.

Then, the available text also comes in various types of handwriting fonts that can support Korean, Chinese and Japanese writing. For those who are interested in Nichi, this application can be obtained for free by downloading it through Google Play and the App Store .


If you are looking for a polaroid photo app on Android and iOs with full features, give OldRoll a try. At OldRoll, there are many choices of old school and the latest Polaroid cameras that you can try. It’s just that, for the free version, you can only enjoy several types of cameras.

Two of them are Classic M and INSP. Well, it’s the INSP camera that you can use to take Polaroid photos. Each camera has adjustable settings, just like a real camera. 

Oh yes, you can also add certain filters or effects to the photos you want to take.

If you want to enjoy all the superior features and unlock unique cameras, you can subscribe to the PRO version of this application. Download OldRoll on Google Play and App Store .

Instant Photo – PinstaPhoto

Instant Photo – PinstaPhoto can also help you to take Polaroid photos easily. This application has several supporting features for editing photos. Among them are adding vignettes , changing the ratio and height of photos, and adding filters.

Unfortunately, you are only given the opportunity to shoot 10 times. After the opportunity has been exhausted, you will be offered to subscribe to a paid service. If interested, please download Instant Photo – PinstaPhoto on Google Play and App Store .


InFrame is an application for Polaroid photos that you can try. This application is very easy to use. You only need to select the photo you want to make a Polaroid, then continue the editing process by changing the saturation, adding filters, or stickers and text.

Unfortunately, because this application does not have a complete collection of Polaroid frames . However, there are many other unique frames that can be tried here. Download InFrame on Google Play and App Store .

1SStory – Story Collage Maker

You can count on 1SStory – Story Collage Maker to beautify your photos before uploading them to Instagram Story. Of course, you can add various frames to photos, including polaroids.

In addition, there are also photo frames from various categories such as food and fashion . You can also make product photos with this one application, you know. There is a PRO version that allows you to access frames and other excellent features from the application. Download 1SStory – Story Collage Maker on Google Play and App Store .


Graphionica is also an application intended for creating aesthetic photos . In this application, there are many frame template packages that you can choose according to your theme and needs.

In Graphionica, you can also edit photos that are framed , including adding text to the photos. Try Graphionica on Google Play and App Store .

Story Lab

For those who are looking for a Polaroid photo editing application to add to the aesthetics of Instagram Feeds or Stories, StoryLab is an application that must be on your gadget . This app offers more than 700 templates for Insta Story and around 500 ready-to-use Instagram Feeds including polaroid style frames .

Apart from that, through this application you can also customize photos with a wide selection of filters and effects including retro to add a vintage feel .

Then, you can also decorate it with additional stickers, text, and brushes . polaroid photo app that can beautify your Instagram can be obtained by downloading it via Google Play and the App Store .

So, those are some choices of applications that can be used to get aesthetic Polaroid-style photos. Of the many polaroid photo app above, which ones interest you the most?

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