10 Websites To Find Free Illustrations Vector images

10 Websites To Find Free Illustrations Vector images

10 Websites To Find Free Illustrations Vector images – Vector or story-shaped illustrations (story sets) are widely used as images for posts and banners on websites or blogs, including in various applications such as Gmail, Youtube, and the Firefox browser.

What is Story Illustration Image?

From its appearance, it is clear what distinguishes this illustration from other types of images. If the icon image contains only one object, then this illustration is more of a story that shows ongoing activities.

So it can convey the entire purpose of your product or service without having to write dozens of paragraphs about it.

Examples such as the following picture about online learning (online). The students, boys and girls sat in front of the table. Teaching is in progress via a large monitor. There are also decorative thick books, gowns, speakers, and various other school supplies.

Compared to photos, these illustrations are also available or can be easily exported to SVG format which has a smaller file size and does not break when enlarged. This will reduce the load on a site or application so that it becomes lighter and can load faster.

To that end, this article presents a collection of sites that provide these illustrations for free download.

You can use it for landing pages or articles on websites and blogs, writing on Medium, or other blogging platforms; and to be placed in applications, newsletters, presentation slides, teaching materials, poster designs, and others.

Do not forget to check the copyright (copyright). While most free illustration sites provide copyright free, it would be best to double-check. Also, check whether it is necessary to provide attribution or must include the source of the image.


At GraphicSurf, we can download free vector illustrations. This site has a large collection of high-quality images on various interesting topics. These include: education, business, celebratory days (birthdays, labor days, etc.), health, holidays, and much more.

Image collections are not grouped by category. So we have to use the Search box to find the desired illustration.

Each illustration set contains the following formats: AI, EPS and PNG.

In addition to free illustrations, we can also get other free items, namely:

Has icons with various themes: flowers, trees, babies, pictures of school student characters, various types of clothes, real estate, corona virus. Can be used for websites, prints, presentation slide decorations, newsletters, or applications for Google Play and the App Store.

Has a collection of beautiful seamless patterns and many variations. You can look for motifs or patterns in the categories provided. 

Instagram Story Highlights Icons
Each set can be up to 100 icons and there are many themes.

All the free materials available on GraphicSurf can be used for personal and commercial projects. No attribution required. For more details can be read in the License section.


This site has a cool collection of storyset illustrations. We can change the color, set the image background hidden (hidden) or simple, hide the image object layer. Then download it in SVG or PNG format.

Can be used for personal and commercial. Attribution required.


Categories have unique names such as Djakarta, Taxi, Eternal, Stay Safe. Use the Search box to search for the desired illustration and filter by the Free price to get the free one.


In unDraw we can change colors and get free illustrations in PNG or SVG format.

IRA Design

On this site we can change the color of clothes, hair, and other objects.

In addition, we can also get each element of the image: people’s characters, backgrounds, decorations on the image to be combined into one illustration.

Free download in PNG or SVG format.


ManyPixels has free illustrations in PNG or SVG format.

Open Source Illustrations Kit

This site has unique illustrations. It’s a project of the #100daysChallenge whose results are now being shared with us for free.

Download in PNG or SVG format. Also can download all images at once.


Use the Search box to find the illustration you want or scroll down a bit and click the tag that says People, Music, Food, and so on.

According to information on the website, there are 1,500 illustrations that can be downloaded for free.


DrawKit has lots of beautiful illustrations in SVG format. Each set consists of several vectors. There is also an animation for After Effects and Lottie.

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10 Best 2D & 3D animation software for low end PC

Choose the one that says FREE. Need to provide email to get pictures.


This website has a unique name. We can get free illustrations in PNG (low resolution) format. In Ouch there are also unique 3D illustrations.

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