13 Ways How to Get More Twitter Followers

How to Get More Twitter Followers

13 Ways How to Get More Twitter Followers – How to add Twitter followers very much and has been proven successful. Having a lot of followers on social media provides many advantages. Especially if your social media is used to run a business. One of the social media that can be used to run a business is Twitter.

Until now, Twitter has many users so it must be put to good use. The most effective way for a business to get lots of profit is to increase followers. Followers that are owned can become loyal customers of the business that is owned. Then, how do you add Twitter followers? Check out the full review below.

13 Ways How to Get More Twitter Followers (Proven to Work)

1. Follow More People

How to add Twitter followers can be done by following more Twitter accounts. This method will make the opportunity to get additional followers bigger. To get started, please start by following an account managed by someone you know.

It is also necessary to know if you need to understand that there is a correlation between the number of people you follow and followers on social media. So, don’t be shy about following other accounts first if you want to experience the many benefits of having lots of followers.

2. Pay attention to Profile and Bio

Profiles and bios on social media like Twitter are very important. Therefore, Twitter account owners must pay attention to the profile and bio as the two elements that are listed for the first time. This of course will be very useful for marketing on social media Twitter.

Twitter account owners are advised to display unique and interesting information according to the desired branding. These tips are a very effective way to add followers, so you shouldn’t miss them.

3. Promote Twitter Account on Social Media

How to add further Twitter followers by promoting your Twitter account on your social media. Social media that can be used for account promotion are Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and so on.

This method can be done easily, quickly and of course for free. Therefore, Twitter account owners who want to have lots of new followers are advised to use this method.

4. Increase Engagement

Engagement is referred to as the level of interaction with content uploaded on social media. Increasing engagement is one way to add lots of followers. This method must be done considering that Twitter is a social media that promotes conversation. . Therefore, maximize its function to encourage the conversation to continue. 

If active then there will be a lot of things to talk about. This strategy to increase engagement is also often used by large companies. Where the account admin doesn’t hesitate to like, retweet or reply to followers’ tweets.

5. Maximize the Twitter List Feature

Twitter is equipped with many features, one of which is the Twitter List feature . This feature can be used by all Twitter users. However, the existence of this tool is underestimated by many marketers.

In fact, the Twitter List feature can be used for branding more effectively in increasing awareness on Twitter. Furthermore, the followers will continue to engage while promoting the campaign regularly.

6. Make use of Hashtags and Keywords

When using Twitter, users must be able to keep abreast of existing developments. Every day there are usually trending topics that are talked about a lot. Users can also include the name of their city or region so that new consumers in that location can be recruited.

In addition, hashtags or hashtags can also be included in each post. This way it will attract at least twice as many people to get involved. The more interactions that occur, the greater the chance of adding followers. Even though it looks trivial, including hashtags or hashtags is very effective in increasing the number of followers.

7. Choose the Best Time to Make a Post

Choosing the best time to upload posts or content is a proven successful way to add content followers. So far, many Twitter users are not aware that there are certain times for companies to disseminate posts effectively.

Where during these hours, many social media users are actively looking for content that can be consumed. At that time, it is possible for the company’s campaign to be seen by a large audience . The best time to post is 08.00-10.00 and 18.00-21.000.

8. Create a Routine Schedule

The next way to add Twitter followers is to make a regular schedule. Unlike other social media such as Instagram and Facebook where content can last a long time on the timeline , most of the tweets that are made only last a few minutes.

The survival time is short, so Twitter users who want to add followers must have a routine to increase views and engagement . This means users must actively upload tweets every day.

9. Take advantage of Twitter Chats

If you want your Twitter followers to continue to grow, you have to take advantage of Twitter Chats . Twitter Chats are one of the most fun ways to get more followers. Twitter Chats itself is a virtual meeting feature where followers can talk about certain topics.

Each Twitter Chats channel will have its own hashtag and users can ask each participant any question. So that this method can work optimally, brands can invite influencers or professionals as speakers. This will later increase the selling value of the Chats that the company organizes.

10. Use Links in Tweets Created

The next way that can be done is to use the link in the tweet that was created. Tweets accompanied by certain links will get more re-tweets from other users than those without. So, if you want to add followers, you can use a link link.

11. Use Tools Like Hootsuite or SproutSocial

Tools or tools like Hootsuite or SproutSocial are very useful for adding followers. This is because these tools can be used to schedule tweet posts that are made. Posting tweets or tweeting regularly turns out to be able to increase engagement and visibility so that it can increase the number of followers.

12. Use Twiends

Using Twiends can help Twitter users find new Twitter users to contact. To be able to use this platform, Twitter users must register first.

After completing registration, you can then find other users who have the same interests. In this way, other users can easily find and follow their Twitter account. Automatically the number of followers you have will continue to increase.

13. Include Images in Tweets

The next way to add Twitter followers is to include an image in the Tweet you made. Using images in the tweets you make turns out to be 18% more likely to receive engagement from other users than not using images.

So, those are 13 ways to quickly add Twitter followers that have proven to be successful. For Twitter users who want to have lots of followers, they can apply the methods mentioned above. Guaranteed these methods are effective enough to increase the number of followers.

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