51+ Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2024

Free Spotify Premium Accounts

Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2024 – You can basically access music services throughout the country for free by anyone anywhere. However, there are several features on a platform that is specifically for premium customers only. There are differences that you can compare between the free and premium versions starting from the presence of advertisements during or after playing music or lists of favorite songs that cannot be played.

One way to access these premium features is to pay bills in the form of subscriptions to the platform. Some applications usually provide a monthly or annual subscription price list for each account, for example, there is the Spotify application.

Spotify provides premium access for subscribed accounts such as being able to download your favorite songs.

Do you already have a Spotify Premium Account? If not, then this article will make your wish come true to enjoy the premium service provided by Spotify. The reason is that we have created and shared a free Spotify account that is active forever without the need to subscribe directly to the official site.

Get to Know Spotify as a Popular Music Application in the World

Released on October 7 2018,Spotifyhas now succeeded in becoming one of the music and audio platforms with the most users spread throughout the world. Being under the Spotify AB company, its development from time to time is so significant. Not only music, this platform also provides services for its users to enjoy podcasts from content creators around the world. Not only audio, this service also has lots of videos that you can watch.

There are two types of accounts provided by Spotify, namely the free and premium versions. In the free version, you can get lots of music and content recommendations according to your taste. Making playlists is also not impossible. You can sort out which songs or content are interesting and don’t want to hear. Both songs and podcasts, you can access this feature in the free version or a premium Spotify account.

For device access, the Spotify AB company provides the ability for its service to work on multiple devices. When you access a premium account, this device sharing feature can be opened. Some of these devices are cellphones / smartphones, tablets, speakers, computers, TVs, to cars. You can use the device switching feature using Spotify Connect.

Latest Spotify Premium Subscription Prices

For those of you who want to get the Spotify application, download it through the Google Play Store. The process of downloading and creating an account can be done free of charge without the slightest cost. However, if you want to upgrade to a premium Spotify account then you have to pay. The amount of the fee also differs depending on the level. The following is a list of Spotify premium subscription prices:

  1. Student (specifically for one mobile device, the price is $4.99 per day)
  2. Individual (specifically for one account, the price is $9.99 per month)
  3. Duo (can be for two accounts, price $12.99 per month)
  4. Family (you can use up to 6 devices at once at a price of $15.99 per month)

It doesn’t stop there, Spotify also has a special package for active students. With this student package, you can get a premium account price for One months for only $4.99 per month only. After that you can continue with a monthly rate at the same price. Make sure that you are a student who meets Spotify’s terms and conditions to get this special price.

One of the conditions to be able to have this discount is the age that must be over 18 years. Also, make sure you are registered as a student at an accredited tertiary institution. With these two conditions, you can get a premium Spotify account discount. Meanwhile, the verification process will be carried out automatically through the help of third parties who have collaborated with Spotify.

You can access this special service for 4 years as long as you are still an active student. If you leave or quit as a student, Spotify prices will return to normal. But don’t worry, there will be 12 months from the last subscription date. If you do not re-verify student status then the subscription has officially ended. Then you have to pay at the normal rate, which is an individual premium of $9.99 per month.

Difference between Spotify Premium and Free Accounts

There are several things that differentiate a free account from a premium Spotify account. Apart from the features, the quality that you can get as a premium is also better. As a result, you can enjoy various broadcasts more comfortably and are not disturbed by advertisements or other limitations. In other words, your access becomes wider. The following are some of the services Spotify premium provides.

Ad Free

Usually workers or students use Spotify to accompany their activities. Songs can make the brain more fresh and can increase the spirit. With a premium account, you can be more comfortable using Spotify because it’s free from advertisements that suddenly appear. You can get Ad-free at all levels of Spotify premium, from mini to family.

Can Download Songs

When you upgrade your account to premium, the song download feature will open later. You can download songs and enjoy them offline up to 10 thousand more per device. The amount can vary depending on the subscription package you choose. At the mini level, you can download as many as 30 songs on one device. Meanwhile, for individual to family levels, you can download up to 10,000 songs on each device.

HD Sound Quality (Highest)

Premium Spotify accounts have the advantage of sound clarity. By subscribing to premium, the sound produced from songs or podcasts can be maximized. You can open sound settings to HD level in the playback session. Audio clarity will really help you in terms of comfort.

Complete Track List From Around The World

When it was first released, basically Spotify already had a lot of songs and audio that you could access. However, in this premium subscription you will find so much more. Playlists or playlists are also more complete. In fact, you can create and customize it yourself with the song you want.

There are several types of songs available, ranging from Indonesian, Japanese, Kpop, and many more. The genre of the song also varies, such as pop, rock, soft rock, and the like. If you want to find a list of songs that are ready, you can also search for them on the Spotify main page. Use the search feature to find more specific playlists.

Collection of Free Spotify Premium Accounts Latest UpdateActive Forever

If you want to be even more efficient, look for a premium account for free. Even though it’s free, you can still get premium features. That way, spending can also be more efficient without lacking the features of the Spotify music service.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2024

Find the account on the internet through several websites. The following is a list of account collections that we have prepared:

[email protected]HummerH2
[email protected]yerro1995
[email protected]bartek2000
[email protected]Shakira
[email protected]macie123
[email protected]neiangelg
[email protected]2eg54sfkmn
[email protected]tragiced32
[email protected]123456.
[email protected]NCC74656
[email protected]Corvettes 06
[email protected]ilikepie4
[email protected]Shannon
[email protected]itechhacksofc
[email protected]itechhacksofc
[email protected]GaTsha
[email protected]sew12345
[email protected]spotifyreal
[email protected]teamith123
[email protected]NCC74656
[email protected]shannon
[email protected]shakira
[email protected]ilikepie4
[email protected]mackenzie2002
[email protected]rebecca
[email protected]Leopard13
[email protected]Samson10
[email protected]piggy2011
[email protected]mamita 1990
[email protected]shannon
[email protected]hunbun
[email protected]NCC74656
[email protected]Californian
[email protected]bella202
[email protected]robert01
[email protected]Whitetiger1
[email protected]lovesick
[email protected]xat12345
[email protected]xoh12345
[email protected]dock12345
[email protected]jiv12345
[email protected]Jasper22
[email protected]smiley1
[email protected]27068255
[email protected]xx123123
[email protected]Boomerang123
[email protected]nap12345
[email protected]74 Sept
[email protected]mamita 1990
[email protected]beg12345
[email protected]Futeki44
[email protected]Side2546
[email protected]locker66
[email protected]jelly253
[email protected]otwins1
[email protected]4paulsons
[email protected]trey0987
[email protected]sweet800
[email protected]jow12345
[email protected]itechgiveaway
[email protected]king1994
[email protected]tw402nanot98
[email protected]rokas152
[email protected]jow12345
[email protected]yam12345
[email protected]lav12345. dll
[email protected]cod12345
[email protected]callio23
[email protected]Silvia1960


Using a premium Spotify account is perfect for users who need more access. For example, songs that can be downloaded so you can listen to them offline. Not to mention the matter of playlist settings which make songs and playlists more sequential. Downloading podcasts and content is also not impossible to accompany your work and study time.

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