14 Best Ghost Hunting Apps on Android & iOS in 2024

Best Ghost Hunting apps

Best Ghost Hunting Apps – Today, television shows featuring hunting for astral creatures (ghosts) are quite popular. Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure whether the event is true or just a fabrication.

To prove it, you have to test your own courage to visit some places that are considered haunted by most of the local community.

When visiting haunted places, you cannot detect the presence of astral beings with the naked eye. You need a ghost detection application that can support your ghost hunting activities.

Best Ghost Hunting Apps

A team has tested several apps that purportedly detect the presence of ghosts. This team conducted a search in St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery which is known as the House of Death and is a haunted building in New York City. Here are the full results of several apps trying to detect ghosts.

1. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector Cam

If you are curious about the existence of ghosts in your area, try the Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector Cam application . This application made by Talgame ent is claimed to be able to capture ghost signals accurately.

In fact, you are also equipped with a stable EM4 algorithm. With this algorithm, ghost signals will be caught easily. Well, for how to use this application, you only need to run the application and Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector Cam will search for ghost radar around you. Follow the strongest signal, then you can find a ghost there.

2. Ghost Detector Pro

If this one application will capture  emmusion  signals that are on the radar. Well, this signal indicates the presence of spirits around you.

So, you only need to activate the Ghost Detector Pro application . Then, this application will immediately look for ghost signals through the cellphone screen with a green dot pointed at it. If you find a green dot, it means there is a ghost in that location.

3. Ghosts Prank

What’s unique about the Ghost Prank app are five fun features for catching ghosts. The first feature is the magnetphone,  which features the ability to turn ghost signals into sound. Of course it’s not a strange sound, yes, but the sound of a scary ghost. Then, there is also a  paranormal detector  feature that can be used to look for astral activity around you.

The third is  the Radar Map feature. Well, this feature is capable of capturing ghost signals and will show them on your cellphone screen. The fourth feature is called  Ghost Finder,  where you can find ghost locations. The last one is the most interesting feature,  Ghost Camera,  with which you can capture ghost pictures!

4. EMF Ghost Detector

If you want to detect the presence of ghosts, then you can use the EMF Ghost Detector application . Similar to the previous applications, because EMF Ghost Detector also captures ghost signals based on electromagnetic analysis around you. How to use it is also easy, just activate the application, and see the ghost signal caught in this application.

5. Real Ghost Detector

Real Ghost Detector is a ghost detection app for Android that you can try. To use it, just point the HP camera at a place you think is haunted. The Caris Signal team tries to use this application. 

When the camera is aimed, the radar will rotate. There is also a spooky sound effect that will appear when the app is trying to detect a ghost.

Unfortunately, the Caris Signal team did not find what they were looking for. We tried taking pictures of certain places with the camera feature, but it still didn’t work. After checking, it turns out that there are additional applications that need to be downloaded. Unfortunately, the application cannot be downloaded for free.

If curious, you can try this application yourself. Who knows, you may find the ghosts hiding. Download Real Ghost Detector for Android on Google PlayStore .

6. GhostTube SLS Camera Alternate

The GhosTube SLS is an alternative to the SLS cameras commonly used for investigations of paranormal activity. With this app, you can detect human-like entities around you.

There is no radar like in other ghost detection apps in this app. It’s just that, you can use certain filters that can simplify the investigation process. You can record videos with these filters. 

Unfortunately, these filters can only be accessed if you subscribe to a premium service. The rate is Free.

GhosTube SLS also provides additional applications, namely GhosTube Vox and GhosTube Original which can make your investigation process even more interesting. GhostTube Vox functions to produce certain voices. One of them is white noise . GhosTube SLS for Android can be downloaded on the Google PlayStore , and the iOS version can be downloaded on the App Store .

7. Ghost Observer

Ghost Observer will detect entities that are around you. Uniquely, this application will display information about the type of entity, age, and frequency. The Caris Signal team had time to ‘detect’ an entity with an age of up to 815 years.

