14 Best Music Production Apps in 2023

Best Music Production Apps

Best Music Production Apps – In the absence of bread, cakes are good. This would be the perfect statement to describe this article, as it is intended to fill the void within us. And the fact is that in any pub or disco, we had a lot of music, the kind of music that we now lack due to the circumstances of the imprisonment. So it doesn’t hurt to review the best DIY music making apps for Android.

Best Music Production Apps

Moreover, we would say that this could be the start of a new hobby, as many of them recreate an instrument or mixing board. The virtual is difficult to equate to the physical, but it can be a good start to discover new interests.

Music Maker JAM

One of the most complete applications in the sector and this is reflected in its download counter. Recreate various musical instruments, not to mention the mixer to create all sorts of tunes. In addition, it contains preset sounds of all musical genres to start our production from the base.

Download Music Maker JAM: Beat Maker App


Price: It’s Free

Walk Band – Multitrack Music

The second alternative isan instrumental performer. Obviously, what we produce can be editeda posteriori, but there are no functions for mixing songs and creating new melodies with added effects, as we could do in the previous application. As for the interface, it pretty well imitates all the tools it has

Download Walk Band – Music Studio

Developer:Revontulet Soft Inc.

Price: It’s Free

Impact machine

We have tried this bright and funny effects mixer many times. While maintaining a rather professional look, this DJ musical instrument does not neglect the ease of adaptation to the basic user. Good for creating rap or beatbox rhythms, although we can assign a different sound to each button to combine them, and who knows, maybe it will turn out to be a beautiful melody.

Download Drum Pad Machine – Make Music


Price: It’s Free

Caustic 3

No, this is not an airplane simulator. With great care, recreate the study table with the entire collection of buttons it includes. With it, we can create new music, but the truth is that this is his specialty.sound synthesizer, in which we enter a melody and then adjust all the parameters that we can imagine.

Download Caustic 3

Developer:Single cell software

Price: It’s Free

Groove Mixer. Music beatmaker

Rhythm box with which we can mix multiple sounds simultaneously and in real time. It contains a package with various music genres and a sequencer for up to 8 channels. All this functionality is complemented by a fairly simple and intuitive interface suitable for all types of users.

Download Groove Mixer Beat Maker

Developer:Flexbyte Software

Price: It’s Free

SPC – Music Drum Pad Demo

This is a free version of the application, but due to the number of features, it may well be paid. It consists of a board with 16 buttons for creating pure magic, mixing, sampling, sequencing or whatever. It has three launch options to shed some light in case inspiration doesn’t reach us at this point.

Download SPC – musical drum pad demo


Price: It’s Free

Audio Evolution Mobile DEMO

He does everything. Mix, play instruments, alternate, automate, add effects in real time… A multi-purpose tool that provides full compatibility with all types of audio files, even those containing higher sound quality such as WAV format.

Download Audio Evolution Mobile Trial

Developer:eXtream Software Development

Price: It’s Free

Song Maker – free music mixer

The same essence as many of the ones we have analyzed in this list, being a complete music mixer and accessible to all levels of users, from the most beginner to the most advanced. Its channels are editable, meaning they can be added or removed as we build our products.

Download Song Maker – Music Mixer

Developer :Brain Storage

Price: It’s Free

Recording Studio Lite

Too bad this version is more limited as it only has 2 audio tracks and piano as the only instrument. To enjoy everything else, namely 24 tracks and up to 8 musical instruments, you will have to go through the box. In addition, the application is made very well.

Download Recording Studio Lite


Price: It’s Free

FL Studio Mobile

And precisely for those users who need more advanced features for a more professional approach, we have this paid application. Synthesizer, sampler, drum kit, endless mixer controls, additional effects and more. Moreover,there is support for Google Chrome, because we can synchronize what we have done on both platforms. The only downside is that it’s not a very cheap app.



Price: $14.99


If we want to lead a virtual Beatbox orchestra, it’s very easy for us to create music with this application. With the simultaneous mixing of up to seven voices, we can create ever more complete and complex melodies. The number of styles is quite large: jazz, hip-hop, ballroom dance rhythms or pop melodies.

Download Incredibox

Developer:So far so good

Price: $4.99

Groovepad – Music and beat maker

With this music creation app, we start listening to a piece of a song by pressing four or five buttons. It is divided into blocks of four buttons of the same color, with a sound that is stored in a loop. It can be instrumental loops, synthesizers or processed voices. We kind of play, but we achieve very good results.

Download Groovepad – music maker


Price: It’s Free

BandLab: Music recording studio and social network

Import a track or create your own song from scratch, collaborate with creators and producers, and post your hits to the app community. VostokMultitrack EditorAn easy to use platform that allows you to record, edit and remix any tune to perfection. Add creativeeffects, rhythms, loops and voicesfrom hundreds of available free sound packs and get inspired by samples from music genres such as EDM, dubstep, garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap and more.

Download BandLab: Music Studio

Developer:BandLab Technologies

Price: It’s Free

Music Studio Lite

It’s a complete music production environment with sound quality previously only possible in a desktop environment. We have a virtual piano with which we can play all the notes of various instruments. We edit every soundtrack quite professionally.

It includes a set of free tools. For example, pianos, guitars, wind or percussion instruments. And the other part of the application is paid to enable certain effects or more tools. Its graphical environment is very classic and reminds us of a computer music editing program. The sound quality is good.

Download Music Studio Lite

Developer:Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Price: It’s Free

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