E-commerce – how the online market works

how the online market works

Advantages of an e-commerce site

how the online market works

It is no coincidence that e-commerce generates about 2.5 trillion dollars a year: online trading platforms are configured as the square of the future, commercial space of immense scope and constantly reachable. But the peculiarity of the channels used by e-commerce does not exempt it from the thirst for visibility to which the whole web is subject; let’s discover mechanisms and processes of online sales.

How to create an e-commerce site to start selling online

In the midst of today’s digital development, approximately 25 million Italians buy online a number that is certainly growing, given the continuous progress in marketing for e-commerce.
The main reason for this massive growth is reflected in the statements of the majority of users, who tend to justify their online purchases by attributing them to lack of time: a more real impossibility than ever to physically reach the stores or wait for the availability of articles; study, new rhythms of work and a few hours, intended for free time, force so-called One-click purchases  Network. Shopping is a no longer mere convenience, therefore, but a response to the urgency to buy or refuel where time is absent.

How to create an e-commerce site to start selling online

Anyone who already owns or manages a business in these sectors can have a good e-commerce platform and build their own online store. It is a particular procedure that basically includes seven main aspects:

  1. Finding a  digital platform . Not just any one, you need a platform that can be able to support the deals you envision for your business.
  2. Provide the  necessary staff,  from the project manager and website manager to the person who sorts the goods stored in the warehouse.
  3. Have a  warehouse  and establish clear and precise delivery areas and times.
  4. Adopt an  e-mail automation system  that can welcome the customer, inform about new offers, and more.
  5. Find out about SEO activities  and keywords, so as to be able to optimize the website in order to improve its positioning in the organic results of search engines.
  6. Propose a  customer service  able to adequately answer the questions, requests and problems encountered by users.
  7. Develop a  Social Media Marketing Strategy  .

After proceeding with the creation of the online store, continuous maintenance and management of resources are required, so that the site is constantly updated and does not return errors during navigation.

The elements to devote more attention to in the optimization phase are essentially three:  photography, descriptions, and an easy and safe check-out. The visual elements, which include photography and graphics, represent the marketed product with extreme power and effectiveness.

good e-commerce platform and build their own

Objectively, the desire to taste or recreate the dish naturally arises in the minds of readers, who buy the products used to make the dish and most likely do it online. Furthermore, photographs are what we most like to share, especially on social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. Consequently, creating an account and frequently posting curated, good-quality images regarding trendy products is certainly an excellent marketing strategy, an excellent means of advertising the business created.

Even the descriptions should attract the customer.

How? The most effective strategy is probably that of storytelling or the persuasive story. It is a story that must involve the customer. To make it happen, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, carefully insert yourself in his mind and think in his place, solving doubts and questions, exposing pros and cons. In all this, it is essential to describe the methods and tools, to increase the sales opportunities and the satisfaction rate of the proposed contents.

Purchase phase: moment of rethinking and persuasion

When a customer is convinced of the purchase, what should he do and how much can he hope that the latter really arrives in his hands? This is a question that users often ask themselves.

 moment of rethinking and persuasion

First of all, it is essential that the site presents shipping policies clearly and accurately and offers different payment options. After reading this, the customer will surely be reassured, his confidence in the seriousness of the business will undoubtedly undergo exponential growth.

To finalize the online purchase, make changes to the cart, or enter payment details, most of the time the user is required to register via e-mail although he can use authentication via social networks and services to which he is already signed up.

The creation of their own online store is easily carried out but, for less experienced users or users without time to allocate to this activity, they can contact a web agency that entrusts the construction and management phases to its staff, to ensure that everything is properly managed. For any inquiries in this regard, please contact our agency.

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