To use Ghost Observer, simply point the camera and let the radar detect the entity. Once the entity is found, you can capture it with the camera icon in the application.

Oh yes, this Ghost Observer can also be used to translate what the ghost says. There is also a Spiritism feature. This feature can be used to communicate with these entities. You can ask questions, and get answers.

These two special features can be accessed by paying free Download Ghost Observer for Android on Google PlayStore and iOS version on App Store .

8. Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools is a ghost detection application that detects voices through an EMF detector . The app will try to help you find traces of certain entities by the sounds they ‘say’.

This application allows you to set your own EVP modulator , signal pitch , and so on, so that you can easily detect sound. The Caris Signal team tries to use this application. 

There are several words in English that Ghost Hunting Tools managed to capture. Call it like son (my son), house (house), and cried (crying). The words that have been successfully detected will be stored in the wordlist history .

The app provides PRO version which allows to detect more words. Also, the PRO version doesn’t show ads either. Download the Ghost Hunting Tools app for Android on the Google PlayStore and for iOS on the App Store .

9. Spectre – Ghost Detector Simul

Want to try to find ghosts around your house? Try using the Specter app. You can use the camera to capture the image of the entity. Then, there will be information about the entity. 

Apart from that, you can translate what they ‘say’ through the features in the application. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for free. The fee is Free. 

Oh yes, this application can be used for entertainment purposes only, yes. 

Download Specter for Android on Google PlayStore and iOS version on App Store .

10. Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

Ghost Detector from MusiTube will also take you on a fun ‘finding ghost’ adventure. Use the camera, aim anywhere around you, and let the radar detect the ghosts. Unfortunately, when the Caris Signal team tried, no entity was detected on the camera.

Besides being able to be used to search for invisible creatures, Ghost Detector also has a collection of ghost stories in English. There are also pictures of spooky ghosts, as well as famous ghosts like Annabelle. Interested in trying? The application can be downloaded for free on the Google PlayStore . and Apple Store

11. Spirit & Witch Board Simulator

Want to try the sensation of communicating with invisible creatures with the Ouija Board? Use the Spirit & Witch Board Simulator for Android app and Spirit & Witch Board Simulator for iOS . To do this, place your finger on the piece of wood in the application. Then, ask polite questions of the entities around you. 

For example, “What’s your name?” or “How old are you?”. The board will move, indicating the entity has answered your question. Do the same to continue communicating with them. But remember, don’t get these entities angry, OK? If they get angry, you can end the ritual session immediately.

Oh yes, the developer recommends turning off the lights and lighting candles when performing a seance ritual. How, you dare to try? 

12. Ghost Locator – AR Detector

Of all the astral detector apps for beginners, Ghost Locator – AR Detector is the most satisfying one. Just by pressing the On/Off button of the app, within a few seconds a ghost will appear on your device’s screen along with its important details.

The details include the ghost’s age, death chronology, and time of death. When you enter the cheat code 666 in this application, the Ghost Locator – AR Detector will move to track the whereabouts of the devil. Unfortunately, the demon is always next to you. Ghost Locator – AR Detector can be downloaded in the App Store for iOS .

13. Ghost Radar Classic by Spud Pickles

This is an application that can detect paranormal activity by relying on the sensors available on your device. Ghost Radar provides various sensors to optimize the device you are using to become a ghost detection tool.

This application will notify you with a sound when it successfully attracts an object that is visible to the eye. This application for detecting ghosts can be downloaded in the App Store for iOS .

14. Ghost Hunter M2 by Michael Weber

Lastly, we meet a new tool for hunting ghosts, namely the Ghost Hunter. For only $1.99 you can have a powerful application that includes audio and video analysis, geoscope , special cameras and sensors. With a gripping interface , Ghost Hunter is quite successful in supporting ghost hunting activities in spooky places. Download this iPhone app on the App Store .

Overall , all of these ghost detection apps can make your ‘ghost hunting’ activities more real. Are the ghosts detected by this application real? Please see for yourself by downloading one of the applications above. Dare to try?

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