Earn DogeCoins Online Playing on Free Dogecoin

Earn DogeCoins Online Playing on Free Dogecoin

Earn DogeCoins Online Playing on Free Dogecoin – You will already be aware that faucet platforms are being part of a wave of fashion among those who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies but who are not yet encouraged to invest their own capital. 

The main idea of ​​this type of page is to implement a win-win methodology, where both the service provider and its clients obtain a modest economic return. Clearly, this type of project is not going to allow you to become a millionaire, much less will it replace your monthly salary. 

However, it is an excellent way to be able to obtain a sufficient amount to start taking your first steps in other exchange pages and virtual currency movements.

Free Dogecoin is a sister page to many other types of websites similar in style. That is why it is likely that when you enter your homepage you can feel identified or have some kind of deja vu.

How to get started with Free Dogecoin

To start you must enter its main page at free-doge.com , keep in mind that there are several pages with a similar name, therefore pay special attention when you access them Once there, you will go to the menu at the top, displayed in a kind of ribbon where you will find the registration section.

The requirements to register your account are minimal. Mainly you will be asked for an email address, which you must confirm by accessing a link that is automatically sent to you from the page. You will also be prompted to set a password. Other than that, there are no other requirements requested.

What the Free Dogecoin page offers

First of all, we must clarify that without the email confirmation it will be impossible to start using the page. Therefore, if you have not done so, go to the email address that you provided in the registration and follow the link that is offered to you.

Doge Coins

Once you have completed the previous step, when you enter the site, you will notice that there is a long table with numbers and prizes. 

This is the reference chart that you will use to check if you have earned any amount of dogecoins. The system basically works like a roulette wheel. 

You will press your mouse on the section that says “turn” or “roll” and automatically, in a series of gray squares, random numbers will begin to appear. 

When these numbers stabilize they form a figure, which you must contrast and search in the ranges that appear in the table. Once you find the category, you will know which award you have been awarded.

The wheel can be spun 1 time every 60 minutes. The allocation of coins is totally free and it is precisely what gives the site the quality of a faucet.

How to spin roulette wheel in less than 60 minutes

There is a section in the roulette area that says “free spins”, if you click on it you will be directed to a window where a list with links that you can visit will appear. These links, once opened, work like the offers of “shortlinks” of other pages of the style. 

You will be directed to different websites to generate traffic, therefore, in each one you will have to wait a few seconds before closing the window. 

For every link you visit, you will be allowed to make 1 additional spin, no matter how long it has been since the last one you made.


Another option available in Free Dogecoin is the possibility of conducting surveys, for each one you complete you will be awarded a sum of additional tokens.

They are usually well-paid activities, although getting to qualify for one can be a difficult task. Generally, these types of pages look for very specific profiles, with which it may be that an unfinished expectation is generated. It doesn’t hurt to try and in fact, if you have the time, it’s an option not to be wasted.

Promotional code

On the official Twitter page of this site, a promotional code will be published daily with the specification of the expiration date and time. 

If you use it in time by copying and pasting it in the box that appears on the free-doge.com home page, you will be able to access an additional roulette spin. 

Basically, as you may have noticed, the entire page revolves around this activity and therefore, all the benefits usually translate into extra spins for the user.

Referral System

As in other pages of this type, the referral system usually represents a very interesting and profitable scheme. Practically, it is the most efficient way to generate your income with the page. 

To do this, you will be offered a link, which you will use to promote the service to your acquaintances. If someone signs up following them, you will be offered 50% of the value they generate with the page.

Withdrawals and payments

To make a withdrawal you simply have to click on the tab that says “withdrawals”. The minimum withdrawal is specified in the newly opened window, the amount may vary depending on the quote. 

There you will also enter the address of the wallet where you want to receive the money and you will be specified the amount that you will receive net after the commissions.

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To this day, the page has a good reputation and its payments are usually sent in a timely manner. The credibility of the page comes from the guarantee of its sister sites like FreeBitcoin, CoinFaucet, Freesteam, and FreeTether.

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