7 Best Screen Recorder Extensions for Chrome

Best Screen Recorder Extensions for Chrome

Best Screen Recorder Extensions for Chrome – Google Chrome browser extensions are still not much maximized, especially with the many variants of extensions to expand Google Chrome’s functions that are not just forbrowsingthe internet.

There are times when you want to record the screen while surfing the internet on Google Chrome, especially if you want to makescreenshotsand video recordings for sharing tips or tutorials with friends. This can be done using the Google Chrome extension which is designed to record the screen.

What extensions can you use to record screens and take screenshots? Here’s the compilation.

Best Screen Recorder Extensions for Chrome

1.Screencastify– Easily create MP4 and GIFs

Screencastify has the main function of recording the screen, but at the same time acts as a video editor that has been captured. This extension can export MP4 and GIF files, with further optimizations in the form of FPS settings and editing the narration after the video is finished.

2.FireShot– Capture elongatedscreenshots

FireShot is the right choice for those of you who want to capturescreenshotsof web pages that extend vertically. This extension will automatically “stitch” a series ofscreenshotsand make the images stretch downwards, perfect for takingscreenshotsof websites containing articles to save as PDF files.

3.Save Image as Type– Download encrypted image

Of course there is one time where you find an image on the internet that cannot be read on a computer, because of the encryption implemented on certain websites. You can overcome this with the Save Image as Type extension which can extract image data and store it locally on your computer or laptop.

4.Loom– Shared screen recorder

This extension is also a screen recorder that will generate video files, but Loom can directly generate the URL of the video you capture to then share with friends and/or download to your computer. Loom will produce MP4 files that are universally supported by many video players.

5.CrankWheelScreen mirroringfor browsers

CrankWheel can be a miniature embodiment of the TeamViewer program, even though it was made by 2 different developers. CrankWheel has a function similar to TeamViewer, namely sharing views to be displayed/operated elsewhere, but with a smaller scope, namely the Google Chrome browser window.

6.Movenote for Gmail– Easier presentation via Gmail or Drive


Movenote for Gmail is specially designed for those of you who want to create short video presentations to share/send via Gmail or Google Drive. Movenote acts as a screen recorder integrated with the compose mail feature in Gmail, so you can send it directly to the contact you want.

7.HYFY Recorder– Record via an intuitive interface


HYFY Recorder is also here to record videos and create GIFs via the Google Chrome extension. Its fairly standard function for recording videos can be compensated for thanks to the HYFY interface which is clean and intuitive to use.

With these 7 extensions, now you can easily record images and create videos and GIFs from the Chrome browser.

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