Is GoMovies Safe in 2024? (GoMovies Alternatives)

Is GoMovies Safe? (GoMovies Alternatives)

Is GoMovies Safe and Legal in 2023 and 10 GoMovies Alternatives – So, you want to stream movies and web series without burning a hole in your pocket. Nowadays, paid streaming services have become so expensive that many of us cannot afford it easily, so we start drifting towards free streaming services. GoMovies is one such free streaming service you should consider for streaming shows and movies without spending a penny.

In this article, we’ll guide you with some tried-and-tested strategies that you can use to stream your favorite movies and series for free on this site.

Disclaimer: We’ll not recommend you access content illegally from free streaming sites. This article is purposefully written the generate awareness. Accessing free streaming sites without proper authorization can cause legal troubles. Moreover, free streaming sites can compromise your device security through malware or viruses.

Is using GoMovies legal?

It is quite challenging to tell whether GoMovies is legal or not. The legal concerns associated with these streaming sites depend entirely on the location from where they’re being accessed. In some places, where piracy laws are not stringent, there is no legal trouble, whereas in some other places, you might be warned or fined. 

Is GoMovies safe to use?

GoMovies is a streaming site for streaming new movies, shows, and web series free of cost. It is a reliable and secure website to use.

Users can experience the content of the site in the most hassle-free way. However, due to some legal issues, the site was taken down a long ago. GoMovies is not actively operational, therefore, a few so-called “mirror” sites have emerged to take its place. 

GoMovies mirror sites

GoMovies content can only be accessed via “mirrors” or copycat sites. These are managed by admins who are not associated with the official site of GoMovies. The reviews by GoMovies are not enough to prove that these sites are credible. Also, many “mirror” sites can track user data or install harmful malware. Furthermore, these sites frequently show obtrusive pop-ups and annoying advertisements.


How to safely watch GoMovies

As previously stated, GoMovies does not possess the legal right to stream movies, but by doing so, it is violating international laws against piracy. GoMovies has been restricted in several of the nations so accessing them could be difficult. Accessing these sites can result in fines and penalties.

Also, malware and viruses can get into your device if you’re not cautious about your security while accessing these sites. So, it is always better to secure yourself on these free streaming sites. There are two specific methods by which you can defy potential risks on these streaming websites:

1) By utilizing any decent anti-virus software

Many anti-virus programs and computer protection software are made to analyze data, including files, web pages, software, and apps to detect and remove malware as soon as possible.

2) Use a reputable VPN provider

Internet users can browse privately and securely using premium VPN software. These dependable services can shield streaming and online behavior from nefarious and unauthorized parties including law authorities and your neighborhood ISP.

Are there GoMovies alternatives that are legally safe?

People are looking for free streaming sites, however “free” is not always “safe”. Sites like GoMovies are being monitored by law enforcement agencies and consequently being taken down. So, movie lovers are always on the hunt for some more alternatives to GoMovies.

10 Other Alternatives to GoMovies

GoMovies has been taken down and is no longer available so users have started to look for some alternatives. Here we have come up with some of the alternatives to GoMovies:

1) MovieWatcher

It is one of the popular sites to view movies without having to pay a membership fee. Over 90% of the movies that were available on this site are accessed through external links to streaming services. It is strongly advised not to put any sensitive information on the site such as credit card numbers to prevent unauthorized access.

2) YesMovies

YesMovies is a site specializing in movies and TV series. It has a content filter that viewers can utilize to select content by kind, quality, genre, nation, and release year.

Most of the movies on this site are released after 2014 but if you look for some older movies, then you may find some.

3) Viooz

Viooz is a free movie streaming site with a user interface similar to YesMovies. It is a website that is dynamic and easy to use, and it refreshes itself automatically whenever a new movie is released.

If you’re familiar with other free streaming platforms, then Viooz won’t be something different. Many annoying ads will appear in front of you while you browse the site or once you load another movie.

4) MovieFlixter

MovieFlixter is another free movie streaming site, although less popular. It offers a large selection of movies in HD for the finest possible viewing experience. So, to start watching a movie, you have to select a movie of your choice and click on its image and the movie will directly load. However, to get a rich experience on this streaming site you have to create a new account.

It is annoying that users will be constantly getting repeated requests to register on the website or obtrusive ads will start appearing even when you’ll start watching a movie.

5)  Movie4K

Movie4K is like a user-contributed movies and television video directory.  It is an aggregation website that serves as an online video search index. Following the takedown of this site in 2013 for copyright infringement, the website was quickly relaunched as later on. 

