Facebook Marketplace Reviews: Pros and Cons

Facebook Marketplace Reviews: Pros and Cons

Facebook Marketplace Reviews: Pros and Cons – Some active users of the Internet, and in particular social networks, often encounter sales and resales on such sites. However, there are some unscrupulous users who are trying to deceive a potential buyer.

Facebook Marketplace Reviews: Pros and Cons

In this case, it is recommended to contact only proven and reliable sites. Relatively recently, the Facebook Marketplace project has appeared, which allows you to sell and buy things to any user. Next, we will understand in more detail all the intricacies of this project.

Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

It is worth highlighting the fact that many, even active users of this social network, know about this project, absolutely nothing. In fact, this project was not covered all over the world, and only especially dedicated Facebook fans got acquainted with this information.

It is not yet necessary to say that this is a full-fledged trading platform, but it is still possible to make money here, and even buy something interesting at anattractive price.

If you really want to try to purchase a product in this way, then all you need is to register on the site of the same name and start shopping.

First of all, a person must understand that the administration of the social network does not bear any responsibility for the authenticity of the product, so there is no need to hope for a refund in case of fraud.

Nevertheless, this is a completely new project, of course, which has a lot of positive aspects that are worth talking about.

Meeting new people. Do not be surprised, meeting people is one of the main advantages of this project. When some people meet according to their interests, it’s always good. You can exchange antiques, collectible figurines and so on.

The second positive thing is that you can trade not only with residents of neighboring cities and countries, but also send goods abroad. This method will be very interesting for people who want to get new sensations and try something new and unusual.

Sales are carried out on the site without paying a commission. This nuance will definitely become the main plus for everyone involved in the business of sending goods and selling various household items.

New opportunities for people with disabilities. Now, you don’t have to think about the delivery of goods. You can arrange with the seller, who is located in your city, to bring the goods directly to your home.

Positive Feedback about Facebook Marketplace


The idea is really interesting and very useful. I think everything will be great. Personally, I have used this service only once and have been completely satisfied with the result.


Really great idea, executed just fine. I will definitely use it to exchange things with friends and acquaintances from the USA and other European countries.


Everything is just gorgeous, I just do not have words to express my admiration. Everything suits me. You can get a product from any person and sell something yourself!

Disadvantages of Facebook Marketplace

In addition to the pros, there are quite a few cons that we should also mention. The main ones include:

Difficulty working with users from other countries. At the moment, this service does not work everywhere, which, of course, is not very pleasant.

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Huge risk in the transaction. You may well fall for the bait of scammers and receive goods of inadequate quality.

A very poor selection. Despite all the positive aspects and interest on the part of users, it is very difficult to find a product from any user. At the same time, some simply raise incredibly high prices, and delivery, as a rule, is not included in them.

There are many other more affordable and convenient services where you can make purchases in any quantity and on more attractive terms.

Negative reviews about Facebook Marketplace


I have to say, for me, this service is completely uninteresting! Good quality product is almost impossible to find. Most often, users part with frank rags and garbage, for which it is a pity to give even a ruble.


In words, everything seems to be very cool and interesting, but in reality, things are a little different.


For US residents, this is great news, but for me, this is just an ordinary opportunity to pump out money. You won’t be able to buy a good product in this way, except to get rid of excess rubbish yourself.

How many people, so many opinions, so you have to decide for yourself if you need Facebook Marketplace, as well as how interesting and in demand it is for you and your friends.

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