13 Best Spanish Torrent Websites in 2024

Best Spanish Torrent Websites

Best Spanish Torrent Websites – Utorrent is a file transfer service that has been on the list for years . It is an application that has been used for years and more or less all of us have had some version of UTorrent downloaded on our computer. In addition to being a program that works very well and very intuitively , it has a very large community of users. There are dozens of websites specialized in this type of content, offering you the possibility of sharing torrents with great ease and where there is still a very large community of active users.

Today we entrust ourselves with the task of recommending the best of the best to you. We have compiled a list of the 13 best websites to download .torrent files . Each of these websites have been reviewed before writing this article and, to this day, they continue to function.

This list does not have a hierarchical order, so you will have to choose between the best sites to search for torrents.

And what is happening in Spain?

In Spain, they won’t arrest you for downloading torrents, so don’t worry. In January 2015, the Popular Party government approved an Intellectual Property Law in Congress that complemented the Sinde-Wert Law.

This law confirmed that in the country there is no persecution of anyone who downloads a cultural asset protected by copyright for their own consumption. Those websites that do try to take advantage of the situation by uploading torrent files and providing download links, and that include advertising on the web, are persecuted.

In short, those pages with profit motive are pursued. And nothing more!

Best Spanish Torrent Websites


It is classified among the best pages to download torrents, since it has multiple content organized into genres, categories and dates. It is believed to have approximately 100,000 torrents and has two optional domains as backup, as there is the possibility of being blocked by web operators.

It is important to highlight that this site is very popular among users and is considered the website with the greatest audiovisual content. Because it has movies, series, music, documentaries, games and more.

Access DonTorrent here


This page does not stop growing and evolving, they were one of the last to arrive and in only 4 years that they have been with us, they have taken the lead and are becoming one of the best! Some complain that you have to click several times to download, but that is false. The very owners of the website tell you how to skip that propaganda.

I have to say that they use one of my videos to explain it haha, which I really like. I’m going to leave it here so you can see how easy it is to download from this website, if you do it as I say in this video.

Once you try, you won’t want to go to any other page. And what’s more, they update the page daily, adding movies galore! a ton of music, and now also uploading countless series via torrent. I really advise you to try it, but first do what I say in this video.

Access Infomaniakos.net here



If you are one of those people who, when searching for content, wants to get everything organized and sectioned , then alt-torrent is for you. This portal has all the contents perfectly organized so that navigation is quick and easy.

Alt Torrent Home Page

A disadvantage of this site is that when downloading a torrent you will have to go through various advertising shorteners until you reach the right one. However, it is still one of the best websites to download torrents of movies and series this year .

Access Alt Torrent here


Attention! This is one of the pages affected by the famous blocks of our suppliers, which I have already told you previously how you can skip them. If you do what I tell you in the video above, you will be able to enter without problems and you will see how that “Domain intervened” sign disappears

Without a doubt one of the most powerful websites there is, especially in the field of television series and movies. They have practically everything to download, and totally free, so you are already learning to bypass the blocks

Access Divxtotal.pl here


In the world of torrents, today 1337x is one of the websites that has best withstood the storm of censorship. This site has been growing for many years and today has one of the largest catalogs you will find on the internet, with dozens of options to share and find the torrent files you are looking for.

When selecting any content to download, the website will show a list with several options . This section lists the title of the document, the weight of the file, the duration and how many people are sharing the torrent in real time

The only disadvantage of 1337x is that it does not have thumbnails , so you can only rely on the file name to find the torret you are looking for. Even so, it is an excellent option and one of the most popular websites for downloading torrents .

Access 1337x here


If you want to download torrents from your computer or computer, Sub Torrents is the one for you. Well, you will find multimedia content in its original language and subtitled in Spanish. Also, its reproductions are of high resolution and download speed.

Although, sometimes some advertisements may be displayed through pop-up windows. But, you just have to close them and they will quickly send you to the original window.

Access SubTorrents here


This is one of the longest-running websites in the world , and this is due to the great quality content and constant updates in its catalog.

On its platform you have everything perfectly organized and very well listed. It also has a very active community of users who constantly upload content to the platform or one of its proxies. Today, despite the comings and goings of the web, it is still one of the best platforms focused on sharing this type of files.

Limetorrents main page

In the description of each file you have all the information you need, from the title to the file size and different versions that have been uploaded to the platform. That way you will be able to know at a glance if that specific file is the one you are looking for.

Access LimeTorrents here


Mejortorrent is a very popular peer-to-peer file sharing platform created to cover a good catalog of series and movies.

And finally, we have checked all of these sites to download movies for our leisure and if they comply, however, because they are peer-to-peer files, be careful with them. In addition to having their own ways to download, see the help that the websites show.

Access MejorTorrent here

Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent 1

Another of the great veterans in the world of torrents. Extra Torrent was founded in 2006, and has been on the podium of the best websites for downloading torrents for many years thanks to its extensive catalogue. The website recorded incredible traffic figures, with averages of 200,000 users per day , downloading and sharing torrents of all kinds. Today, despite having migrated domains several times, Extra Torrent is still a very good option .

One of the great advantages of this torrent platform is that you have very interesting collections of files . Extra Torrent groups files based on most recent uploads, popular among users, quality, languages ​​and much more . On the home page you have a huge list of the torrents with the most impact of the day, which are the ones that are being shared among the most people, also called “seeders” .

Access Extra Torrents here



This website stands out for the cleanliness and organization it conveys, in addition to, of course, its very extensive content library . Torlock allows you to download all types of files, and you can easily find them using the search engine or using one of its collections. You have filters for everything , from the most recent uploads, the most popular… and they even have a top 100 with the most downloaded files, which is updated every day.

Something that this website has that I find very interesting is that it has a collage of search terms at the top, which matches the most frequent queries of users. With a single glance you will see the topics that are trending , and with one click you will have the file downloading comfortably to your torrent manager. All documents have a list of the number of seeders, the time they have been uploaded to the website and whether or not they are still available.

Access Torlock here


In GranTorrent you can search for the movies and series you want to download or dive into its different categories to see what titles are available in torrent form to download to your computer. It is quite difficult to find old titles, but the latest news from streaming platforms can usually be found quite easily . They also have a Telegram channel in which they can notify of possible domain changes and report other types of news on the page.



Until relatively recently, TorrentLatino was one of the reference pages for downloading movies with Latin audio. Currently, that website is no longer operational, but its place has been taken by TorrentLandia . Here you can only find movies dubbed into Latin Spanish , but it is a good place to download movies released in Mexico that have not reached Spain (and also Spanish cinema).


Elite Torrent

Elite Torrent

This is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful websites for downloading torrents in Spanish . The catalog of this website is very extensive, and each content has a specific tab from which you can download the .torrent file or activate the download with a marget link. At the top you have everything filtered by genre , and within the file itself it tells you when it was last updated and the number of seeders it has .

This is one of the laws websites that has suffered the most due to its size. Elite torrent has changed its domain and design several times , but today it is still active. You can use the search engine to find what you want or use the personalized filters or the “categories” section to see the most popular collections on the website.

Access Elite Torrent here

These are other sites available to download torrents

If you have already tried the previous websites and they did not work for you, then it is time to continue with the list of alternatives .

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