7 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android in 2023

Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

Best Volume Booster Apps – Most Android smartphone users listen to music with headphones – this is quite obvious. At the same time, the sound quality and loudness are not always satisfactory. Even if you unscrew all the volume sliders to the maximum, this will not save you from the fact that you will not be able to distinguish words or fully enjoy the sound. 

Exit – install an application to increase the volume of the phone. As a rule, equalizers and various “improvers” are also built into such software. Although there are many useless among these applications, some still deserve attention. 

Best Volume Booster Apps

This collection contains the following sound amplifiers for Android:

Volume Booster – speaker booster

Volume Booster is one of the best options for improving sound quality and amplifying the signal coming to the headphones or the volume of the call. 

Volume Booster Features:

  • In general, the application makes the phone sound louder, both in headphones and through a portable speaker. 
  • By using the EQ sliders, you can correct any distortion that may appear as a side effect. 
  • The equalizer is easy to use, you can add or remove specific frequency bands. 
  • Through the equalizer, you can choose from 11 preset sound profiles. 
  • In the paid version of Volume Booster, you can create your own sound scheme profile. 

How to amplify the sound using the application: 

Press the power button in the top right corner to activate the sound booster. You can also use Bass Boost.

Download Volume Booster

Super Volume Booster

The Super Volume Booster app will help improve the sound and give it volume. A simple add-on with a nice and simple design. The amplifier does not require root access. 

Application features:

  • There is an equalizer with a sound amplifier function. 
  • Increase the volume in the headphones.
  • Bass booster for headphones and portable speaker. 
  • The 3d virtualizer allows you to change the depth and volume of the stereo base. 
  • Presets are activated when you insert your headphones into the phone’s jack. 
  • Custom volume levels for various applications (video, audio and game applications are supported).
  • Super Volume Booster replaces the standard 15-speed Android volume control with a 100-speed alternative. This gives you better control over the volume and clarity of your phone.

Download Super Volume Booster

Volume Booster Pro

This software can increase the sound volume in headphones by 10-20%. It will be useful if you listen to music, play games or watch movies. Turning up the volume works bypasses Android’s built-in sound system. 

If you connect your phone to a portable speaker using the headphone jack, you can increase the overall output of the speaker. Of course, Volume Booster Pro also works with headphones.

There are three volume boost modes: media player, call (SMS) and alarm clock. 

Using the music player control buttons, you can play, pause and skip songs, view track information (title, album and artist). 

The app is free to use. Advertising in Volume Booster Pro is unobtrusive. Works on Android 4.1+, root is not required for installation and operation. 

Download Volume Booster Pro

Extra Volume Booster

Another useful sound booster app for Android is called Extra Volume Booster. Supports headphones and Bluetooth speakers. 

We list the main functions of the application:

  • Successful user interface. Supports changing themes, among them there are many pleasant, bright and concise ones. 
  • The amplifier does not require a lot of Android system resources to work.
  • There is a built-in bass booster for speakers and headphones. 
  • Extra Volume Booster supports audio, video and game applications.
  • Boosts headphone volume without compromising sound quality or distortion. 
  • Increases speaker volume without distorting the stereo effect. This makes listening to music enjoyable when you use headphones. 
  • Sound control when playing a song through the media player. 

The app is free to use, although it does come with (unobtrusive) ads. 

Download Extra Volume Booster

Also pay attention to the following equalizers that enhance the sound:

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Music Volume EQ

Allows you to control the volume of audio and video playback on your phone thanks to a 5-band equalizer. There are additional features such as bass boost and 3d stereo virtualization. Themes and desktop widgets are supported. Music Volume EQ works great with both headphones and a portable speaker. 

Boom Bass Booster and Equalizer

Boom is a music player with a built-in equalizer and, accordingly, an amplifier for the sound coming to the headphones. A multi-band (8- or 16-band) equalizer can not only correct frequencies, but also make the sound more voluminous and sonorous. The player allows you to listen to music not only locally, on your phone, but also from the cloud. There is a built-in player of radio stations . 

GOODEV Volume Booster

Laconic free application. Works on Android 4.4 and above, no root required. What’s nice is that there are no ads in Volume Booster. Works through the notification area, directly from there you can control the volume. 

According to the developer, the application is not suitable for amplifying the sound during telephone conversations. It is useful for increasing the volume when playing music through an audio / video player, listening to audio books.

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