Free Ahrefs Account: How to Get Ahrefs Premium For Free in 2024

Get Ahrefs Premium Account For Free

How to Get Ahrefs Premium Account For Free in 2024: Ahrefs has always been an important and significant tool used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Whether you are a blogger or a website owner, you should use tools like Ahrefs Premium Account which allows you to track hot keywords and work as a backlink checker. So not only does it work for site keyword analysis, but it also deals with backlink analysis.

So, either you are ready to increase your website traffic or track competitor websites. The free Ahrefs Premium Account is all you need. Although Ahrefs Premium Account is a premium service, it means that you have to pay a huge amount to use it. So here we give you some special tips that can help you to get Ahrefs Premium Account for free?

What is Ahrefs Premium Account?

Ahrefs is a fantastic blogging and SEO service provider that can be used to get backlink analysis, keyword analysis as well as SEO analysis. It is one of the great keyword researchers as well as digital marketing tools of all time.

Its accuracy and 100% fresh data updates make it an effective competitor website tracking tool and these benefits often leave you wondering how to create a free Ahrefs account. But before getting there, it seems important to review the features offered.

Ahrefs Premium Account Features

Ahrefs is a compressive suite of SEO tools. It does not only provide SEO benefits and important features of Ahrefs free premium account are:

  • Backlink Analysis: Allows you to explore the backlinks of your competitors’ websites in depth and this data will also help you in building high-performing links for your website.
  • Keyword Analysis: Track keywords and get to know its price, value, etc. thanks to Ahrefs Premium Account.
  • Competitor Research: Give hidden access to the competitor’s strategy and gaps that allow you to seize the chances.
  • Content Creation: Instantly see trending topics that drive more traffic and important keywords.
  • SEO audit: checks the technical aspect and the problems that spoil the ranking and performance of your site
  • Ranking Analysis: Quickly find and rank the keyword.

In this article, we discuss all the features of Ahrefs and give you a valid reason to try Free Ahrefs for once, for your website.

Benefits of Ahrefs Premium Account

If you want to boost your website traffic while keeping track on your competitor’s website, Ahrefs free account can definitely help you. It helps you generate reports and keyword ideas for your client campaign.
It also offers the benefit of checking the domain rating and URL rating of competitor websites through Ahrefs. These are the wonderful perks that compel you to watch paths, have Ahrefs for free.

Ahrefs Plans And Pricing

Free trial benefits of Ahrefs Premium Account can be charged at $7 for 7 days. But if we go for Ahrefs pricing plans. It should provide several packages based on monthly or yearly subscriptions.

  • Lite: Using the package, single user can access 5 campaigns, 300 keywords at monthly rate of $99 with 1 week update frequency.
  • Standard: Grants access to 1 user on 10 campaigns, 1000 tracked keywords at a monthly cost of $179. The update frequency is 3 weeks.
  • Advance: The plan allows three users access to 25 campaigns, 4000 keywords at a monthly cost of $399 with a one-day update frequency.
  • Agency: Give access to 5 company members on 100 campaigns, 10,000 keywords and one day update for $999.

For more details on Ahrefs prices and packages, you can visit the official website via the link: HERE

How to get Ahrefs Premium Account for free?

So for those who are excited to try Ahrefs but not sure about using due to its huge monthly charge. Here we are sharing a terrific approach to get a free Ahrefs account without spending any money.

List of Free Ahrefs Premium Account Usernames and Passwords:

If you are still wondering how to use Ahrefs for free, now is the time. Here we give you all Ahrefs Premium Accounts free:

[email protected]Nei3huu7
[email protected]xooSohw8
[email protected]Zuquaa5oiku
[email protected]Xo5iNaeCee
[email protected]eiRai5wai
[email protected]Muz4dai9aeph
[email protected]Chigheg6ae
[email protected]nai6Chu4iej
[email protected]joo4Chee7
[email protected]Nei3huu7

So hurry up and start using the above mentioned Ahrefs Premium Account for free and enjoy the benefits.

Get a free Ahrefs Premium Account through PayPal:

So, here we give you a trick to get Ahrefs for free and you need to create a PayPal account using random details.

  • Visit
  •  Complete the entire information field with current Ahrefs login information.
  •  Choose PayPal for payment option and continue.

Once you get access to Ahrefs free premium account, delete PayPal account because Using paypal doesn’t mean you have to pay anything through this account. So use PayPal with zero balance.

Ahrefs Premium Account Free Trial:

But it is advised to try Ahrefs free trial which will only cost $7 for 7 days and avail this procedure by following these steps:

  • Connect to the official site of Ahrefs.
  •  Click the 7 day free trial button.
  •  select plan; we suggest you go for standard.
  •  Enter the necessary Ahrefs login details such as name, email, etc.
  •  Choose PayPal for payment option.
  •  After payment, he will send you a confirmation email on your email ID.
  •  Click the confirmation link to complete the verification.
  • Choose an Ahrefs username and password to complete the process.

Although, during the free trial, keep in mind that it is possible to cancel the subscription before the 7th day in order to avoid any deduction from your PayPal account.

How to use Ahref Keyword Explorer?

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is the outstanding feature of
Ahrefs Premium Account that is easy to use and allows you to find all the necessary variations in a keyword that can help you in your SEO efforts. The steps to use Keyword Explorer are as follows:

1. Click the menu button in the navigation bar.
2. Enter the keyword you want to search for and press the search button.
3. Enjoy the results.

Now Ahrefs will provide you with all the keyword options related to the keyword you searched for. Simultaneously, it also provides details regarding their values, volumes, clicks, and difficulties. Therefore, sorting by keywords is easy and convenient.

Ahrefs Review

Ahrefs is definitely 1 SEO tool when it comes to accuracy and quality performance. It is recommended by various experts and webmasters due to its amazing features. Its comprehensive SEO tools make it a must-have tool for everyone doing digital marketing.

But when we are looking to buy an SEO tool, it is important to consult expert reviews to verify customer satisfaction. With this data in hand, we can make an informed decision. Therefore, before buying an
Ahrefs Premium Account, it is recommended to check the factors such as your needs, skill level, cost and prices, and much more.


There are countless SEO tools online, but most of them are really expensive to use. So, if you are looking for an SEO tool primarily targeting link building, Ahrefs is the best choice. With
Ahrefs Premium Account, you just need to provide details regarding your websites and keywords.

Then it will give you the full report of your competitive strategies. Besides, Ahrefs free account is also affordable and convenient while providing important feature which helps to find gaps, check rankings, etc.

Nevertheless, we hope that our article will help you to get Ahrefs account for free without spending a single penny, which will allow you to take your web campaign to a high level. For any questions or information, feel free to comment below.

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