3 Ways to Get a Spotify Premium Account Free Forever 2024

Spotify Premium Account Free Forever

3 Ways to Get a Spotify Premium Account Free Forever – There are 3 new ways that you can try to get a Spotify premium account for free and valid forever.

I myself do not recommend you to use this kind of way because it violates the rules.

Moreover, Spotify has also provided a free trial feature that you can use to try to experience various premium features.

However, I understand not everyone has the money to pay for a premium Spotify account every month.

So I will continue this discussion…

The way I share does not use any script to get Spotify premium. So it’s very easy to do.

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3 Ways to Get a Spotify Premium Account free Forever

What you have to know is that there are no legal ways to create a Spotify premium account for free, let alone an account that has a lifetime.

Actually from the Spotify system there are many loopholes that can be exploited to get premium access without paying a penny.

As I wrote at the beginning, the method can certainly be said to be illegal.

And I prefer you to pay to enjoy Spotify’s premium features because the price itself is not too expensive.

But if you still don’t want to, you can try the 3 ways below:

1. Take advantage of the Trial Feature

The first way you can do to enjoy all of Spotify’s premium features for free is to take advantage of the trial feature.

Currently Spotify does provide a 3 month trial feature, meaning that during the 3 month trial period you can enjoy all the premium features for free.

Well, you can use this to get premium access for free forever.

Then how? Very easy!

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By using the browser application on your device, please open the Spotify website at the address https://www.spotify.com/us/

Once open, just select Get Premium and then follow the instructions to completion.

So here’s the trick…

This trial feature is only valid for 3 months, after 3 months you have to pay a subscription fee.

What you have to do, before the trial period expires, create a new account and take another 3 months trial period in the same way. And so on…

This way you will be able to enjoy premium features continuously without having to pay a penny.

2. Using the Spotify Mod App

This method is clearly very illegal, but it is much easier than the first method.

There are lots of Spotify Mod applications that you can use.

Of course, the modified application has all of its premium features unlocked so it can be used without having to pay.

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You can download one of the Spotify Mod applications via the link below:

Download Spotify Mod

Spotify Download at Play store

You can enjoy all premium features such as no ads, enjoy all songs without restrictions, download songs and so on.

3. Looking for a Free Spotify Premium Account Sharing Site

This last method is much easier than the first and second methods.

All you have to do is do a Google search with the keyword “ Share Spotify Premium Accounts Free ”.

You will find many search results like the image below:

Untitled design 2 8

There are lots of sites that share Spotify premium accounts for free.

Please open the site and try the shared account.

Remember, if you get an account that can still be used and is really premium, just change the password so that it is not used by others.

So, that’s my discussion this time about 3 ways to get a Spotify premium account for free forever.

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