6) OakMovies

OakMovies is another site where you can watch movies online absolutely for free. To load a new movie, you just have to click on a number to view a selection of further videos, and then scroll down to choose the one you wish to see.

7) PutLocker

It is another file-hosting index site that has an extensive collection of TV shows and movies. It’s been active for much longer. It has won the trust of thousands of movie enthusiasts by offering excellent quality movies with fast speeds and also rendering multiple mirrors for each movie produced on the site.

8)  Yify Movies

You can access a wide-range of movies to stream on Yify, from different countries. It has CAM, TS and full HD movie rips. It is completely up to the user to go for a lower quality movie or wait patiently for a better one.

9) AZMovies

It features all the movies from A to Z, thus the name AZmovies. The movies are hosted on two servers and majority of movies are in Full HD.

10) Sling TV

You can watch TV series and movies on Sling TV from both traditional TV networks and OTT platforms. It is an American-owned popular platform.

Can I use GoMovies with a VPN?

Yes. A VPN will indeed help you to use GoMovies safely. You can change your IP address, conceal your primary IP address, and shield yourself from obtrusive advertisements by using a VPN. Also, getting access to geo-restricted content will become easier if you use a VPN. They are extremely good at bypassing firewalls.

Having a VPN in your arsenal is great because you can prevent ISPs or other third parties from peeking into your Internet traffic. After all, it is all encrypted and secure. With a VPN, you can also manage “data throttling” which is when your ISP tries to lower your connection speeds to prevent excessive data usage. A VPN can bypass this easily so that you can utilize your connection speed to its maximum potential.

Top GoMovies VPNs for Safe Streaming

Until now, we have described how you can use GoMovies for streaming movies and TV series. Nonetheless, it’s always good to use a VPN to stay protected from potential risks while you’re browsing these streaming sites. Finally, we’ve come up with some top-notch VPNs that you can put to use for streaming safely on GoMovies.

A) ExpressVPN

It is a top-notch VPN that is reliable and can safeguard the professional and personal virtual spaces of the users. It allows Indian users to establish connections with its virtual servers that are dispersed throughout 94 non-Indian nations.

It also offers a compatible Wi-Fi router that users can use for dependable, high-speed internet access, even though it supports up to 8 connections.

Best Features

1) DNS Protection: To safeguard users from unauthorized parties and enhance internet performance, ExpressVPN employs a private DNS that can conduct its own private DNS queries.

2) Unlock websites: It uses AES-256 encryption to secure users’ network data while hiding their IP addresses. It enables users of VPNs to download and stream their preferred media including TV series, live sports, and cryptocurrency trading.

3) Kill Switch: ExpressVPN users can access a special function called “Network Lock” that automatically prevents linked devices from using the internet when the VPN connection gets sporadic. It resumes when the connection is restored and can shield users’ IP addresses and private information.

B) NordVPN

It is another reliable and fast VPN that you can use for accessing GoMovies. It is a compatible option with Linux, MacOS, Windows, and iOS and it supports up to six devices at once. It is capable of employing many strategies especially “double VPN” that can divide your connection between two servers for added security.

To guarantee the protection of all devices, you need to install the VPN straight into the Wi-Fi router.

Best Features

1) Threat Protection:
It is a function that prevents advertisements, trackers, and viruses from appearing while you’re online. It provides an additional degree of security for online browsing.

2) Dark Web Monitor:
It is a feature that can notify users when their data gets exposed on the dark web.

Meshnet: It is an excellent tool used for file sharing and gaming which can enable direct connections to other devices over encrypted private tunnels.

C) SurfShark

Surfshark VPN can conceal users’ original IP addresses with all incoming and outgoing data. For that, businesses, hackers, and other data brokers cannot follow your online activities or personal information whether you’re on your home computer or your public Wi-Fi.

Best Features

1) Multi-Hop:
Multi-hop is a great feature to enhance your security by dividing the traffic between two servers instead of one. However, users might start to experience lags because the traffic has to travel longer distances.

2) VPN Split Tunneling (Bypasser): With Surfshark’s Bypasser, you can select between sites that can be accessed through a VPN server and those that can be accessed through local IP addresses.

3) Browse Anonymity: It can help you to conceal your true IP address and enter into “camouflage mode”, which makes it difficult to tell whether you’re using the VPN service from your ISP.


GoMovies is an excellent service for streaming free movies and TV series. Unfortunately, it has been taken down long ago. Mirror sites are available but they could be associated with potential risks. You need to use a VPN for protection before accessing the mirror sites.

Also, if you’re looking for similar streaming sites instead of GoMovies, then we have given a list of alternative sites that you make use of for your streaming purposes.

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