7 Best Quotes Maker Apps in 2023

Best Quotes Maker Apps

Best Quotes Maker Apps – Quotes are a medium that is widely used to share inspirational words. Generally, these inspirational words come from personal thoughts, or personal experiences to other people’s stories.

There are many quotes that can be written. Such as quotes on the theme of love, enthusiasm for life, religion, and others. now there are many content creators who use quotes for distraction which are uploaded on social media pages. Apparently, this kind of upload actually managed to increase engagement.

Not only artists or public figures can make wise words. However, you can also create a quote that is no less interesting than them.

Best Quotes Maker Apps

The method is easy. You can use the following series of quotes maker Apps. Check out the reviews.

Quote Creator

The first is Quote Creator. This application is useful for making various interesting words of wisdom. There are various choices of cool images, to support making quotes. That way, quotes don’t just contain words, but also interesting pictures.

Apart from providing various types of images, this application is also easy to use, especially for users who are not very fluent in photo editing. The app is 71 MB in size and is available on Android and iOS phones.


When it comes to free design apps that can be accessed via mobile and desktop, Canva is always at the top of the list. This application can be used for various purposes. Starting from making posters, power points, to format quotes.

Just install it on your cellphone or open the site on your PC. Then you can register and take advantage of the free features.

Canva provides many interesting fonts to photos, stickers and backgrounds that are free. Interestingly, the design that is made will not have a watermark attached. So it looks cleaner and more professional.

The size of this application is 102 MB, available on Android and iOS phones.


Snapseed is better known as a photo editing application from Google. Even so, you can use it to be an interesting quote maker application. To make it, you need a background that can be taken from a camera shot or downloaded from a stock photo provider site.

You can add the desired text. Just change and fiddle with the font style to your taste, then upload the finished result to social media. This app is 80 MB in size, available on Android and iOS phones.


Geulgram is one of the best applications that you can use to make quotes. This app allows users to write over photos.

Photos that can be used can come from your smartphone gallery. So, you can adjust the background quotes according to taste.

Then the quotes that were previously made can be shared on social media. The reason why Geulgram is called the best application is, this application has received a rating of 4.8 on the Play Store. This app is 28M in size, available for Android phones.

Gravity Designer

The free quotes maker application for the desktop is also enlivened by Gravit Designer is one of the best free quotes generator for desktop. With complete features, this application cannot be accessed via cellphone. However, you can already experience many free features that are similar to paid software like Adobe.

There are photo editing, illustration, and typography features that can be done in this application. All of them are free and can be accessed on all computer operating systems.

You can go directly to the official website and create an account. If you need to store files, there is also cloud storage which can be accessed for free. Download with a size of 87 MB.


Desygner is one of Canva’s competitors when it comes to getting creative with your phone. The trick, create an account and enjoy various free features of this application. Desygner can be said to be reliable and rarely bugs, especially for making uploads in the form of quotes

This application also will not include a watermark or the application logo on any work that you create. So, it will not interfere with aesthetics. The app is 118 MB in size and is available on Android and iOS phones.

Adobe fresh

Adobe Fresco is one of the free software from Adobe which is quite rare. Generally, Adobe only provides paid applications and software. Fresco is one of Pro Create’s competitors which is only available for iOS.

This application is suitable for those who want to make quotes from blank paper. So, it is more suitable for those who want to write with handwriting or illustration effects. This application is free, but make sure you already have the tools, namely a compatible tablet and stylus pen.

Because, this application cannot be used on cellphones or desktops. Alias, only tablets with iOS and Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, this application cannot be used for tablets with Android OS. Can be downloaded with a size of 504 MB.

Another tip for those of you who want to make good quotes is to diligently do research on current trends. Look for references on social media for big brands whose social media pages are aesthetic. Also check out accounts by renowned artists and graphic designers.

Try to balance the composition. Use a font that is appropriate or trending. Generally, these fonts are minimalist in style and don’t have a lot of decoration. The photo also doesn’t need to be given a lot of effects.

Then, it’s time to hunt for quotes that fit and don’t seem standard. You can add to your reference collection via quotes on Goodreads. Or make up your own words, read books and magazines diligently, or listen to podcasts to add insight and vocabulary. Good luck.

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