15 Business Ideas For College Students 2023

Business Ideas For College Students

15 Business Ideas For College Students 2023 – As a student, of course you have more needs. Especially if you study outside your hometown, you have to go abroad. Costs for boarding houses, meals, transportation fees, clothing, printing reports, and so on. 

Not to mention if you suddenly get sick and need money for treatment. Wow, if that’s the case, we willy-nilly have to look for additional income. It can be by looking for additional work, or looking for a business that is suitable for students. 

Moreover, student lecture schedules are flexible, so it’s perfect if you are looking for a business that is suitable for students like you! 

So, if so, see some business ideas that are suitable for students below! Shh, besides being able to adjust it to your class schedule, you also need minimal capital!

15 Business Ideas For College Students 2023

1. Selling Preloved Goods

Selling used goods that are still viable, aka preloved, is a business that is suitable for students, you know! There are lots of used goods suppliers with well-known brands that you can look for. Then resell these items for a small fee. Such as by improving the package, tidied up, and so forth.

2. Translation Service Business

Do you have foreign language skills? It’s time to offer your services! This business of being a translator besides not requiring capital, you can do it anywhere and anytime. 

3. Business Writing Services

that are suitable for future students are writing. Even though it sounds simple and easy, the money is pretty good, you know! You can offer services for writing articles, content, short stories, poetry, in freelancer applications. You can also promote it to your friends.

4. Photographer

Have a hobby of taking pictures? Make your hobby make money. Because this photographer is a business that is suitable for students, which you can try next. You can adjust the time according to the schedule, and what is certain is that you can edit it anywhere.

5. Snack Business 

While in college, our friends often needed snacks during morning lectures, because they didn’t have time for breakfast. Not to mention, sometimes they need snacks at affordable prices for everyday. Now selling snacks is a business that is suitable for students like you. A bit more effort, but lots of benefits!

6. Shoes Cleaner

Ever heard of doctor Tirta’s successful shoe cleaner business? So, you can also follow this example, because shoe cleaner is a business that is suitable for students! There are some of your friends for sure who don’t have time or are too lazy to wash their shoes. 

You can offer your services at a lower price than a well-known shoe cleaner. But, don’t forget to learn to wash shoes properly!

7. Social Media

next business design suitable for students is design services. You can offer social media image designs, banners, stickers for campus events, brochures, bulletin boards, and others.

8. Entrusted Services

Offering just is a business that is suitable for students who like to travel. The traveling budget can be covered by entrusting goods that are only in the place where they are going. 

9. Used Books

Bookworm students who like to keep books piled up seem suitable for running a used book business. For those of you who don’t like to read books, you can look for suppliers who provide these used books for resale.

10. Tutoring

Lots of parents and guardians of students who are looking for students to teach their children. Considering that there are not a few parents who need tutoring at affordable prices, this tutoring is the right business for students like you! Offer teaching services according to your expertise.

11. Reseller Online Shop

What kind of business is suitable for students who only needs a little capital? Yes, online shop resellers! You don’t need a lot of time, effort, and also an offline store. 

12. Selling Breakfast

Suddenly there is a lecture early in the morning. Hungry college finish? Well, make this a business opportunity. Selling breakfast is a business that is suitable for students who are diligent and like to cook.

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13. Credit and Data Packages

Even though in this digital era there are many people who buy credit and data packages in e-commerce. But many still prefer to buy at the counter or individually. Especially for people who are aged and have difficulty keeping up with rapidly developing technological developments.

14. Tour Guide

Have an understanding of history? Or speak a foreign language? Offering services as a tour guide is a perfect business for students like you!

15. Animal Care

Not a few students take care of pets. So especially if you are nimble, painstaking, and animal lovers. You can offer animal care services, look after pets when your friends are away, and so on. 

Wow, there are so many businesses that are suitable for students. Moreover, all businesses that do not require large capital , and the time is flexible. What business would you like to try?

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