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Top 14: Best wireless headphones under $ 50

Best wireless headphones under $50 – We know how much you love useful collections, so we decided to take stock of the year and collect for you the topmost pleasant Bluetooth headphones

The Best wireless headphones under $50 in performance and price. And the main holiday of the year is just around the corner, it’s time to give gifts!

In this collection there are both models of famous brands and little-known manufacturers, which nevertheless showed good results, they were appreciated by users.

Whether you like it or not, the Best wireless headphones under $50 are becoming a necessity: most smartphone manufacturers now refuse to install Mini-Jack audio outputs in their devices.

So we either have to purchase adapters or switch to wireless devices. In the coming year, all of these wired stories are sure to be a thing of the past forever.

But even if this did not happen, in many respects, Bluetooth headphones outperform their wired counterparts: they are comfortable to play sports in, they do not cling to clothes.

They do not need to be untangled, and, you see, they look much cooler. Best wireless headphones are different: over-ear, on-ear, in-ear. Today we will talk about the latter.

They are as practical as possible: when traveling, when playing sports, moving around the city. These headphones are easy to recharge right in your bag and don’t take up space at all.

Yes, you can choose models with their own charging cases: this way they will not be lost and will quickly restore autonomy, which the case increases, as a rule, at least 3 times.


When choosing wireless headphones under $50, it is recommended to pay attention to the Bluetooth installed in them: which version is it?

It is better for the device to match or be close to the parameters of your smartphone or tablet in terms of this parameter (depending on where you listen to music from).

The thing is not only in the range of signal transmission but also in the quality of sound, as well as the speed of the connection.

In this case, the ubiquitous rule of rounding down works: the signal and sound quality will be adjusted to the smaller of the Bluetooth versions, regardless of whether it is installed in the headphones or in the gadget. So let’s get started.


Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

The model, according to users (which is the most authoritative), deserves to be included in the top of the best wireless headphones under $50 today.

The brand’s credibility has always been a combination of high quality and affordable prices, and here these parameters are presented in a perfect union.

The model works with the Bluetooth 5.0 module, which guarantees excellent sound and uninterrupted, and most importantly fast, signal transmission between the headphones and the smartphone. Thanks to the snug fit

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are well suited for sports: whatever exercise you do, the earbuds will not only stay in your ears, but also will not move (which leads to a change in sound and loss of noise isolation).

Also, the headphones are not afraid of sweat or light rain, as they are protected from moisture according to the IPX4B class.

The battery capacity of Redmi AirDots guarantees 10 hours of listening time (including the case). Also included are interchangeable ear pads in different sizes.

The price of the Redmi AirDots model is on average 1,500: an excellent option for a gift to yourself or loved ones, and a very small investment, given the long-term use of the device!

Best wireless earbuds , bluetooth headphones under $ 50
Best wireless headphones under $50

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots S

Almost the same as our first model, but a little better if we take autonomy as the defining parameter: here it is already 12 hours (with a case). There is support for voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant. The price is similar to the previous model.

Otherwise, everything is the same: beautiful but practical design with a comfortable fit, suitable for sports. Magnetic case and zero gravity: each earbud weighs only 4 grams.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro2

And one more model from Xiaomi in our selection for today. AirDots Pro 2 Best wireless headphones are another worth considering. This model will cost more, about 3,500. It also has a version of Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of 10 meters.

There is a function of using the headphones separately. Calls are answered with one touch to the earbud. Minimalistic design in the best traditions of Xiaomi makes the gadget modern and versatile.

The battery capacity of AirDots Pro 2 on a full charge lasts for 4 hours of listening time. For sports, this option is also suitable, because the fit of all brand earbuds is something that the manufacturer really cares about. Of the minuses, it can be noted that the upper frequencies are not perfect, which, depending on the musical genre,


Honor AM61

Moving on to another brand, and these are the beautiful Honor: one of the best manufacturers in all audio. The model is ideal for athletes due to the snug fit and waterproof class IP52: the device is not afraid of sweat drops and light rain.

The Best wireless headphones under $50 are connected to each other by a cord, which makes them even more reminiscent of a sports model.

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The price of Honor AM61 is about 1,700, however, there is a drawback: the headphones work with the outdated version of Bluetooth 4.1.

The range of the module is 10 meters, but if a newer version is installed in your gadget, the sound quality and speed will be more similar to Bluetooth 4.1. This is what we mentioned just above.

Honor Choice TWS Earbuds

Another model with great sound, which will cost about forty dollars. Here the sound worked out in all respects: rich bass, clean top lines, and full mids. I must say, special attention is paid to low frequencies here.

There is a noise-canceling function for using headphones during phone calls. The design of the model is minimalistic, nothing more.

The battery capacity on a full charge provides 6 hours of listening time. It is possible to use the Best wireless headphones under $50 separately. Conveniently, the connection to the device occurs automatically when you open the charging case.


Haylou GT1 Pro

headphones earbuds bluetooth
Best wireless headphones under $50 – haylou gt1 pro,haylou gt1, qcy t1c

Is another Haylou GT1 Pro super-budget model, the price of which is only 1200-1400. Simple yet functional earbuds suitable for everyday use, including sports.

The model has an IPX5 rating against moisture, so you don’t have to worry about rain, water or sweat getting on the body of the device.

Haylou GT1 Pro works with Bluetooth version 5.0, so you can be sure of excellent signal transmission speed and sound quality.

