9 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers in 2023

Get More Twitter Followers

Get More Twitter Followers – It is undeniable, followers play an important role on social media accounts, and Twitter is no exception. Generally, the number of followers is influenced by how actively you use Twitter to the usefulness of the content you present.

So, to make the most of adding to your Twitter followers, there are ways or tips that you have to do. So, there is indeed an effort that you have to spend to gain more followers.

Advantages of Having Many Followers

Before moving on to the method, it’s a good idea to know the advantages of having many followers in advance.

By having a lot of followers, of course you will be better known by wider circles. From here, it is possible that you will get commercial offers such as advertising several products. Apart from business offers, pocketing many followers also has its own meaning for each individual.

For example, you will be more confident when posting status tweets or the latest news. Anyway, there are many interesting things that you can feel when you have lots of followers.

9 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Now, it’s no longer the era of getting followers with the help of cheats or bots . The reason is, there is a way to quickly add Twitter followers in a natural way. As long as you follow the following things, it is very likely that your Twitter account will be flooded with followers.

1. Use Hashtags or Hashtags

The most common way you can do to attract potential followers is to use hashtags in tweets.

Examples of hashtags that you can use are hashtags that are on the rise or trending.

Apart from that, you can also use commonly used hashtags like #500ADAY #1000ADAY #instantfollow #Follow4Follow #follow #FollowME #IFollowAll #ifollowback.Also read: 

You can use one of the hashtags above. If you want, you can also insert all the hashtags into the tweets that you send. Hashtags that are commonly used mean that if someone follows you, it means you will also follow back.

2. Share Hot News

The benefits of sharing tweets also affect other users to follow your Twitter account. To provide the latest news, you must ensure that the news being shared is not fake or hoax news.

You can share news in the form of text or you can also embed a link in the tweet that you send.

Also, tweet regularly so that other users can see your posts on their homepage. Also, provide certain hashtags to invite more users so that the tweets you share are conveyed to them.

3. Use Links in Tweets

Many people assume that tweets that are accompanied by links will get more retweets than those that don’t use them.

Most likely, this method can add followers to your Twitter account.

4. Account Promotion

In this digital era, of course you have more than one social media application.

To be able to attract more followers on Twitter, you can use other social media as a weapon for promotion.

For example, you can promote on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media by including your Twitter username in the social media account’s bio.

Apart from including your username in other social media bios, you can also insert it in every post.

5. Use the Sprout Social Tool

You can use tools like Sprout Social to schedule posts on tweets. By posting tweets regularly, you can increase engagement and visibility so that you can increase the number of followers. Unfortunately, this tool is not free. There is a monthly fee that you have to pay.

6. Optimize Twitter Bio

Before deciding to follow, usually Twitter users are interested in knowing about yourself first. Of course, they will visit your Twitter profile and see the bio that you present. For that, optimize your Twitter bio. Make the bio as good and complete as possible, make sure it really represents you and your business.

7. Use Twiends

Twiends allows you to find Twitter users to contact.

By registering on the Twiends platform, other users who have the same interests will easily find and follow you.

The way to use Twiend is:

  • Go to the Twiends site and select the Sign In With Twitter section.
  • Next, log in using your Twitter account.
  • Give the app permission on twitter.
  • Later, please follow the person suggested for you.
  • The more people you follow on the Twiends page, the more followers that will enter your account.

8. Include Images in Tweets

Including an image in a tweet is a powerful way to increase the number of Twitter followers. The reason is, research shows that tweets accompanied by images receive engagement from other users as much as 18% of those who don’t use them.

9. Post Tweets on Weekends

Tweeting on weekends is expected to get as much engagement as 17% compared to normal days.

Perhaps, at that time many people had more free time to play social media than on normal days.


How to add Twitter followers is somewhat difficult and easy. However, by applying the method as above, it is likely that your Twitter account will have followers coming faster. In essence, stay focused on posting quality or useful tweets. Let users decide for themselves to follow your account through the tweets that you share. Stay consistent, don’t let other users decide to unfollow due to the tweets you present.


What is the retweet function?

Retweet can help others to share tweets with all followers. You can also retweet to share with your followers.

Hashtags to bring in followers quickly?

Use trending hashtags, or use commonly used hashtags like #instantfollow #Follow4Follow.

When is the right time to post a tweet?

It’s recommended to post tweets at hours or days when people are relaxing. For example, during breaks or on weekends.

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