Exploring the Diversity of Private Jet Models

Exploring the Diversity of Private Jet Models

Exploring the Diversity of Private Jet Models – Offering the ultimate in comfort and convenience, private jets have always been associated with the absolute best of luxury. If you are like many people today who are discovering private jet travel is just as affordable as flying on commercial airliners, you need to know more about the types of private jet models. To find out which type of private jet will work best for your next business trip or vacation, here are some things to keep in mind.

Exploring the Diversity of Private Jet Models

VLJ (Very Light Jets)

When you are on a tight budget, are traveling alone or with perhaps up to seven passengers, and are traveling within a two or three-hour distance from your location, a VLJ will be your best bet. Often used for quick business trips or weekend getaways, Very Light Jets have cabins that are about 12 feet long and five feet high. Popular models in use today include the Cessna Citation Mustang and the Eclipse 550.

Midsize Jets

If you want more cabin space during your trip and a private jet that is large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 12 passengers, a midsize jet such as the Gulfstream G280 or the Hawker 900 will suit you just fine. Used for flights that may be as long as six hours, they feature cabins that average 21 feet in length and heights of nearly six feet. With ranges of 3,500 nautical miles and excellent speed and comfort, midsize jets such as these will be great if you are a frequent business traveler or if you have a large group of family and friends you are taking on a dream vacation.

Super Midsize Jets

When you want even more luxury during your Van Nuys private jet charter flight to a crucial business meeting or an exotic getaway with that special someone, a super midsize jet such as the Falcon 2000LXS will provide everything you want and much more. Also able to easily carry 12 passengers, these private jets will be great for long trips since they can stay in the air for up to eight hours straight. 

Offering numerous amenities such as in-flight dining, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and the fastest high-speed internet, super midsize jets are very popular with business travelers.

Large-Cabin Heavy Jets

The largest type of private jet in use today, large-cabin heavy jets like the Gulfstream G650, are very popular with large groups of business or vacation travelers since they can carry up to 16 passengers and have large takeoff weights exceeding 50,000 pounds. Often used by corporations, government agencies, and individuals who are quite well-to-do financially, you will definitely travel in style when aboard this type of private jet. 

From fully-equipped galleys to large bedrooms and bathrooms, large-cabin heavy jets are the perfect choice if you travel overseas or a very long distance within the United States.

Light Jets

Suppose you are a small business owner or private individual tired of all the hassles associated with flying on today’s commercial airliners. In that case, you can leave the stress behind and instead choose to travel on a private jet that is classified as a light jet. Considered to be the most affordable type of private jet for almost anyone, models such as the Cessna Citation CJ3 or Beechcraft Premier I can carry as many as seven passengers and have a flying range of up to five hours. 

Featuring amenities similar to those found on other, more luxurious private jets, light jets are frequently used by business travelers who regularly have short trips for client meetings, trade shows, or other matters.

Executive Airliner

Finally, if you want the ultimate private jet, fly on an Executive Airliner. A commercial airliner that has been converted into a private jet, it can seat up to 50 passengers and be customized to your exact specifications. Used by business executives, VIPs, and pro sports teams, a Boeing Business Jet or Airbus ACJ320 will take private jet luxury to a whole new level.

You now likely realize there are many more types of private jet models than you imagined. You can fly in style by selecting the best fit for your needs and budget.

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