10 Best AI Chatbot Platforms For Your Business [2023]

Best AI Chatbot Platforms For Your Business

Best AI Chatbot Platforms For Your Business – An AI chatbot platform makes it easy to build and deploy a chatbot. Companies are increasingly turning to these solutions to take advantage of them.

In fact, over 50% of businesses are of the opinion that chatbots provide a better return on investment with minimal effort. For good reason, this type of conversational AI improves customer service by offering personalized services. A chatbot thus makes it possible to engage prospects to win new customers.

Best AI Chatbot Platforms For Your Business

To help you choose the best AI chatbot platform for your business, here are the top 10 solutions available on the market:


Among other features, MobileMonkey allows building a multi- channel chatbot . In other words, the conversational AI created on the platform can be deployed on all chat applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, but also on websites. All incoming and outgoing messages can be managed in a unified inbox . MobileMonkey also makes it possible to integrate various marketing applications such as emailing into messaging platforms.


The Botsify platform also allows you to create an AI chatbot across multiple channels. It has over 100 integrations , including Alexa, WordPress, Shopify, and Zapier. In addition, the Botsify chatbot has a functionality to transfer requests between AI agents and human agents. Creating the templates can be done with a simple drag and drop , making it easy for non-technical users. Besides, Botsify offers pre-made templates for specific industries like hospitals, travel agencies as well as general FAQ templates.


Chatfuel helps to easily create chatbots for Facebook Messenger. Just like Botsify, it is a no-code platform that uses a drag-and-drop interface. And to make it even easier for you, Chatfuel also provides pre-designed templates that match the needs of each business. This includes, for example, chatbots for e-commerce, restaurants, appointment scheduling, etc.


More than just a chatbot platform, EBI.AI allows you to develop your own AI assistant . In other words, it offers to create a conversational AI using chat or voice, depending on your choice. EBA.AI models can also perform different tasks. And the good news: the first two weeks of trials are free.


For generating leads, Giosg’s AI chatbots are among the best. Models are trained on conversations focused on marketing sales and support . Its live chat software collects valuable information to complete the knowledge base. Because of this, chatbots can improve by using new, more targeted phrases.

ProProfs Chat

The ProProfs Chat platform is also one of the best solutions for creating an AI chatbot. It allows companies to automate the marketing process , helping to convert prospects into customers and increase sales, among other things. Besides, creating pop-ups, customizing greetings and all other features require no line of code .


An AI chatbot built on the Aivo platform can respond to customers via text or voice in real time. You can customize it to deploy to different channels. Among its various integrations, we can mention Salesforce and Zendesk. And to help you decide, Aivo offers a 30-day free trial.

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IsAlive is a platform developed by a French startup that allows you to create the best AI chatbots on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot detects keywords to speed up the response time to FAQs and can redirect the customer to a human if necessary. The platform offers a free plan that allows you to send 100 messages per month. The Pro plan includes additional features like analytics, KPI identification, and lead detection.


Compared to all its peers, the Imperson AI chatbot platform is ahead of the game in technology. In addition to text and audio, it supports video , but also augmented reality and virtual reality . Imperson also provides an analytics dashboard that helps track business performance.

Genesys DX

We end our top with Genesys DX. One of the particularities of its chatbots is their ability to understand customer intent without relying on keywords. To achieve this, Genesys DX has developed its own natural language processing (NLP) technology . This allows him to process complex language and respond to it in a natural way.

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