6 Exam Apps that Will Help You Study Smarter

Exam Apps that Will Help You Study Smarter

gmExam Apps that will Help you Study Smarter – Six amazing and important apps to help you become more organised and focussed during your academic life to ensure that you study smarter instead of harder each time you are expected to sit your exams.

No matter your level, studying can be very difficult and time-consuming. Sitting down for hours and trying to absorb information is tedious, and many of us keep going even after completing the entire process. How can you overcome this challenge? Can you study smart and ensure you come out on top? If this is your situation at any point during your academic life, then this article is meant for you. The examination period is very intimidating for most students. For one, you never feel fully prepared and always seem to have less time each day as this crazy period approaches.

6 Exam Apps that Will Help You Study Smarter

However, since examinations are part of the learning process, you must do them and ensure you pass. In cases where you feel overwhelmed by the numerous demands of academic life, you can always seek assistance from the most consistent student help company, Peachy Essay. In this article, we will explore six amazing and useful exam apps that will help you study smarter and not harder. The apps can help you attain good grades during your exams and significantly reduce your time to study. 

Study Smarter

This amazing study app is suitable for individuals who need to find study resources or create unique study sets. It allows you to easily pick your school or college and find the study flashcards created by either the institution selected or those that are related and useful. It also allows you to create your personal study sets with flashcards and documents, enabling you to have a customised resource to refer to whenever you need to find some information. It also lets you keep tabs on the total number of days you have been studying. This amazing app goes the extra mile and shows companies looking for employees. The application has a premium edition that you can pay for and enjoy. You can also invite friends to join the app. This app edition allows you to study offline and is free of ads. If you are not willing to pay a subscription, you can also access most of the features on a free standard version of the app. 

Study Blue

Study Blue is a great study app with over 500 million flashcards from different student users. The application is designed to ease your studies and eliminates the need to read numerous books and other materials. The app offers you a way to create your quizzes with flashcards, set your alarms, and create your personal study materials. With this app, you can prepare for any test, no matter how complex. Not only does the app help you to get more organised, and it offers an excellent way to review materials, especially for complex classes that require a high degree of memorisation. This free app will help you manage your time and make the learning process easier. The perks of using the app are unmatched and will help you save a great deal of time by offering study materials for classes, enabling you to create wonderful flashcards, and the ability to view step-by-step textbook solutions. Since the app is mobile-based, you will be able to take it with you anywhere. This app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. 


This is another amazing app that is very useful for learning and studying. You can find anything educational on this app since it offers thousands of wonderful resources to assist you in studying and attaining the grades you want. You can access quizzes and flashcards on any subject you need to study. The platform offers access to hundreds of textbooks across different subjects and allows you to memorise definitions and facts depending on your field of study. It also enables you to customise your study sets and folders to store the materials you feel can help you pass your examinations. It is free but also has a premium version that allows you to access more handy features on Android and iOS.


Mathematic-related subjects are never a walk in the park, and Brainly is designed to suit the needs of anyone pursuing such courses. This invaluable app allows you to scan any equation using your phone camera and offers detailed solutions. With such a simple-to-use tool, you never have to spend hours trying to solve any mathematical equation. The solutions are detailed and offer a great way to help you learn. The app has a great database of books that cover a wide range of varying mathematical topics. These topics, including trigonometry, geometry and algebra, also include exercises you can perform to allow you to learn. The app has a standard and premium version and is available on Android and iOS.


When you find it challenging to find documents and materials to study or reference when studying or writing papers, this may be the app for you. StuDocu comprises a large database of books, summaries, and other materials that are extremely useful for building your knowledge and supplementing your essays. This is a one-stop shop where you can find and use different resources. The app recommends documents that are related to your field of study. You can also mark your favourite documents and come back later. The app brings you into contact with a whole resource base of study content. It simplifies engaging with specific subjects and topics by employing varying summaries, opinions, and writing styles, which can help you attain your goals.

My Study Life

This is a great app that is specifically designed for the modern student. Not only does the app help to keep you organised, but it also allows you to create a feeling of confidence and responsibility. The app lets you schedule study sessions and create calendar views and to-do lists. You can establish your study hours and customise your calendar to help you be at the right place and time. Planning your time becomes easier with this amazing app, and you will no longer waste time meant for studying. You can keep track of the things you need to study on any device, anywhere. The better organisation during your study sessions allows you to become more productive and helps you create more time to spend doing the truly important things. You can easily create a great study plan to help you attain your goals. 

Attaining your study goals is always challenging, and we all need some help to ensure that we get the best results and the most out of our time. As mentioned earlier, the apps are a great way to start and will help you study smarter and not harder. Different from the past, when you were required to spend hours in the library, technology has made it possible to work less and attain the best results. In cases where you are stuck, remember that you can always seek help from the most amazing student help company, Peachy Essay.

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