On the body, there is a key for accepting or ending a call. And finally, the main thing: the autonomy of the headphones (together with the case) is already 26 hours.

Without exaggeration, not all expensive models can boast of such a result, and we are talking about Best wireless headphones under $50 that cost less than $ 20 … Delight!

Haylou GT2

First of all amazing Haylou GT2 with the price: only 18 dollars! And it would seem that you can get for this money … However! Great sound with built-in noise cancellation, firstly. Secondly, a beautiful and fast charging case, together with the use of which the autonomy reaches 15 hours.

An interesting feature of the case is the absence of a cover: the inserts are held in it only by magnets. This solution may seem unreliable, you need to be careful not to lose your headphones.

But you don’t have to look for a charging cord every time, as it is built right into the case. Replacement earpads are included.


JBL Tune 120 TWS

JBLs are yet another world monster of sound, and we couldn’t help but include at least a couple of their models in our selection.

The T120TWS are an awesome option with a quite affordable price: for such a high-quality sound, 2900 is not money at all. The earbuds have good autonomy – 16 hours with a case.

The device is suitable for sports: the fit is tight and comfortable, with active movements, the earbuds do not change position, so the sound insulation is not disturbed. The model works with a voice assistant, so it can carry out various user instructions.

The set includes ear pads in different sizes. The only drawback is the Bluetooth version – version 4.2 is installed here.

Best headphones under $ 50

If this does not bother you, then the rest of the model is just perfect. And don’t forget, whatever it is, it’s still JBL, and under all circumstances, the sound quality that the brand offers,


Another version from JBL. Budget headphones for some 1,300 , can you imagine? We are talking about a manufacturer who is the king of sound. Comfortable fit: tight, but not crushing, suitable for active movements. The battery capacity allows the headphones to function in listening mode for 6 hours.

The headphones work with JBL’s proprietary Pure Bass technology: bold, in the finest sense of the word, bold frequencies, well-developed upper lines … all this allows you to enjoy any genre of music, even the most discerning listener. Oh yes, the design is minimalist and stylish: there are different colors.

Philips SHB2505 UpBeat

Another forty-dollar headphones. Let’s immediately say about the disadvantage of this model: its autonomy is only three hours. But the rest of the headphones are very good: the design provides a snug and comfortable fit. therefore the device is suitable for sports.

The design is interesting and modern, the sound is not bad: the mids are worked out, the upper frequencies do not squeal, the bass is also rich. There are no prominent features here, but the model justifies its cost, and that’s enough.


Nobody knows the brand, but who cares, right? Main quality. Headphones, for a minute, are equipped with a noise-canceling system! But that’s not all: there is also a transparent mode, by turning it on, you will hear both musics and what is happening around, for example, so you can participate in a conversation while listening to your favorite track in the background.

This feature is also useful in busy places where there are a lot of cars and other things from the outside world that would be better heard. It is possible to use only one earpiece.

The model is also suitable for sports due to the good fit and the presence of protection against moisture according to the IPX4 standard: neither rain nor sweat is afraid of these headphones.

Price? Friends … 1000 !!! And this is, in a sense, the winner of our selection: no one has heard of them, the cost is sky-high, the functionality is ready to surpass everyone … Is this generally a reality?

Best wireless earbuds under $ 50
Best wireless headphones under $50 – haylou gt1 pro,haylou gt1, qcy t1c

Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Coming

to the extreme price point and presenting the great Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 for exactly fifty dollars. The device works with the Bluetooth 5.0 module, which immediately guarantees the fastest data transfer between headphones and a smartphone and high-quality sound.

The golden highlight is autonomy: it is 8 hours, and, attention, when using the charging case for recharge, the operating time increases to hundreds of hours.

Have you ever heard of this? You can’t find fault with the fit of the headphones either, they fit snugly in the ear and are suitable for sports activities.

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50

The sound, with all these charms, is also not lame! One of the best models in our selection, and it’s even surprising why the price is so low.

Meizu POP2

Model for 3000 . Works with the Bluetooth 5.0 module and has an IP5X rating against dust and moisture, which significantly increases the device’s lifespan. The sound doesn’t have any outstanding features, but it’s decent for a headphone at this price point.

The earbuds have a rechargeable battery that provides 8 hours of operation. the fit is good, tight, but does not press, it is quite suitable for sports. Well, design matters: minimalistic, stylish, presentable.

Funcl AI

The last model in our review. Works with Bluetooth 5.0 module, so that fast data transfer at a distance of 10 meters and high-quality sound are ensured.

The battery capacity gives the headphones 6 hours of continuous listening time. The downside is not a very presentable case, but it works, and this is the main thing. But the sound is good, what else is needed?

In conclusion

Well, friends, you can go on for a long time, but that’s why it is at the top, in order to include only the coolest options in it.

In our selection, we are sure that you have found a suitable model for yourself, and most importantly, all of them do not exceed $ 50 at a cost, while each model shows good results in sound and is suitable for sports. Protective cases help keep the battery in good shape and look stylish at all times.

Top 5 Budget True Wireless Earbuds Under $50

And how do you like the model with 100-hour autonomy ?! Crazy, right? We hope you have chosen something suitable for yourself or as a gift, and we are going to write fresh collections and reviews for you: see you soon, friends!

Hopefully, You are like these Best wireless headphones under $50 Are such reviews interesting? Do you like to study reviews of gadgets, are you interested in games and the world of modern technology?

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